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  1. Jeremy - I just saw this thread tonight as I haven’t been on the forum much since I sold my ‘91. It’s great to hear that things seem to be headed in the right direction in spite of the bumps along the way (no pun intended). Saying a prayer for your full recovery and safety. Hang in there, brother!
  2. Pete - A little off topic but tied to your first post - Don Drennen in Hoover was the last of the Drennen dealerships who were among the oldest businesses in the Birmingham, originally selling horse-drawn carriages and wagons. There is now a brewery in what was the stables for a livery service that was adjacent to the Drennen properties. I believe it may have been Drennen’s livery service but can’t say for sure. When I was a good bit younger, Drennen had a Cadillac dealership and a Buick dealership across the street from each other in downtown Birmingham. My father was a Buick man and bought several Buick’s from Drennen. Don Drennen was an offshoot of the downtown dealerships, set up in what was at that time the fast-growing Hoover area. I don’t remember when they picked up the Jeep dealership but we almost leased a Grand Cherokee there about 25-30 years ago. They lost the Jeep line in 2009 when automakers consolidated their efforts into larger dealerships (the start of the mega-dealers) and then were bought by Hendricks in 2011.
  3. 90%, but like PC06 I lived through those years but I’m not good on Kaisers, Henry Js, etc.
  4. That afternoon: "Hey Margie, get me a beer. You're not going to believe what happened at work today."
  5. Quit farting around and find a doctor. You’re too young to be having unexplained reactions like that. If your throat starts reacting that way you could suffocate before paramedics could get to you or you could get to an ER. Just another Olde Pharts opinion, but that of one who’s seen a friend almost die from an allergic reaction.
  6. Did a little search and found I was both right and wrong. The Turbo Encabulator has previously been featured not once but twice on CCF. The first appearance is in April 2009 and the second is in July of 2014. Search for Encabulator. If you search for Turbo Encabulator you’ll get many pages referencing turbo installations/problems/etc.
  7. I’m fairly certain this is the second time around for the Turboencabulator on CC Forums. If it is not, then it was a similar dissertation on a different high tech “development”. I believe it surfaced on here 18-24 months back and got a lot of comment/discussion.
  8. You mean it’s not real Corinthian leather as Fernando Lamas told us?
  9. Keyav8r


    Back on the original track, I have some 45s, 33s and cassettes from the 60s-70s-Motown eras plus some of the same music on cd. They will be going into our moving sale or I may take them to one of the local vinyl stores for a lot price. Love the music but don’t have any equipment to play it.
  10. Liked the first one, before he became a not case. Won’t be watching this one.
  11. Cleaning out the garage and came across some stuff I squirreled way from my trips to the JY. Got a headlight buzzer module, an intermittent wiper module, two headlight relays and two (?) PN 8956000428. These are the modules that Velcro under the dash on the drivers side and hav mating male and female fittings to match an under dash connector. Should know what it is but my CRS has been acting up lately. Could someone help out an Olde Phart?
  12. Congratulations on the house and on adopting the dog from the shelter. Been wondering how the house thing was coming along and glad to see it worked out for you! As Beater said above, you’ll probably find less time for your Comanche for a while, at least until you get the nest feathered the way she wants it!
  13. Keyav8r

    Is it just me..

    And it has those rare Comanche 8 hole wheels!
  14. Keyav8r


    I haven’t seen Shockwave run but we had the Hawaiian Fire Truck at our air show a couple of times. Felt like someone hit you in the chest with a 4x4 when he would pop the afterburner in his pre-run show. Night runs are even more awesome.
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