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    love rocks and 2tracking in the U.P of Michigan in the winter

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  1. rolled the Comanche in and out of the shop tried selling everything. Comanche is back in the shop gaining more ideas. So tore the 30 down and here it is in all its glory.
  2. Gota a good start keep us all updated. And great score on the doors end cost $0.00. We should all be so lucky. lol
  3. That's the only issue my MJ has is the drivers floor and most of the drivers side trans tunnel is rotted out. Are you going to stretch metal to form up the tunnel? or puzzle piece it? Nice steering set-up two thumbs up.
  4. Front plaiting is done. Front stubby Stinger bumper is welded up ​Still needing to weld in some webbing for added strength. Front axle still tore down. Need to obtain a job to pay bills and get an 8.8 and get a pair of axles under the frog.
  5. Wife n I are running down to Decatur Friday afternoon and packing up Sunday would like to catch-up with you and see your rig.
  6. Balancing tires I have used in the tire world bags of equal. I have used bags of Equal in all my Semi and Trailer tires. Today I ran acrossed this web site and the chip trick is using air soft bbs. If your going to do this don't get the biodegradable ones they won't hold up to the mosture that develops inside a tire. Here is the link. look up your tire size and it will show how many ounces to use. http://www.innovativebalancing.com/BigTirechart.htm
  7. As far as the dash goes I have the cluster from my ZJ and its working. I might build a flat metal dash around it. I think the clusters are size and shape all the same. so it just might fit the original dash. If I was to go factory I would be looking for an XJ Country for the wood grain look. Rock Frog won't see much DD usage. Whatever is going to be basic and functional.
  8. The pic of after Electrolysis it shows spots that is what was left of the factory paint. Which with a wire brush the flakes came right off. Electrolysis is simple, easy, and cheep way to remove rust and old paint.
  9. Front plating is complete now onto the HP 30 the left inner seal was leaking plus the gears were 355. When tearing the HP 30 down found that the coil perches are rusted through not with small pin holes but these holes So I emailed Jeff Bullock of and this is what the big brown truck will be bringing me also tried my hand at Electrolysis I was amazed as to how it works and the results also amazing. Took the brake calipers which was trashed with rust. ​In the tank ​after the over night Electrolysis Bath ​And this is what was left behind in the tank
  10. Got it thanks guys. Navagating on my laptop dang thing is more sensitive than the desk top.
  11. when I click on View New Content (it comes up as no new) when looking at the dates on the posts their are new messages. Do I need to change something to view new contents ?
  12. Little more progress today took some 3/16 sheet steel and cutout a pair of front frame plates. Also finished up the Hack n Tap on the 242. Next for the 242 is drill n tap to add lines to run to the cooler More to come, I guess being unemployed might as well spend time on the Rock Frog.
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