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Found 14 results

  1. Hey guys! its been a while since I've been active on here and I wanted to give you guys an update on how mt build was going. So I've finally dropped the engine into the Comanche as of TODAY i have a few pics so ill start with that. ENGINE INSTALL: So I had decided to put the 4.0L I6 back into the car since the previous owner failed at doing a 4.3L v6 swap from a Chevy s10 (failed because he didn't put enough effort into the wiring and thus had several problems such as the entire gauge cluster not working, no high beams, and oh yeah, the thermostat was effed up and the heads bl
  2. Hello. I ran my carfax on the VIN. Says its a 1988 as I assumed. But I think my engine was swapped out somewhere around 2006 as the mileage has moved around over the years. I am trying to determine if this is the original engine for this truck? As well as making sure i order right parts as I put it back together. Here is what I know. The Head reads 2686 with a large 89 on the top in the middle The block reads 53005535 on driver side front. The block reads 6-10-89 on driver side near firewall. So all signs are leading to an 89 engine in a 88 Comanche? The tag
  3. Good morning to all! I was curious as to which transmissions will bolt up to the Jeep 4.0. Right now I believe there is a Chevy trans connected to the vortex swap the previous owner did (haven’t ripped into my MJ for a swap yet). Appreciate the help this far guys! Love the website also quick side note I was told I need to do 10 replies or posts and I was just curious if someone who is a long time user of this forum could clarify that for me
  4. Hey Guys! The cold here in Philadelphia has delayed my work on my 88 Comanche project, 4.0 5speed. I got the slave cylinder put in and the transmission back in about 2 months back and figured why not try to start her up. I bought the truck not running and it hadn't run in 3 years. Well not surprising, didn't start. Cleaned all the ground, and electrical contacts. No dice. Everything having to do with ignition looked brand new, obviously someone had tried to start her before. What the missed? Crank position sensor. Put a new one in and tried to start her up. She lives again!!! Crank
  5. Recently purchased an 88 MJ Pioneer w 315k. Body is sweet, very unique color. My bud owns a Shell station and far handier than I on big stuff. Want to swap motor for junkyard 4.0 w less miles. What should i be budgeting for this? Really have no idea.
  6. I'm getting ready to retire the 2.8 liter so called engine to a 3.4 and while doing my research some forums say to turn down your flywheel and neutral balance it or there's say to get a 88 or newer already neutral balanced flywheel. Anyone tried either one????
  7. So my engine just quit on me. Anyone know a good place to buy a re manufactured one for a 1989 4cylinder??
  8. My name is Eli and I am 15. I bought my first 1987 Comanche base a few months ago. It have a 2.5 4 cyl. engine and 4 speed manual trans. I have already fixed the exhaust on it and changed out the headliner. I really enjoy this truck it is fun to drive and I'm wanting to do a few things to it. I'm wanting to put in a straight 6 engine with a 5 speed manual trans. Replace the dash board/ dash pad with a new one because the one it has now has a huge slit in it. Give it a new paint job, and customize my one light bar/sports rack to put KC lights in the back while still having a box in the b
  9. Hi guys havent been on here in a while but its summer now and work on the truck begins once more. So ever since I have had the truck it has run rough. It has gotten rougher and rougher over the years. Its at the point where it won't start without some gas and then it won't remain at idle without gas. After it has warmed up itll idle okay, but still pretty rough.' So i took it to a basic auto shop to check it out. They found that one of the cylinders compressions is at around 25lbs which is what they said was low comparable to what they said it should be like all the other 3 is 150l
  10. Building the 2.5 of just swapping it for the good old straight six. Looking for ideas and opinions. Want more tourqe More horses More reliable 87 jeep comanche 2.5 with 4 speed
  11. Will a I-6 and auto tranny from a 2006 LJ work in my '87 MJ? I'm told there might be some electronic concerns that would make it a pain. Have any of you performed this swap? Thanks, Doug
  12. Good morning everyone. So I am new to the Comanche club however I have been following the forums for quite some time now. I came by two comanches very cheap however 1 has a damaged frame and the other one has a blown 2.5 so I will be swapping the 4.0 and driveling into the 2.5. Now the trucks are as follows. 1988 swb comanche with 2.5l 2wd dana 35.not sure what transmission havent checked. 4 speed stick. Aside from engine truck is in great shape. 1989 (11 month) lwb comanche with 4.0l ax15 np231 and a dana 35 out back dana 30 front. This truck is in really bad shape frame and body wi
  13. Hi everybody!!! I'm new here and just thought I'd ask a question. I've searched everywhere but I cannot find a build log of someone putting a diesel Renault into a non diesel Comanche :???: I've been around the jeep scene for awhile now and I know people put a 4bt in them but nothing else :hmm: I searched this AWESOME forum and google but I found nothing. I imagine it would be easier just to find a diesel one but I've searched all north america and nothing (I'm Canadian eh). Just want you opinions on this topic. I know a few people on here have a diesel, hoping they will pop in to say hi
  14. I'm doing a 1.8l Isuzu diesel to my 89 mj and I wanted to know if anyone Knew ware to get an adapter plate made/bought so it bolts to my transmission
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