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  1. New fuel pump is in my 91 and she's running great. She's dirty, but who cares. Looking forward to seeing everybody. Arrivals start at 7PM...
  2. They piled all the dirt and rocks up at the fairgrounds today for the offroad courses. More and more Jeeps are starting to show up in town as the day goes on.
  3. I'm putting a new fuel pump in tomorrow. No start Tuesday night. Got to love these old trucks. Bummed you won't be here. I guess the no gas thing was good news and bad news at the same time.
  4. kryptronic


    I've always thought about trying to find a component turntable to hook into my receiver. I've just always thought about it too late - with a record in hand, ready to play.
  5. kryptronic


    I have my family's Christmas album collection on 33s. Probably 50 or so albums my parents collected when they first got married. Lately it's been a challenge to find a working record player over the holidays to listen to them.
  6. Sure. No problem. Once you figure out your plans, PM me.
  7. Done. Original post now contains everyone that's coming and should be correct as far as who is coming to the cookout, staying at my place, bringing an MJ, etc.
  8. So glad you're coming. PM me for my address (or you probably already have it, come to think of it). I'm not sure who will be near you for the bulk of your trip, but once you get into northern Virginia, if you run into any issues, you'll be close enough where we can send the cavalry down to help. Yes. There is a club participation award they do at the show, and the more people that reference Comanche Club, the better. We'll likely be beat out by a JK club like Wicked Jeeps, but it's worth noting the club, nonetheless.
  9. Items Sold: Jeep Addict bought the 91 Eliminator TexanEliminator bought the HO UK 120 MPH Gauge Cluster
  10. Roll call has been requested in the main thread in the Pub (sticky). Please post back to that thread if you're coming.
  11. ROLL CALL TIME - Please post back if you are coming to the show (and whether you're bringing your MJ), and whether or not you're coming to the cookout at my place on Saturday in the evening. I'm less than three miles from the fairgrounds, so it's convenient and the restaurants are packed around the show. I'll have hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and sodas here for everyone. If you'd like to bring a dish/food, please post up what you'll be bringing. If you drink, bring your own beer/liquor. I have ovens and a stove available if you need to cook. Please be sure to post here so I can plan on having enough food. A few club members are staying at my place either Friday, or Saturday, or both nights. If you need a place to stay, I've still got a little space here - but you'll need a comfy sleeping bag. PM me if you need accommodations - and if you're new to the club, have a known member vouch for you if you'll be staying at my house.
  12. 120MPH gauge cluster pic. I have two of them - not sure which I'll sell, so the mileage may vary on the odometer. This is one of them:
  13. Really glad you signed up and updated this post. I'm looking forward to following your build thread.
  14. Have a couple of members considering the rollbar. Surprised the speedo isn't generating interest. I waited a year for one to pop up on eBay UK and had to have a buddy over there buy it and ship it to me.
  15. Yes, whatever you need. Two ovens and a stove in the kitchen can be at your disposal.
  16. I may or may not wash mine before the show. Some vehicles show up covered in mud. It's just nice to get the MJs out there because everybody loves them, no matter what the condition. Lots of 'I didn't know Jeep made a Cherokee pickup' comments.
  17. Yes, I am. I'm still working on the 95 YJ and the 91 MJ. Decided there's no time for a third project anytime soon, and have a lot of work to do around the house. I'm hoping another member can do this truck justice. Aside from needing body work and a few odds and ends, it's the cleanest HO survivor I've come across.
  18. You know you want this truck, Frank.
  19. Update: Just sold the 91 Eliminator to the guy who contacted me via CL.
  20. CL is dying a slow death. FB marketplace has taken over, sadly. I have two MJs currently for sale on both CL and FB. In the past two weeks I've had one inquiry via CL and at least twelve via FB. The downside to FB (in my opinion) is that you have to install and use their messenger app, which is a huge privacy concern.
  21. Getting rid of a few items I've collected over the past few years. I need to shed some projects and do some work around the house. The trucks are listed in the for sale section separately and also on CL and FB: 1991 SWB Eliminator 4WD Automatic fair condition - $1600 SOLD to Jeep Addict 1992 SWB Base 2WD AX-15 Manual good condition - $3200 MJ AMC Black interior complete plus about half of another one (1.5 approximately) no seats - Priced per piece, Inquire, Not cheap MJ AMC black/white houndstooth bench seat small tear on driver's side at base - houndstooth fabric is perfect - $175 MJ LWB factory rollbar great shape just needs paint - $450 MJ D44 rear with Open Carrier 3.07 gearing missing drums, complete otherwise - $400 PENDING SALE TO Minuit XJ/MJ High Output RHD UK 120MPH Gauge Cluster (can swap speedo into MJ cluster) - $150 SOLD TO TexanEliminator These items will all be available for pickup at my house the weekend of the York, PA Jeep Show July 20-21 (see sticky thread in the Pub). Members coming to the Jeep show will get priority. Not interested in shipping any of this. Cash only. PM me to reserve your items.
  22. I'm selling off some MJ stuff, too. Not sure what might be left by the time the show rolls around, but I have some pretty desirable items for anyone with cash that's making the trip: 1991 SWB Eliminator 4WD Automatic fair condition (see post in sale section, also on CL and FB) $1600 1992 SWB Base 2WD AX-15 Manual good condition (see post in sale section, also on CL and FB) $3200 Plus: I have work to do around the house, and need to shed some projects. Will keep my 91 Pioneer forever, though. PM me for details or to reserve anything ahead of time.
  23. I might have space in my son's room, too. He'll probably be in my room as there may be a bunch of members crashing in the house.
  24. Vehicle: 1992 Jeep Comanche 2WD SWB VIN: 1J7FT26S9NL215160 Engine: 4.0L High Output (HO) Transmission: AX-15 Manual Gearing: Dana 35 3.07 Wheelbase: Short Wheel Base / Short Bed Build Date: 03/23/1992 Current Mileage: 242,100 Vehicle history: This truck was one of the last Comanches built at the Toledo, Ohio factory. It's build date is March 1992. It was ordered as a very plain base truck with an AX-15 and without 4WD. It was sold to the original owner by Bob Allen Mortomall in Danville, Kentucky. It spent most of it's life in Kentucky, and is very clean and rust-free underneath. The original owner moved it to Ohio after around ten years in the south. Apparently it was in perfect condition until the owner lent it to his brother-in-law, a painter, to use as a work truck for a month. It came back to him with nearly every dent on the truck today. In 2010, Comanche Club member terrawombat purchased the truck in Ohio, and moved it east to New Jersey. In 2015 the truck was moved to Queenstown, Ma ryland, and was registered in Maryland with 236,000 miles on the odometer. I purchased it from terrawombat on June 16, 2018 with 242,100 miles on it . The gau g e cluster reads lower mileage due to being swapped - that will be f ixed at some point. Issues: Partial floorpan replacement needs to be checked - looks good from underneath; Driver's window regulator replacement; Clutch slave is leaking slowly - but not much; Starter is abnormally loud; Vacuum line boots are cracked; Load sensing valve may not be operational; Power steering pump is whining; General cleanup of wiring and engine bay; Dents and dings on nearly every body panel. Runs and drives great. Can be tagged without problems. Clean MD title, not in my name - never registered in PA - signed over by previous owner. To register in PA you'd just need to take it to a licensed tag location with the MD title. Odometer should be changed to 242,100 to reflect proper mileage prior to registration so there are no flags raised. Some pics show Goodyear tires with beat up Ravine wheels (old, replaced) and other pics show Hankook AT tires with really nice Ravine wheels (being sold with these). Comanche Club Registry Post: https://comancheclub.com/topic/24610-1j7ft26s9nl215160/ Comanche Club Build Thread: https://comancheclub.com/topic/55901-ghost-1992-base-build/ $3200 firm, will not part out. Cash only. PM me via the forum to contact me. Will not reply to scammers, contact me if you want one of the last High Output Comanches to roll off the assembly line. Local Craigslist Ad: https://york.craigslist.org/cto/d/york-1992-jeep-mj-comanche-2wd/6922314093.html
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