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  1. For anyone looking to add AC to a 2.5 L truck I have a spare compressor bracket available, also have the underdash box folks will need if converting a non AC truck. I picked up all the parts I could for my swap and have some spare stuff left.
  2. Eaglescout so the control panel doesn’t plug in to my existing harness? Whelp that’s gonna be fun finding the harness. I wonder if one could be made essentially? I’d really love to see pics of the wiring for the AC in an ‘86 so I can find my way around this.
  3. I have sourced the underdash box, compressor bracket, & control panel. I ordered a compressor from Rockauto for the v-belt setup & I have a local shop that’s going to make the hoses for $40. I know the control panel plugs right in to my existing harness but my one ? Is the wiring to the engine bay to kick the compressor on etc. I assume this is ancillary wiring that I do not have since I was heat only. Do you know the story on this and if it has to be sourced specifically from another ‘86?
  4. How’s your progress coming? I finally stripped my dash and am gathering remaining parts to start next weekend. Unfortunately, I do in fact have a v-belt setup.
  5. Mine is an ‘86 and I mistyped earlier. I sourced parts from another ‘86 that had dealer added AC. If you go ahead this weekend, please take tons of pics. I’ve been waiting for someone to do some sort of documented write up.
  6. Any updates on this guys? I have sourced the evap box for in the dash, the controls and the compressor bracket from another 2.5L ‘87 to try to add AC to my ‘86 2.5L. Concerned about the wiring harness portion bc this was cut out of the parts vehicle I got the stuff from. I’m about to pull the dash and have a look see at how this is all going to go in. Starting to second guess myself and wondering if I’m better off just getting an aftermarket under dash setup and calling it a day.
  7. Quick question pertaining to this. Has anyone successfully converted a v-belt driven 4 cyl to a serpentine driven system?
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