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  1. Not a lot has happened over the past 2 years with my MJ. The only notable thing is the rust is starting to rear it's ugly head. It has 286k on it now, and still runs like a top on steroids.
  2. Nice, bummer about the '92. Glad you got back into MJs.
  3. Everything that I'm bringing is about ready, really looking forward to this...it's going to be a blast if the weather is great!
  4. Man, that brought me back to my days that I used to work at trail dust steak house, they used to serve those Rocky mountain oysters as an appetizer.
  5. If you can, what do you plan on bringing for us to chow on?
  6. I completely understand about the book of faces, the group thing is the only reason that I use it. I would like to see a couple of MJ's at the show. We are at 12 now and 3 that don't do the book of faces thing that have contacted me directly.
  7. Well...looks like I forgot to post it here. Any Comanche's in colorado, if you are coming, bring a food or drink item to share. https://www.facebook.com/events/2075824452633033/?ti=cl
  8. I was thinking Friday late evening after 6pm till around 10pm, eat around 7pm. I have my son's birthday party on Saturday. I am organizing a car show for my work right now that happens on Sunday till around 3pm. Yes a group of Comanche's can show up at the car show, but some folks do not like setting foot on church property and I would like to be respectful of that. I don't know if any within the group feels that way at this time, but I have heard of it in some circles of friends that I have. More info about it here: https://cherrycreekpres.org/events/picnic-sunday/
  9. Yes, I know, I've been slacking a bit on Comanche stuff, been a little busy at work. Trying to get something together for Friday the 15th. The most difficult part is getting a location for 25ish people with their vehicles.
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