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  1. I think I can source that pretty easily from ebay or deadjeep, but we'll see! I was able to source another part of the puzzle earlier this week, a computer from a 91' XJ that came factory with a 4.0 and a manual. That should just swap in I believe and correct any issues as far as pcm/tcm go.
  2. When I bought the truck, the previous owner had been planning to manual swap it at some point, and had begun to round up some parts. The truck came with an AX15 and manual pedal set. I've done some digging and found that the trans should be a 94-96 model, however when searching that number I come up with links to a 97 model. More interesting still, it's an internal slave bellhousing, so idk what's going on there. So I've had those pieces, but recently I started working on gathering more of the swap parts. Was able to find a guy parting out a cherokee with the step
  3. Thanks Pete, I meant to put this in my build thread initially, not my VIN thread Correct. If you can, measure your crank just in case. If your engine ever got swapped, you could have a different crank. I think that's another reason to not rush this swap and maybe do it over the winter. There's NO telling what this truck has seen in its life!
  4. Okay, so then I would need part # PB-7501357 if I'm reading correctly?
  5. I realize now that the picture is terribly small when uploaded, but I'm pretty sure it's right at 3/4". I didn't think to check for in/out play at all but good to hear that the up/down and side to side play isn't anything to be worried about. Being that my truck is a 91, I'm probably going to need to swap for the later pilot bushing if I'm understanding the years correctly.
  6. I suppose that's possible, I think this is the larger (cherokee?) input shaft diameter isn't it? One more thing I notice is the shaft seems to have some play in it vertically, but spins freely with no shifter.
  7. I went ahead and updated my Build thread here : https://comancheclub.com/topic/62112-1j7ft66s5ml625198/?tab=comments#comment-692021 Posted up some info on the transmission specifically
  8. I've been gathering parts for a AX15 manual swap, and have been researching and looking into everything that goes into that. I was able to get out to the shed today and grab the serial # off the trans. I found an old thread that said #52108048AB should be a 94-96 model, but then when I search for that specific number, I come up with links to a 97 cherokee tranny so I'm not sure what's going on. It's an internal slave model so that's another confusing point, as I've read that they should have all been external slave by then. I need to see if there's some way to bench test a
  9. If I had the room to strip a vehicle I would, but I'm unfortunately not in that position right now
  10. I don't believe so. I need to get the model # and find out where it came from to begin with. It's an internal slave model I was going to convert edit: I put out some feelers to see if anyone has one available for sale. I checked ebay and whatnot, and you're right they seem very scarce. If I can't find anything I suppose I'll have to fabricate something myself but idk.
  11. The p.o. had the transmission by itself and included that and a pedal set in the sale when I bought the truck. So I'm unfortunately trying to piece it all together without the benefit of a donor rig to pull from. Thank you for answering, that sounds pretty close to what I had been planning
  12. That would be great, does AC/cruise matter to the computer?
  13. I had planned on getting a manual computer, I think any from a manual xj/mj will work through 95 or 96? So I need to have: Manual computer Ax15 w/external bellhousing Possibly manual crossmember Mount for trans Verify pilot bearing size Clutch for my year(?) Flywheel for my 91 Master/Slave setup Pedal setup Jump NSS Wire in reverse switch I think that's everything right? Edited for clarity
  14. that's good to hear, what did you do about the computer in your swap?
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