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  1. I was there as well. I posted some pics and vin in the registry. It was picked over already.
  2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0zl9VBPUkd4
  3. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0zl9VBPUkd4
  4. Beautiful truck no doubt. What does one do with a truck like that? It sits in a garage, climate controlled like a time capsule. You take it out ( prob trailer somewhere) to a few shows a year. It’s kinda like a trophy. It sits on a shelf somewhere collecting dust. What would you guys do with it? No I’m not saying turn it into a 4x4 and take it trailing. Just wondering would it sit in your garage?
  5. 13 Legion

    Back to Work

    Ironworker in Chicago. We’ve worked the entire time. It’s business as usual. The social distance thing doesn’t really adapt to my line of work. Nobody in our gang has gotten sick. We rely on one another so we trust if someone is sick they don’t come in. We have masks if we want to wear them so it’s an option if you feel the need. I would say the majority of people going past our job are wearing masks.The ‘essential worker’ thing is thrown around a lot, as that pertains to us. I’m bolting up a railroad bridge. Thanks to all our police, fire and hospital staff who are risking it.
  6. Thanks to EagleScout yesterday for your help. Swapped in new plugs, breather and air filter. Checked and adjusted TPS. Condition still exists. Sounds like a miss when running.( New cap, rotor and wires as well recently) Engine seems to shudder. I’m leaning toward more of an engine issue then sensor. Presently plan to pull off valve cover and check valve springs for any damage, to maybe explain a valve getting hung up or inoperative. I may end up changing out valve seals because oil is still getting into combustion area. I haven’t ruled out rings yet. Like I said earlier for it to be solely the rings, every cylinder would have to have failed since all 4 plugs were oil fouled. At 140 on the engine I can’t imagine this to be the case. Will post more when I uncover more! 2.5 Jeepers Creepers😎
  7. 06 Honda Civic. I drive way too many miles depending where my job is at. Great gas mileage, but I do take a lotta heat for driving it. I bought it used so I didn’t have to hear the money went to Japan line.
  8. I’m not sure what year your truck is. I have an 87 RWD No cruise. I ordered one from RockAuto. Not sure if you’ve removed your old cable yet. If you do the part number is printed on the cable, closer to the cluster. The attachment to cluster is different depending on year I believe. Mine has a clip that you squeeze in order to attach. This is the one I ordered. Works fine.
  9. 13 Legion


    LKQ Blue Island, IL. 89 4.0....already picked over. Missing(taken already) rear lights, tailgate, B pillar lights, emblems, side cab covers. Was listed as 2.5 that’s why I went to take a look.
  10. Thanks Eaglescout for your help. I’m gonna pop off valve cover and inspect but most likely change all valve seals. I will update this post later to see if this rectified my problem.
  11. Just finished a compression test. Readings as follows from rear to front of engine. 120,120,110,130 on my 2.5. I checked tube from valve cover to TB. It appears to be clear and unclogged, I felt suction on it. I am sending a short video of engine running. It sounds like it wants to die out and shudders occasionally while trying to maintain idle. Thanks for any input guys/gals!
  12. Thinking of you bro. One day at a time my man. Hope for a fast recovery. You’re in our thoughts.
  13. Took spark plugs out today. The ends were all covered in oil. Cleaned off( their only a few months old) wire brushed and put back in. Took off TB cover. There was oil residue in there. If you look close in pic you can see it. Still planning on compression test hopefully this weekend. I’m still gonna take a look at the CCV system. Like I said I think it’s malfunctioning somewhere and oil is getting sucked into throttle body... hence rough running and oil fouled plugs. I’ll keep this updated.
  14. Not sure what year you have. I have an 87 2.5. I have a tube there that runs to the TBI.
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