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  1. Been looking for these if MJXJjeepguy falls through haha. Hopped on it so quickly!
  2. I'm interested in one of these clocks. I currently have a 96' XJ (Sold my MJ) would one of these have the harness I need? It looks like the 91' would be good for my case after some googling. Can i purchase this one?
  3. BryceOJ


    Is this oem used, aftermarket new or used? Interested
  4. You can do one of those shipping estimators. I'll be shipping out of 23606. The package will weigh roughly 45 lbs. probably 48inch x 12 inch x 12 inch
  5. I am selling a Draw-tite brand class III receiver hitch that works with the factory step bumper for both shortbed and longbed comanches. Shown below mounted on my truck. I am willing to ship on your dime. $160. Plus Shipping costs.
  6. Selling the rear speaker brackets that fit, I believe 4x6 speakers behind the b pillar in the cab of the truck. I am shipping out of 23314 for 35$ shipped.
  7. I'm selling my truck and it is listed on Craig's list at http://norfolk.craigslist.org/cto/5377610855.html If you're interested email me at bryce527@charter.net and would cut a better deal to a member. Email for more information not listed in my Craig's list ad
  8. I have a drawtite brand receiver hitch that bolts directly with the stock step bumper for a shortbed. I'd sell it depending on the price and you pay for shipping
  9. I being pretty uneducated on the topic and how to do any of it on my own would have just someone handle it all. It's an automatic as well Would you believe it would be worth it to pay for it to be done? The truck right now has 160k on the odometer.
  10. Hi guys havent been on here in a while but its summer now and work on the truck begins once more. So ever since I have had the truck it has run rough. It has gotten rougher and rougher over the years. Its at the point where it won't start without some gas and then it won't remain at idle without gas. After it has warmed up itll idle okay, but still pretty rough.' So i took it to a basic auto shop to check it out. They found that one of the cylinders compressions is at around 25lbs which is what they said was low comparable to what they said it should be like all the other 3 is 150lbs. So its been practically running on 3 cylinders. I presume it will eventually just get worse. Do you think it would be worth the rebuild of the engine? My comanche is stock I use it for travel at school. I have one year left of school and I am hoping to have this running for a couple more years while I get my first job and settle down without worrying about a new car payment just yet. I have done routine maintenance on this thing, and have done a lot of work on it. Put a whole new exhaust on it. I put in a new radiator, water pump, and numerous other things. It doesnt have A/c nor power steering so there will never be those kind of problems. Its pretty basic and I'm thinking the rebuild of the engine really would nothing else to break, hopefully. What would be the estimated price to go take this engine to be rebuilt? and after the rebuild how much would you expect it to still run for? Thank you in advance for your help!
  11. I think it ended up costing me almost $300. Which included oxygen sensor, the front pipe, cat, muffler, and the tail pipe
  12. BryceOJ

    88 mj parts

    Hate to high jack your thread, but just noticed where youre from, and youre so close to me. I'm in newport news, and go to CNU during the school year. In the summer I live near suffolk . I have like a similar build as yours, an 88 2wd 2.5l Id loved to meet with you!
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