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  1. 13 Legion

    wake up call

    Glad your ok Sir. Best wishes on your recovery!
  2. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2359546944305794/
  3. 13 Legion

    Veterans Day

    Thanks to all those that have served. Without your selfless service, what a different world it would be. Semper Fi.
  4. Interior panels... local junkyard, scan the want ads here. You can find some interior paint to color match in case you aren’t able to locate a color specific piece. As far as headliner... I highly recommend SMS Headliners here( located in vendor section) Members also have created their own headliners here with material from a fabric store. The rear piece under the window.... want ads here. You’re gonna learn pretty quick there’s a lot of ‘unicorn’ parts on these MJs! Good luck in your search!
  5. Originally a southern truck from... West Virginia? I guess when we live in the rust belt the majority of the country is classified as a Southern state.
  6. This^^^^^. I think posting anything without pricing is a trick bag. If people are looking for something specific they can PM you. Just a question here Eagle. I realize you have access to parts as well as where they are located. If I walked into my local Jeep dealer and asked for a bench seat bracket, wouldn’t they be able to tell me if so and so dealership has them? I’m asking this because wouldn’t that save you the trouble of doing all this?
  7. You did an awesome job! That’s the first I’ve ever seen of those lights. Was the wiring difficult? The pieces you fab’d....do they fit tightly to the door? Did you have to put some type of sealant or gasket around it on the outside for water protection? Again nice work, they sure are bright!!
  8. Setting a bridge over the Fox River in Illinois. Having been an Ironworker for over 20 years this has got to be one of the more scenic and serene job sites I’ve ever been on.
  9. Had the same type issue. Turn signal would not illuminate when running lights were on. Would only illuminate when used as turn signal. I had a bad socket. The ground wire wasn’t making good contact inside the bulb socket. Swapped in new socket and soldered wires. Good to go.
  10. I’ve cleaned the connection. I mean it’s not the most cleanest setup creating electrical power loss I’m sure over 32 years but my truck starts and runs fine. Eliminating is an option. One step at a time. Don’t. There’s good basic info in there. Yes it’s not a Chiltons. A leak onto the fuse block was/is a common problem. It sounds like you’re doing a good job trying to locate electrical problems. I’m sure if you PMd Cruiser he’d point you in the right direction. He’s helped many members in the past. He patiently literally walked me through(held my hand!) in how to properly diagnose a headlight problem.
  11. Thanks Jeff. I PMd a fellow member and got the same reply. Appreciate your insight. Thank-you!
  12. While swapping lifters on my 2.5 I kept all components removed together. I didn’t realize the brackets as well as rockers have grooves in them for what would appear to be oil flow between the two. Are these grooves positional? Meaning should I match the grooves when putting back together. Common sense says yes but well sometimes common sense isn’t so common so I’m second guessing myself. Like I said I kept the whole cylinder ‘kit’ together and orientated,minus the bracket. The grooves have a wide side and a narrow side.
  13. What is your budget? How far of a trip is it?
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