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  1. $3050, bought it on eBay and drove from SC to Maryland to get it and then drove it back same day. Left at 4:30 am and got back at 2 am.
  2. Thanks for doing the flippy do for me. The plan is a white roof, light grey body and keep the black trim. (Hence the trash panda, since my Cherokee is the green dumpster) currently there’s just a couch and a couple bus seats left inside, but I’m trying to make it functional before comfortable. I’d like to have a bed, a little dinette thing that converts to a bed, a kitchenette with a fridge and basic stuff, maybe a shower.
  3. I wanted a way to haul my Cherokee around and figured a bus would work nicely and they’re cheap. So I bought a 39’ international with a dt466 and drove it 500 miles back from Maryland after buying it sight unseen on eBay. Over the weekend my friends and I cut it down and started the bed. By the end of the weekend we had the bed framed out ready for tread plate. Yesterday I started laying the tread plate and will hopefully finish today to take it on a maiden voyage to Gulches Offroad park tomorrow. sorry they’re all upside down, I still haven’t mastered fixing that.
  4. That back door panel has that big chunk missing and the drivers side door panel has a large chunk like there missing too. In my opinion the only thing worth saving off then would probably be the map pockets.
  5. One is okay with just a small crack in the plastic piece, the other one dangles. If there’s some way to replace the plastic pieces then they’d be fine.
  6. sorry ya’ll are getting more upside down pictures. I can’t ever get them upright. Finished the axle swap. Rear went real easy besides the brake lines and I still need to get the parking brake stuff figured out. The front was a ton of “well this didn’t quite work right so I need to change this and this” I need to make a video going over all of the information of the axles and what complications I ran into, but I still haven’t gotten around to it. If anyone has some questions I’ll gladly answer them.
  7. XJ doors/door parts. Glass and regulators are still in the front doors. Will sell all 4 doors together for $100 or will sell you whatever parts off of them. More pictures in the next post. Will ship parts, but not the whole doors.
  8. Computer from 1990 automatic Cherokee. Date code 14th week of 1990. $100 and willing to ship on your dime. untested from parts vehicle with seized motor.
  9. the lens does have a crack in it, but otherwise looks to be good condition. Willing to ship
  10. looks like someone tried breaking into the passenger side, otherwise look to be in pretty good condition. Willing to ship.
  11. drivers side latch is a little loose, and the spring doesn’t tension the window on the driver’s side. Seem fine other than that. Please view the pictures and ask any questions and I will do my best to answer. willing to ship.
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