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  1. After two nights of fitting the condenser to the Novak LS Swap radiator. Had to make new new bottom brakets that are half inch deeper. factory to get the proper clearance. Back to wiring know that the radiator is in the truck. Had to move the headlamp relays to make the header fit due to the thickness of the radiator. all pervious measurement where from a factory jeep. should know better.
  2. I did not know i need to write it all down!!!!!! I have been making diagrams as I go. I have connector pin outs that I made with factory pinout charts from GM Service information on the Dephi connectors I used. I have s few left for the front wiring of the body, All of the rear body and all of the powertrain. The radiator and oil/trans cooler has arrived so the fun begins.
  3. I have put the air box on hold for know and have ben wiring the Comanche for the past few weeks a couple hour at a time. Breaking every circuit down to the minimum and ruing every leg to the main dash connectors has been very time consuming. All good though. Dash is working, wipers are wired, all main powers are wired in. Spent 4 hours on the header to get the harness modified and relays in and working correctly. Have to final wire the gauges. Will be replacing the header connector tomorrow night for the extra circuits in the header.
  4. Is their an after market on, my dealer close could not give me an eta on the clips from them. I should have mentioned that.
  5. Does anyone have a part number for a 97+ a pillar push pins. In a bad need for some. Thanks
  6. This has been my dilemma on my ls swap. Can not figure out how i want to run it.
  7. They should be close, but I started with a trail blazer SS intake which is a high torque intake for a LS. I figured it was worth it for the final product I wanted.
  8. It is a Holley 300-621 which was the lowest i could find. With that being said I did have to give up some low end torque due to the shorter intake runners. With every ls intake dyno numbers I have seen did not really make that big a difference at 3000 rpm. All are right at 400 foot pounds. This just gives me clearance for the intake box i am building. makin the hood functional. I have the sheet to start construction next week.
  9. It was time to make some serious final decisions on the engine before I start running wires. That and I want to make the cowl functional for the cold air. This required me to ditch the TBSS intake and find a low profile one. This holly cam with fuel rails so that killed one other part I needed to get. Holley valve covers just clean up the install and make the coils sit a tad lower on the engine. Coolant vents to clear the intake and lots of pig tails and connectors to get an idea how I want to run the harness.
  10. Tonight was spent mocking up my fan circuit to wee if it would do what I wanted. Thankfully it did with out any problems. The Schematic I made off of a GM Dual fan setup to run Four fans Mock up wired and ready Low speed, two fans run in series 6volts per fan. e High speed all four fans run in parallel and 12 volts to each Short and sweet with lots to get done.
  11. Took a couple nights off of wiring and got the front and rear bumpers started, DirtBound OffRoad make a damn good DIY bumpers. Loved their sliders when Bought them. That is why I ordered all by mother XJ parts from them also. . Half way rough ground. Have a few small spots to redo after fill weld.
  12. When I bough my halo 9 for the jeep I did not realize That I was going to have to make a custom radio install mount but all is well. OEM SEXY
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