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  1. Yes still using all the renix stuff didnt have any overheating issues with the old renix engine all i did was swap out the long block everything else is the same so I'm guessing the issue might be air trapped in the system since i didnt really do any burping procedure just poured coolant run it for a little bit and topped it off
  2. Recently did a renix into HO swap Noticed temperature fluctuating thinking might need to burp the system properly as i didnt drill a hole for the temperature sender in the back of the head is there any other procedure to burping system other than the sending unit location in the back of the head?
  3. Thank Cruiser..upon further inspection i noticed this part was broken i'm guessing this is part of the actuator rod.. or is it something else and how do i remove it and replace it and can i get that part new or do i have to pull it from the junk yard...also this plastic piece fell out from around the turn signal switch area while i was removing that pastic around the column can some tell me where it goes ?
  4. Key switch spinning free no clicking...not staring just stuck with ignition on thought it was key cylinder put in a brand new cylinder still same problem please help
  5. Then I would either rebuild the original engine to stock specs, or take the XJ engine, replace the main and rod bearings, and drop that in. The idea of a stroker engine is attractive, but it can't be done on the cheap. There are subtle differences between the 4.0L and 4.2L engines. You obviously can't use stock 4.0L pistons with a 4.2L crank, so you have to decide if you want to use the skinnier 4.2L connecting rods or the stronger 4.0L connecting rods, then you have to source pistons that will work with whatever rods you choose to get the right deck height. There may be aftermarket pistons a
  6. Long block meaning block and head right?..also can I use the one from my 2000 parts Xj and bolt on all Renix components?
  7. Definately wanna get it running eagle asap but if i'm able to to do that on a cheap and gain a little more power i don't mind..also i think the 4.0 has enough power for me and don't mind if i have to leave it stock...just wanna get it back on the road and i agree with u big66440 i starting to question that friendship
  8. Ok need some advice guys...my engine picked up a knock after my drunk friend revved it very very hard like floored the gas pedal for a good couple seconds...after that i lost power like it was running on 5 cylinders and when i start the truck it would turn over fine and then after it starts would hear a very loud grinding noise for like 3 seconds then go away but would hear a light knocking sound coming from the engine was hoping it was my flex plate getting loose but with my luck after i dropped the transmission and checked it ..flex plate seems fine...so anyone have an idea what damage i'm f
  9. My Oil pressure switch was leaking oil so decided to upgrade to a sending unit with gauge since i still have a dummy cluster and and had no way of monitoring oil pressure wasnt even certain that stupid oil light even worked on my cluster ..anyway went with the glow shift oil pressure gauge which comes with the sending unit which is a direct bolt on ..installation was a breeze and within half an hour no more leaks and a nice gauge with switchable backlight colors to match your dash lights..now i can keep an eye on my oil pressure.
  10. Thanks Man.. glad you like my mj.. all the best with your build
  11. I put maxi- frig r12a refridgerant in my stock r12 system..i got off eBay its both r12/134a compatible been almost a year now no problems.. $80 for 2 cans of refridgerant 1 oil charge and one leak stop which I wouldn't advise to use plus charge hose with gauge
  12. New rad fixed my overheating problems..picked it up from autozone..spectra I think Chinese made I suppose ...as much as I would love to put in that aluminum radiator can't afford it atm.. Autozone has lifetime warranty on them so I'll take a chance.. Thanks for the help guys
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