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  1. Most of the pics here( including mine) were patching in floor pan areas. Maybe post some pics of the trans area that you are trying to repair. Some members may have faced the same issues. Maybe you can get away with using patch panel material. Whatever the case it will take a little time and effort to ‘massage’ these pieces into place.
  2. They did some neat things with that platform. Personally I can’t see someone ‘Rock climbing’ that vehicle. Not saying someone wouldn’t, but a base model starting at 69k, I’m thinking the only off roading it will do is hitting the occasional pothole. Not being argumentative there because I do realize the vast majority of 4x4 vehicles rarely see anything but light off road use..( parking on the grass at your kids baseball game) I like the storage, the fold down tailgate, even the flashlight storage. They did mention orders already, just curious to see what their actual build numbers will be.
  3. http://downeyproductsnortheast.com/sst-206041-jeep-comanche-6-short-bed.html I'm looking to get one as well. https://www.custompickup.com/shop/index.php?l=product_list&c=2904
  4. Pete if my VCR wasn’t obsolete, it would still be flashing the time. I’m not real computer savvy, but could you break down what your asking so even a caveman could help
  5. Excellent trade. Congrats. So a 2004 for the Jeep? Even up? How many miles on the 04? Minuit got it in the head... this does call for a ‘you suck!’ Nice find.
  6. Right now fake news.... need pics!!!😎
  7. Both of the above posts. Those fittings are capped off. There’s nothing to worry about.
  8. I agree with the above. It’s clean, it runs and you can drive it without doing anything but changing the oil. Personally I’d ask 6 then go from there. You can ask the world like you want. If you’re in a position to hold out go ahead! I just feel it’s in the 5200-6 range. As far as AC? Not really a selling point for me. If I like your truck, I’m buying it. Like DZimm said, someone can always add the AC.
  9. Keep looking! Sounds like that truck was overpriced by about $2000. Around here that sounds like maybe a $500 truck. I am from the rust belt. I agree with one of the above posters... go south or out west to look. Not sure what you’re looking for here though. A project truck? A DD? A rock crawler? A weekend driver? I think most guys woulda spent about 5 min. looking at that one. The condition of the inside of the cab speaks volumes. It always boggles me why people, when selling a vehicle, think that leaving a piling heap of garbage in the cab area is a good selling point. Another pet peeve of mine? When I hear something is either a ‘quick fix’ or ‘easy fix’. Nice inspection though, it seems you did a pretty thorough job. I think I woulda pulled up and drove away!
  10. Surprised the post office didn’t catch that. I deal a lot with e bay and I know it will usually let me know if the address is no good.
  11. Welcome aboard! It looks like you have a solid looking truck to work with. Plenty of members here to help and offer their advice. Just wondering what the seats and the console came out of?
  12. Looks like a clean truck, especially since it’s been in Cali all it’s life. Just agreeing with what others posted above me. More pics if you have em. If you have a mechanic friend bring him along to check it out, certainly if it’s another ‘Jeep’ guy. From the cab forward you’ll still be able to find replacement parts around. Check your floorboards! Welcome to the club! What branch of service? Where are you stationed?
  13. I know Collins Bros Jeep in Texas also do a lot of resto work as well. Some of the Jeeps they WILL NOT BUY are Cherokees as well as Comanches. Just wondering why? Resale market? I can’t imagine that. Looking forward to this build though! At least Dennis didn’t use his ‘Holy Grail!!’ line like he usually does on Fast n Loud.
  14. I still have the bench seat if someone’s in the area. I recently sold the lap belts. Like I said earlier willing to trade for something Comanche related. Located in Dyer, In. Northwest corner of the state on Illinois border.
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