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  1. 13 Legion


    Was expecting this when I clicked on post...
  2. Update. Item located. I have one inbound. Thank you to Blaine.D
  3. Swapped my broken one out. Looking for one like this though. Let me know if you have a complete assembly that works. Thanks! Top pic is what I’m looking for.... bottom I just installed.
  4. Well today I’m made the trip to my local JY. My hood release cable broke. Luckily when it broke it raised hood. So I wasn’t stuck with another dilemma. Not much pickings left of XJs. I think there were 4 in various stages of being pilfered. I found a 90 and that’s the one I snagged the cable off of. The only thing was they were all stamped hood instead of what I was looking for. I’m going to post in the want ads. Probably was about a half hour job. I’ll post a couple pics as well as what was at the local junkyard here. Next up is troubleshoot my speedo cable. It’s intermittent but it has been working now for well over a few years, with the occasional bouncing. Now it stopped all together.
  5. I’m going to head to the JY to see if I can find a replacement. On the factory cable the word ‘Hood’ is embossed into the handle. The new replacement is just printed on handle. Found this video that shows how to replace. Pretty straight forward.
  6. Joined this unfortunate club about 20 min ago.... I went to pull hood release and cable snapped. Fortunately hood released so it’s open. Now can I replace the entire assembly? Cable snapped at handle. Is this pressed in? Or is handle part of system? Lastly can I buy assembly at auto parts store or is it a JY part? Thanks
  7. Stopped by the local Jeep dealer today.... the Comanche looked good in the lot! This Gladiator is relatively inexpensive I guess at 52+( read sarcasm).... No way would I spend that kinda money but people will.
  8. You have up to 3 times to get it too pass. You have to produce receipts showing how much money you’ve spent to rectify the problem(get it to pass) If after 3rd time and x amount of money and it still fails you get a one time( life of vehicle) exemption. Good only till next renewal. Then it starts all over, without an exemption. I was tired of spending money every couple years to get a 32 year old truck to pass an emission test where they keep lowering the accepted emission amount. This insurance option was available to me because my truck isn’t used as a DD. I only got a base insurance with allotment to drive up to 1000 miles a year. Just glad to be done with this! Just wondering if I can now remove cat( without issues, mechanical wise) and omit from my exhaust system? Plan on leaving everything else in place emissions wise.
  9. Went to pick up Jeep today from my local shop. They were unable to get my emissions lowered enough to pass. No charge from them and they had it over a week. Plan B was initiated. Classic insurance purchased..... Went to BMV right from shop with new insurance... Plated finally!!!! No more emissions!!!!!!!
  10. Second. I had an 05 Civic. Purchased used put 100,000 on it until my daughter got hit in it. Insurance offer was legit. I coulda bought it back with a rebuilt title but I let it go. Someone at the body shop bought it. Next I bought a used 99 Accord 6 cylinder. Put well over 130,000 until the front end gave out on the expressway at 236,000 on the odometer. I now recently bought an 06 Civic with 80,000 miles on it. My cars are for work. My jobs are usually 40-50 miles away. I drive them on the job site and sometimes we’ll lets just say it’s rough terrain. I look at my cars for what they are... disposable. I drive them into the ground then get another one. Cars are made now so you almost have to bring them to shop or dealer to repair. The days of lifting the hood on a 72 Cutlass and knowing exactly what you had to do in order to repair are over. For that matter how many people legit change even your own oil? Not on your Jeep, on your other vehicles? I dare say the vast majority go to a Jiffy Lube. There’s still some purists out there no doubt, but most just take it in. I mean I remember when the Lumina came out you had to loosen the motor mounts to rock and change the back spark plugs. That’s just absolutely ridiculous.
  11. https://www.copart.com/lotSearchResults Typed in Comanche.... There are 3 listed up for auction
  12. Yes. That’s why I’m going this route! I don’t use my Jeep as a DD. I will have up to 1,000 miles a year on my new insurance. I haven’t driven 1000 miles since I’ve owned it. It’s just been an uphill battle. I’m literally trying to give the state money by me legally getting tags...they wanna fight!.....bureaucracy at its finest.
  13. It would be hard for me personally to justify that kind of money for lights knowing I bought my Jeep for that much! With that being said I know there’s guys here that will. It’s the end product we are all looking for. So I can’t and won’t judge someone’s intentions. We have members here who rattle can their trucks to guys who have $20,000 and up builds. I’m fine with both sides of the spectrum. It’s a Jeep thing!
  14. After all my drama with DMV or BMV as they call it in Indiana I decided to get my emissions issue looked into. Long story short they’ve lowered the NOX reading a bit but still not enough to pass. Plan B initiated!! I purchased classic/antique insurance which should qualify me to be emissions exempt. This hopefully will satisfy my state requirements as I was instructed by them earlier. This has been a cat and mouse game with me and the state/ police since 2017. As I said earlier I still drive occasionally just around town. Hope to get this thing squared away soon!
  15. I want to say it was either 16 or 18 gauge. I grabbed it from some scrap at work. If you go to your local hardware store they should carry these. The thicker the sheet metal is obviously it will be a little tougher to bend/contour. Also don’t forget to seal underneath your work as well. I covered patch area underneath with some rubberized spray for some added protection. Although I did ask a buddy what he had used on his XJ floor... he laughed. He had used traffic signs!
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