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  1. Need to get myself some of that under coating as well.
  2. Front is ready for brake parts. The driver side is atleast. Need to do a final numbers check, then I can burn everything in and start on cutting up the front hannemans to fit how I like.
  3. Rear frame is done, heims ordered to make adjustable seat mounts, bed is mocked up, front suspension mocked up, decided to make my own lca's for the front with a larger k727 ball joint, and switched to crown vic front knuckles! It's about to become a real melting pot under that thing.
  4. Thanks guys, started on the final rear supports last night, will be doing one more vertical bar in the middle and that should be enough to hold the rear straight. Also going to change up the "center console" bars I think, order some kirkeys as i sat in my boss' and fell in love. Rear should be on the ground again this weekend I hope
  5. In case anyone was wondering if the frame was galvanized.
  6. Thanks! This pic should help give reference. In all honesty it's more to help get an extra wide prp in there.
  7. Did some work this weekend. Took the tcase hump out as it's a 2wd truck anyway and gave myself some leg room. Made some fish plates for the rockers and tops of the frame rails. Then I made a rocker to rocker support bar and tied it into the top of the frame rails. This will all connect to the main hoop for the roll bar.
  8. Will be making my own, what I will decide on I'm not sure of, aluminum or fiber glass. Part of my did want to use the original bedsides with wide 60° trailer fenders front and rear, sort of like an early mustang Kyle look. Thanks man
  9. Got some new lights in the front. Used the truck to haul some wood with only minor tire rub. The comanche is sitting stagnant for a month while i finish the jk to sell. With these hot summer months I have no desire to drive it with no a/c anyways. I think I'm going to tear it a part again in order to make it even lower, remove the bed back half and use a set of hanneman bedsides then make my own fronts fenders. Truck will be about 4" off the ground to the frame when I'm said and done.
  10. Some more pics of the rear mounting. Those are 1&1/8 nuts welded to the frame with supports. Just locate axle and make mounts. Pretty simple stuff and I can change the ride height or geometry with spacers and longer bolts at any moment.
  11. Rear has two bolts in the x, two front bolts on the slop of the frame. If you look up the newer mustang irs on ebay you can see there are 4 vertical attachment points. It's that simple. Make some brake line adapters, and get a yoke made for a standard u joint and done. I'll try to remember to grab some pics tomorrow
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