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  1. Price Drop to $300.00, You pay the shipping i can get it to ya.
  2. I get it, fun always get up on the back burner for adulting. If they get cut let us know. Can’t wait for a swb set to be ready! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Drivers seat finally got here Monday. got to build the eat bracket yesterday and check out how the shifters felt.. Factory seat cut apart for the parts needed to build frame to the sliders Seat and bracket build Will have to get some pictures, had to re-clearance the tunnel for the seat to allow enough room and to keep the seat close to the stock seat height. would love it to be a little lower. But will the atlas stuffed tight this is all i will be able to get. About time to start on the wiring for this beast and plumbing brake lines.
  4. After mocking up the console and taking measurements it was time to cut the console to go into the Jeep. Time the rear hoop and seat brackets to be built but have to wait for the seats. Will update on other progress soon i hope.
  5. Got some more done last night, got the reduction box shifter in and routed to keep it in the console. Down position Up position Here is a spare mockup console to get the fitment and holes figured out, had it closer to the parking brake to start but the handle interfered with the parking brake that close. had to move it to the right . And how it looks on the bottom side of the tunnel Will get picture of the final console once i get it fully cut and installed. Till next time.
  6. Big parts finally showed up for the next piece of the drive line, My Atlas 4 got here after 7 weeks and for the most part is in, just have to find a home for the reduction box shifter and hook up the twin stick side for the case shifters. This is as far as it would go in before contact. Cut the old t-case skid off the cross member and had to cut a hole in the floor board for clearance of the Atlas. After having to run to summit to get a new trans mount to fit the adapter correctly it is in. That is my Saturday getting every thing back in and where it needed to be. Shifter cables still to come, did have to clearance the twin stick mount for the one cable after all was in at the right place. hope to get the last shifter in tonight and the twin stick cable to the shifter also.
  7. I am will be getting with you soon, have a family vacation at the end of the month then i can get back to playing with my Comanche and will be messaging you.
  8. Just picked up and snug too swb camper shell. All the glass is good, needs all the seal replaced, tint redone on windows and new shocks, that and a whole new paint job to match the truck. Has any one restored an old Comanche shell, does anyone now where to get seals for these old shells?
  9. Hey y’all what do y’all think about trying to do a meet and greet for the Atlanta/ south east guys?
  10. After much research and trying to find a measurement that i took of a 2 door xj for the location of the parking brake lever location. So i went the old fashion rout and just measured and then made the cut for the hole in the floor. Yes i read all the write ups on using the original long front cable but did not want to go that route. That will give me another good pass-thru for wiring later if i don't fill the hole just yet in the cab for the old cable. Know i am going to have to make a front cable and wait for the new transfer case to get here to finish all the shifter locations and mounting. Got the call yesterday so should be a couple weeks till it shows up. Here are some photos of the console installed and all the stuff lined up and working. Know the the dash bezel on it for final fitment. Till next time Yall have fun.
  11. Not a lot has been done in the last week, been really busy with other things around the house and new model training for work. I did unpack and install my B&M mega shifter and get it installed with the console in the correct location so i don't punch the dash when shifting to park every time. issue i had on my samurai from time to time. Well that made my night after work tonight. Plan to get it out of the shop tomorrow for some better pictures it at right height. That and i need a picture for my PC background.
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