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  1. Thank you all for your help. So I have both drivelines out and engine wiring pulled out of one. Will be starting back first thing in the am. My drive shaft is going to alberta driveline to be cut down on monday. On that note my truck will be getting a 6.5 lift. How much longer should the driveshaft be? Thanks again.
  2. Starting in 15 min so any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Good morning everyone. So I am new to the Comanche club however I have been following the forums for quite some time now. I came by two comanches very cheap however 1 has a damaged frame and the other one has a blown 2.5 so I will be swapping the 4.0 and driveling into the 2.5. Now the trucks are as follows. 1988 swb comanche with 2.5l 2wd dana 35.not sure what transmission havent checked. 4 speed stick. Aside from engine truck is in great shape. 1989 (11 month) lwb comanche with 4.0l ax15 np231 and a dana 35 out back dana 30 front. This truck is in really bad shape frame and body wise. Now I am no stranger to engine swaps just a couple comanche specific questions. Being both renix do I need to change all engine bay wiring and if so will I run into c101/c100 issues. If I do run into issues there will I need to swap cab wiring as well? Will I need to change fuel pump/sending unit? If so will both tanks be the same lwb/swb. Lastly are there any comanche related engine swap issues I should look out for that I might not now about. Thanks for your time all and I look forward to your expert advice.
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