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Found 10 results

  1. Well, I guess this is the start to my build thread! won't really be a build just the progress of my daily. I’ve had her for like 2 months now and so far ive: Replaced both window regulators Fixed a lower radiator hose leak Got a steal on new taillights Did front breaks New tires Window tint Right now I'm working on chasing down a TCU problem. My trans isnt shifting on its own so I have to go 1-3-4. I’ve got some big plans for this truck in the future its just a matter of saving up! If you want to follow the build closer follow my insta @ DannyD815 I will add more photos when I can!
  2. Hello everyone! I need more help. I have an older thread about this clutch repair here: I got the clutch fork from OMIX ADA. They said it would fit a 1986 with a 2.5 liter. It isn't even close. I am posting pictures of my transmission, and the clutch fork that was in it. Some things that make me think it may not be the original clutch is that it has 196,000 miles on it, it supposedly had the engine overhauled at some point, and it had the 9.125" clutch, not the 9.6" clutch in it. It also had ARP flywheel bolts. Here are some pictures. Help me figure out what I have and what I need.
  3. Hey people, As some of you way know of my build thread "Wendy". Well I have a 1988 Comanche with a 2.5l inline 4 (tbi) and a 1988 Cherokee with a renix 4.0l/aw4/np242 drivetrain. I tried to start the Cherokee but it was just cranking (not turning over) sounded like it had a rod knock and some smoke was coming out of the dipstick https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keTuB2oHwsY (wasn't sure how to make the video thumbnail appear) But I'm not 100% sure what it is. It sounds like knocking. Because of this, ​ was ​going to keep the 2.5l in the Comanche, and just make the best of it. My real question is, would I be able to "fix" the 4.0l for around or less than $700? Because if it is more than that I might as well swap in an ax5 behind the 2.5 and just save for the time being
  4. 1988 4x4 Comanche 2.5L AW4 Near/below brake booster/master cylinder On engine harness near throttle body Or zip tie them or of the way and forget about them??
  5. Hello, I just bought a 1986 Comanche X with a 4 cylinder and 5 speed manual. It also has the 7 foot bed. It is in pretty good shape and is mostly all stock. I think it may have the Rusty's suspension 2 inch lift kit in it, it seems slightly taller and had Rusty's shocks and steering stabilizer. I plane to keep it pretty much stock. I also have a JK Unlimited Rubicon with a ton of mods, and a Hemi Commander on Old Man Emu suspension. I bought the Comanche for lumber store runs, hauling yard stuff, and other pickup truck duties. I've drove it 3 hours to get it home from where I bought it, and it's a cool little truck. All 3 of my Jeeps are silver too, matched set. I have some questions: Where is a good place to buy stock replacement parts? The hose from the air box to the throttle body has a rip. I can make a universal hose work, but I thought I would also try to find a OEM one for the best fit and quality (maybe on the quality) I would also like new turn signal lenses. There are cracks in a few of mine and the are pretty faded. There is some other stuff I need to fix to make really nice, headliner is missing, seat has a few small rips and the foam kind of sucks, horn button is missing, and I would like to replace all the weather stripping. What oil do these little 2.5 engines like? I am guessing they are not too picky. I have not had a small American engine before. I have had many European cars from the 70's and 80's and ran Castrol 20/50 in the summer and 10/40 in the winter with good results. I found that the recommended oil is 10/30. Should I stick with that? I think I will change the engine oil tomorrow and maybe the gearbox, transfer case and diff's too. I also have to bleed the clutch and flush out the brake fluid. I am an over maintainer. I take care of a Eurocopter EC 135 Medevac Helicopter as a job, and fix, maintain and modify small airplanes and helicopters as a side business in my hangar. I have to say that this is one of the nicer forums I have looked at as far as the posts and replies. I hardly look at the Jeep JK forums due to off subject posts and constant flaming and harassment between members. I am glad I found this forum. David Chelan WA.
  6. I know lots of people add power steering but how could I remove it just switch to manual. Can i just remove the pump cap the steering box and throw a shorter belt on or do I have to replace the steering box with a manual one. The main thing is i don't want to spend the money to replace the leaky steering box. or should i just suck it up and do it?
  7. Hey Guys, I bought a mopar oil filter from the dealership for my '86 2.5 TBI Comanche, but after comparing it with the current one on there, I'm not sure it's the right one. The partnumber on the box is: 05012968AA. It's 0.5 inches wider and longer than the current NAPA filter, does that matter? I hope someone can confirm it's the correct one, I'd hate to apply oil to it and then be unable to return it if it doesn't fit.
  8. Good morning everyone. So I am new to the Comanche club however I have been following the forums for quite some time now. I came by two comanches very cheap however 1 has a damaged frame and the other one has a blown 2.5 so I will be swapping the 4.0 and driveling into the 2.5. Now the trucks are as follows. 1988 swb comanche with 2.5l 2wd dana 35.not sure what transmission havent checked. 4 speed stick. Aside from engine truck is in great shape. 1989 (11 month) lwb comanche with 4.0l ax15 np231 and a dana 35 out back dana 30 front. This truck is in really bad shape frame and body wise. Now I am no stranger to engine swaps just a couple comanche specific questions. Being both renix do I need to change all engine bay wiring and if so will I run into c101/c100 issues. If I do run into issues there will I need to swap cab wiring as well? Will I need to change fuel pump/sending unit? If so will both tanks be the same lwb/swb. Lastly are there any comanche related engine swap issues I should look out for that I might not now about. Thanks for your time all and I look forward to your expert advice.
  9. I know internally the AX-5 / 4 are different (1 gear exception); but are the two transmissions different externally? Not sure when I plan on doing this, but I recently came into a little extra money, and have decided to try and find a good running 4x4 system to put into the truck. I know I need the following: - Front and Rear Axles - Setting up MJ perches in the back (assuming I get an XJ rear) - Rear drive shaft shortened - AX-5 Speedometer cable But am unsure of these: - Front driveshaft? Could I snag one out of an XJ and throw it in there (assuming it comes from a 231/AX-5 combo) Or would I have to find a suitable one from a 2.5? - Brake Proportioning valve; how would I go about setting it up on an XJ axle? Does it need to be on the truck (IE: is it a must have for an MJ) or can I forego it altogether? - Different or additional crossmembers? - Is there an easy way to distinguish an AX-5 from the AX-15? Could anyone help a newbie to the 4x4 scene out; is there anything else I need to obtain before I swap everything? - - - - - And I know this question has probably been done to death, but I'm still getting used to using the new search function (not on much anymore, sadly :( ) and I can't seem to find any results from searching for 2.5 4x4 related topics.
  10. So i've got an 86 MJ 4x4, 5spd, 2.5 4cyl. 157,xxx miles. Had it for about a year now, but only been on the road for 2 months or so. So ALL the bugs are coming out of the wood, it hadn't been run consistently for years. Kinda new to the Renix system, learned quite alot in the past month, so far i've done quite alot of work to this truck. First I did a full tune up. Plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter, air filter, oil and filter. That made it "Better" but still wasn't up to par yet, so then i replaced the tps which made it a bit better, along with the map sensor had it running pretty good. Then 2-3 days after the two sensors it started to run really bad, i was digging around the TB and found the WOT sensor and the ECT sensor were plugged into each other...found the correct plugs coming off the harness and plugged them in and wala! Running like a top, also put a new O2 in that same day. 2 days later it is surging while going down the road at all speeds, and when at 1/2 throttle 3 gear on longer steepish hills it wants to cut out. I'm all thought out here fellers, if anyone has some advice please chime in. Much appreciated.
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