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  1. Just read your post on the new bumper and saw the J10 in the photos which reminded me of this thread on the truck. I was actually looking for a J10 when I bought my ‘88 MJ. There was a J20 in the neighborhood that piqued my interest, but it had some serious steel termite damage. Never saw another one for sale in the area so I shifted my focus to Comanches. That looks like a perfect driver because no one wants to daily drive a show truck. Really like the engine sound. You’re a lucky man to have a good friend AND a happy wife. The last is the most important of the two!
  2. If your door weatherstripping isn’t sealing, try some from a WJ. It’s thicker and seals better. Used it on my ‘91 and it really cut the noise down. You’ll have to cut a small section out at the bottom joint but, other than that, it’s an easy fix.. Start the install at the bend at the front of the door. I looked at several WJs at the local PnP to get the best set.
  3. Keyav8r

    Hawaii lifts

    They look like overgrown Hot Wheels trucks. I doubt anyone has gone to the trouble of calculating how the offset of the tire centerline will shorten wheel bearing/axle life.
  4. Check the amperage draw for the incandescent headlights versus the amperage rating on the driver. That will tell you if you can use it on one or more header panels. If you’re going for ambient lighting for the garage, remember that headlights have a focused beam that will result in a lot of light in some areas and little light in others. If you’re going for accent/conversation pieces, consider using some type of lights with a more diffuse pattern. Maybe rig 40W incandescent lamps behind clear or frosted lenses with some type of reflector behind the lamps. That would give the “look” without burning your eyeballs out when the beam hits you. Or, go with your original idea. It’s your garage, your header panels and your money. Good luck and post some photos of your finished product.
  5. I align my opinion with the above statement. Or, to put it colloquially - Yeah, what he said.
  6. Keyav8r

    Hawaii lifts

    IDK the reason either, but it really looks stupid.
  7. From the ad you would need to use 12V LED lights. I think even low beams would be a lot of light in a garage or man cave.
  8. When you drill it out check the hole size against on of the inserts. If the hole isn’t too large you could use a small triangular file to make a square hole.
  9. If you decide to drill them, when you center punch them be sure and whack ‘em real good to loosen them up a little. I would drill a small hole and try an eze-out before trying to drill them out completely. You might be able to save the threads in the block and avoid having to drill and tap oversized. Check on getting a right angle drill or drill attachment and a short drill bit to make it a little easier. Looks like it’s going to be a bear any way you go.
  10. I was able to re-use the thermistor probe when I did the ‘91s A/C. I have one on the shelf with the used evaps. I couldn’t find new evaps or thermistors when I was looking around 2 years back. However, I don’t remember if I checked Team Cherokee. If I had been able to find them I would have paid the price because I did NOT want to have to pull the dash again.
  11. I believe I collected the ones I have from pre ‘90 XJs when I had the ‘88 MJ. I think the ‘91 Eliminator had them when I got it from Rich, but since I have CRS and I’ve slept since then I can’t be 100% sure about that. I’ll take another look at them to see if the plugs are all the same.
  12. That’s definitely different than either the ‘88 or the ‘91 I had, both of which had factory air.
  13. Fernando87mj - The two parts I couldn’t find new when I was doing the A/C on my ‘91 were the evaporator and one of the hoses. Those I picked at a Pull-A-Part from XJs that still had pressure on the system (showed that the evaporator and hose were good). Can’t remember which hose I couldn’t find. I believe the factory evaporators were the same ‘88 - ‘91, possibly ‘87 also. Actually, I’ve got a couple of used evaporators left that I think are good. I tested them by putting 125 PSI air pressure in them and submerging them to look for bubbles. The problem is that there are few ‘87 - ‘91 XJs showing up in the junkyards, at least around here. There is a thermistor (?) that inserts into the evaporator. I don’t have that part as they tend to break or pull apart when you try to remove them. Couldn’t find that new either. I can send you a photo of the ones I have so you can see if yours is the same. Getting the right size O-ring for each joint is very important as the joint will leak if the O-ring is not correct. I think I bought 3 packs of O-rings to get enough of the right ones. Hopefully, Minuit will cover that in his write-up.
  14. Definitely do the headlight relay harness first. Not only does it improve the headlight output but, even better, it takes the amperage off the headlight switch. Even if it did nothing for the headlights, it’s worth it to prevent a potential fire. You can buy a pre-made harness or make up your own. I believe one of our members posted his harness build.
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