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  1. Sway bar is in and clears everything. Will have some fine tuning to do but all looks good at this point
  2. After chasing a no start on the wife's TJ for three nights this week i have the sway bar cross member in. Will have the drop brackets in tomorrow and swat bar installed. Inner welds are not the best looking due to the gap that i ended up with. bed fits nicely with a 1/4 inch gap to the bed brace.
  3. Week end progress is front pan-hard bar is in and is within a half degree of the drag link though out travel. Pan-Hard bar is 3/4 inches shorter that the drag link so bump steer should not be an issue. Sway bar installed and shortened the arms for the new link mounts that i am building, Flex tested it to day and for the most part all clears/ the front of the wheel wells rubs but it is only at bull bump with the other side at full drop. Modified the upper control arms so that they are adjustable and will be fixing the lowers this week so they are fully adjustable also.
  4. This build has got me back moving on my own build. That is one sexy manche!!!!!!
  5. Got all of my order in and realized i forgot to order the pan-hard bar inserts and jam nuts, dumb mistake. got the shocks mount changed and shortened along with making my upper control arms adjustable. Right upper bar tacked together and seems to adjust well.
  6. After along day digging through all my photos and uploading them to CC. Then going rough the thread to redo all the links to the new location all should be working. will get some picture up soon of the new front pan hard bar built so i can get the front flexed.
  7. It has been rover a year with lots of other projects going on. but have bee making some progress, Fuse block mount is in. I will not to use the bushwhacker flares as i have decided on 35's. Ordered and installed Notch flares have fuel tank in final location. Front shocks fitted and mounts built. Have a total of 18 inches of tire travel. Will have the rest of the parts for the front panhard bar and front and rear sway bars for final fitment.
  8. How are these coming along, about ready fro production?
  9. Will all the virus stuff can’t get to my scales to check what each wheel weight is. Pete yes that is what I am looking for.
  10. This will sound slightly different to many. Does anyone have scale number for a Comanche, on a set of scales that tells you each wheel weight? I am trying to find out roughly what amount of weight is on the back two tires.
  11. PM me all the info. I can get them installed that fast.
  12. Price Drop to $300.00, You pay the shipping i can get it to ya.
  13. I get it, fun always get up on the back burner for adulting. If they get cut let us know. Can’t wait for a swb set to be ready! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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