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  1. I’ve cleaned the connection. I mean it’s not the most cleanest setup creating electrical power loss I’m sure over 32 years but my truck starts and runs fine. Eliminating is an option. One step at a time. Don’t. There’s good basic info in there. Yes it’s not a Chiltons. A leak onto the fuse block was/is a common problem. It sounds like you’re doing a good job trying to locate electrical problems. I’m sure if you PMd Cruiser he’d point you in the right direction. He’s helped many members in the past. He patiently literally walked me through(held my hand!) in how to properly diagnose a headlight problem.
  2. Thanks Jeff. I PMd a fellow member and got the same reply. Appreciate your insight. Thank-you!
  3. While swapping lifters on my 2.5 I kept all components removed together. I didn’t realize the brackets as well as rockers have grooves in them for what would appear to be oil flow between the two. Are these grooves positional? Meaning should I match the grooves when putting back together. Common sense says yes but well sometimes common sense isn’t so common so I’m second guessing myself. Like I said I kept the whole cylinder ‘kit’ together and orientated,minus the bracket. The grooves have a wide side and a narrow side.
  4. What is your budget? How far of a trip is it?
  5. Little update. Trying to diagnose a lifter tick. Removed valve cover, took out rocker arms, and pulled lifters out. One lifter looked pretty sketchy. Looks to be clogged. Swapping them all out though. Gonna soak the rockers, bridge and pushrods in some parts cleaner overnight. Already have new lifters soaking in oil.
  6. Agree with all the above. Don’t total it out, unless like JeepDriver said, they give you a crazy amount of money, or it meets a price you feel your truck is worth. The damage you have is all repairable.
  7. 13 Legion

    Tool Talk

    You can see how I interpreted your response by you replying. If it was a genuine question my apology. I just read it as ‘oh you went to college, and you’re still flipping burgers...’ So if not , again my sincere apology. Just seeing you put ‘education’ in quotes, I believe it to be the latter. The sarcastic way I read it.
  8. 13 Legion

    Tool Talk

    Where did this take you? what did you do with it? Was this an honest questions? Or an attack on someone? I hope the first.
  9. I’m in on the Illinois or Indiana stops if I’m not working!
  10. They make XJ floorpans, they can work on your MJ but require some mods since the floor is different. How bad is it? You can grab some sheet metal at your local hardware store to cut up and patch in.
  11. https://eugene.craigslist.org/cto/d/springfield-1987-jeep-comanche/6928477912.html https://eugene.craigslist.org/pts/d/springfield-1988-jeep-comanche/6911994930.html
  12. Where in Cali are you located? What specifically are you looking for? 4.0,2.5, 4x4, year, daily driver, rock crawler, weekend driver? There’s many for sale. You may have to travel to find what your looking for! What’s your budget?
  13. A little more info...2.5, 4.0? Last time it’s had a tuneup?
  14. Congrats. I figured the underneath would be clean if it had spent its life out west... clean??? That looks immaculate. Sweet buy.
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