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  1. I have 285’s on the rear of mine and they still sit inside the edge of the flare. There is still some room to go wider but there are not many tire choices in 295, or 305 width, and 315’s may be pushing it. I have off the shelf mustang wheels and everything fits really well. I have all the specs in my build thread. What I would recommend is a 275 because of the amount of tire choices available in a bunch of heights and wheel diameters.
  2. Could I borrow that time machine you used to go back and get those parts?
  3. Do you have any future engine plans? Stroker, LS, diesel?
  4. Quick question. Does anybody know if there is anyway to increase the attachment quality on mobile?
  5. It’s been awhile... Here’s a update. I still have the truck. I now have a son who is already 1.5 years old. He is the best thing in the world. But my whole life was on hold for a while. All is well now, but he had to have 2 surgeries before he was born, and 1 when he was a few days old. All I can say is I’m thankful for all the people at the Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia. Then me being me, I broke my leg riding dirt bike and had to have a titanium rod hammered through my knee down to my ankle. But on to the truck. I have slowly been collecting and building parts to
  6. Most likley you will need a adjustable track bar if you don't have one already. With that much lift, the track bar gets too short and pulls the axle towards the drivers side.
  7. So 1 day before my deadline of my wedding. I did a tape measure alignment and took it for a drive. Everything went great. I entered it in the PA All Breeds Jeep Show a few weeks later. I have been going to this Jeep show every year since 2006 and this was the first Jeep I ever entered in the show. I was nervous to say the least. It was definitely a outcast especially at a off road event. But most people really liked it, it takes a certain taste to like a lowered jeep truck. This was 2015 show. I have since been to the 2016 show, however I brought the Comanche, but I didn't have e
  8. Where I left off the tie rod hit the track bar bracket when the wheels where fully turned. So I tried a v8 ZJ tie rod I had because it has a slight bent to it, and I thought it might clear. It didn't so I cut the mount down 3" to make room. Because I raised the frame side of the track bar, I needed to raise the pitman arm so I could reduce the bumpsteer it will get. I chose a TJ pitman arm because it has the least amount of drop that I could find, and it's the same length. The YJ arms are 1" shorter than the XJ/MJ, the TJ arms are 1/2" shorter than that. (TJ = 1.5" less drop than XJ/MJ)
  9. The front wheels are 17x9 with +24mm offset / 5.95" of backspacing. The rear wheels are 17x10.5 with +20mm offset / 6.53" of backspacing.
  10. I'll be there. Been going every year for the last 11 years or so. It's a great show. Lots of cool people, vendors, and the obstacle/ rock course is always entertaining.
  11. Thanks, I am almost caught up with the Regular Car Reviews video. Soon. I don't know if I will do any videos. Maybe in the future, but not currently. ​I will be at the PA Jeeps: All Breeds Jeep Show tomorrow the 16th and Sunday the 17th if anyone will be there.​
  12. On the front axle the coil spring perches could potentially contact the frame (with the crazy articulation that this thing can do :laughin:)! ​So they were trimmed to clear. Also the perch was clearanced to avoid contact with the track bar mount. The sway bar used is the 1" bar. I currently have a 1 1/8" waiting to go in. Oh, and I forgot to add, I used WJ lower adjustable ball joints and XJ uppers, to get a little bit of camber. Here is everything going into place. I used a drop bracket on the passenger side track bar mount because the track bar was angled up towards the passen
  13. For brakes I used a booster and master cylinder out of a 96 Cherokee. Also I wanted to get rid of the load sensing valve, so I got a Wilwood 260-11179 proportioning valve. Which gives full flow to the front brakes and has a adjustable rear output for adjusting bias. It also has a built in low pressure switch. For brake lines I used NiCopp lines and eliminated the extra line to the rear. The rear for now has factory drums until I put the 99-04 Mustang 8.8 in the truck. The front is WJ brakes with Powerstop carbon/ceramic pads. (which I didn't know were even a thing, they leave a lot of dust, bu
  14. Got the JKS hub spacers and welded them up. I heard people saying that you don't need them for a 2wd because they're for u-joint alignment/spacing. I tried without the spacers and the wj rotors made contact with the knuckles. The next step was to cut the factory bump stop mounts shorter. I cut 3" off of them and bought new factory bump stops and extended bump stops, so I could cut them to whatever length I needed. Whichever would work. Once again more test fitting... Also started to mock up the 90's s10 air dam. Got some stickers. Because stickers equa
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