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  1. won't know till its on the road, but likely 410 or deeper
  2. In definitely hoping she boogies, might end up replacing the rear end gears as it has 3.31s now
  3. The last week has been busy!!! •I moved the engine up 1.5" to clear for better steering geometry as I didnt want to spend the money on a custom made rack.. Sadly this means I can't run the tbss intake but luckily I had a complete ls6 "laying around". •Added gussets to the engine mounts and got the steering linkage routed.
  4. I went with the tick kit which is captured roller bearings
  5. Welded up the fire wall, got the tsp cam I found on market place, springs and trunion kit, new oil pump, timing chain/gears, and baffle system in
  6. It ain't pretty, but the fire wall is back together
  7. Thanks, helps that I used to do it for work haha If I did it again. I'd strip the interior and do a D-formula style cage as close to the body panels as possible. There will be plenty
  8. Thanks for the kind words guys. Did some more work this weekend, although I avoided the giant firewall hole I need to fix. Added some more supports to the chassis, added some gussets. Cut out the rear most fender support cross bar. Made it hard to get in and out of the rear. Will add something else in later.
  9. Here was a fun one. Once I got the engine where I wanted it. I couldnt get a set of headers for cheap I knew would fit. I knew I wanted long tubes, and I knew I wanted stainless. Rather than spending good money on a set and possibly having to modify them i decided to make my own. After hearing what a set of 8-1 sounds like, some parts were ordered. Primaries come out to about 40.5" and all are within 1/4" of each other. When it comes time the headers will be wrapped to keep hear down. And yes, the entire assembly slides off, and the water pump is serviceable. The front cross member was sl
  10. This ones pretty simple. I bought an L33 vortech. Basically an all aluminum, flat top piston 5.3 that puts out a little more power. Removing the old engine and trans To mate the lt1 t56 I needed a new mid plate and bell housing. Luckily this is all readily available For clearance purposes I decided to run an aftermarket oil pan, only fun part is trimming the windage tray. Pretty simple process and otherwise there isnt much to it cleaning up the engine and trans, just a drill and some wire brush heads. And the very simple trans cross member I made out of some plate a
  11. So here comes a boat load of updates and info. Informational pictures are going to be rare but I'll try to explain. If anyone wants to see something just let me know. Bought another topper, it's in way better condition than the other but i did need to move the front of the bedsides in about an inch on each side. So I just cut and welded the tube. Found a chrome front clip at the junk yard so put that on. Changed my mind on the seats... again. Decoded on a bench and to remove the cage till a day when in decide to remove the interior trim completely for more room. Then I sho
  12. Glad you like mine, can't wait to see yours!
  13. Time to start mocking up and cutting this ranger topper
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