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Found 8 results

  1. My '88 MJ is as base model as you can get. It's got manual steering, 2.5l engine, and no A/C With the SoCal summers being real hot in the MJ, I find myself asking how can I add A/C to it? What parts do I need? How hard will it be to complete the project? Where can I source parts for this? Thanks in advance
  2. Well, I guess this is the start to my build thread! won't really be a build just the progress of my daily. I’ve had her for like 2 months now and so far ive: Replaced both window regulators Fixed a lower radiator hose leak Got a steal on new taillights Did front breaks New tires Window tint Right now I'm working on chasing down a TCU problem. My trans isnt shifting on its own so I have to go 1-3-4. I’ve got some big plans for this truck in the future its just a matter of saving up! If you want to follow the build closer follow my insta @ DannyD815 I will add more photos when I can!
  3. Troubleshooting the A/C and hearing a clicking from the compressor. Here is a video of it while the climate control is set to max. https://streamable.com/l5k3z You can see something spinning about half a turn that coincides with the clicking. Is that the compressor clutch? Very new to anything A/C related. Any help narrowing down what the issue might be would be very welcome!
  4. I recently bought an 89 4.0 LWB and I'm working my way through some odd things that were done to it. The PO converted the A/C and I noticed this, mounted to the firewall, to the left of the heater hoses. I've not seen this before on a Cherokee, and am just now getting acquainted with the Comanche. Can anyone tell me what I'm looking at? Appreciate the help.
  5. Greeting fellow Comanche owners. I am in the home stretch on installing a new A/C system. I am now working on the wiring after all the new mechanicals are in place. Truck: 87 4 cyl 2wd. AC: originally dealer installed. Problem #1: Where does the low pressure switch connect? The PO clipped one of the leads (pic below). It is a brown/blk wire which joins an all black wire through a fusable link? The PO clipped it at the black wire. I have no idea where this should connect. The other wire (all black) from the low pressure switch, I have connected to the thermostat which monitors if the evaporator is icing up. Not sure if that is correct. I have the wiring diagram from the manual, but it that is for factory AC. I am having trouble figuring out the dealer ac wiring. Thanks. Clipped wire from low pressure connector: Where does this connect?? Low pressure switch black wire connected to thermostat in evaporator core: Engine bay with new AC system. Low pressure switch black wire enters the firewall near the expansion valve (lower left):
  6. Hello All! I recently purchased a beautiful '88 Pioneer Comanche. The A/C does not work. Heat works, fan works, but no cold air. The seller said that he re-charged the a/c but to no avail. I plan on re-charging myself, just to make sure. After that, I have heard I could replace the pressure switches (hi/lo pressure switches?), and maybe "one other switch"?? If those are not the problem, I need a new Compressor, which I know would be expensive. I'm obviously no mechanic, but I'm persistent and resourceful. 1) Does anyone have an additional thought? 2) Does anyone have simple step-by-step instructions to purchasing and changing those switches? 3) Also, I have heard of installing an electrical fan; cools engine and acts as a/c while the engine is powered/revved? (probably beyond my capabilities, fortunately I have savvy friends) Look fwd to reading replies! thanks!
  7. Looked around and didn't see any other forums on this so I made a new one. My A/C blew good, but was never ice cold which was fine. I just figured it needed a recharge. The it started blowing super cold for a couple nights on my way to and from work. Then on the third day it just wouldn't turn on at all. It doesn't blow on A/C or vent or heat or defrost. I figured a wire disconnected from the dash but I investigated today and found that when I switch it to any of the options listed above you can hear a faint clicking noise coming from the engine bay, passenger side near the firewall. Any ideas? I checked all my fuses and they're good. Recently put in a new alternator, hopefully that didn't mess anything up.
  8. I had a guy at work try to find the AC coolant leak on my Jeep today, we put 1 1/2 cans of coolant and the compressor would not kick on. so i touched it to the battery and it still works. we let is cycle some then i hooked it back up properly and it still would not work. we had pressure. I swapped all the relays around with my fuel pump and they all worked. the fuse is good. How can i test the Pressure switch for the compressor? can i short out the connector to make it think its on? thanks
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