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  1. The one I'm gonna go look at is a 97 so it should have the external, so I need a new pressure plate and pilot bushing. Ty so much for all the help guys
  2. For the swap: 73 Cj pilot bushing External slave Clutch kit 97 (maybe?)
  3. Please correct me if I'm forgetting something. I need from the JY : Transmission case Bellhousing Transfer case Crossmember (trans support)
  4. 5 minutes on that website and I found a rebuilt 97 5 speed at a yard 8 miles from my house. Thanks a ton guys. Gonna go see how much they want soon
  5. I was just looking into it more and on the website before shipping or any other parts its 1600 . So yeah whose got a used ax15 manual for sale
  6. So currently I'm in the research phase (as well as saving lol), should I look for a used one or should I splurge and save for the brand spanking new one from Novak?
  7. I'm very quickly becoming overwhelmed lol. Stuff like this scares the s**t out of me
  8. Oh so I would have to hook up the transfer case just not hook up a driveshaft?
  9. Also just found this like 20 minutes from me, is it correct?
  10. So if I find a 4wd trans can I still use it and just not hook up the transfer case? And if there are adapters regardless of what length the input shafts are? Sorry I'm gonna have a billion questions 😂
  11. I changed it less than 500 miles ago with redline. An ax15 from a 96+ cherokee right? I've never even taken a transmission out so I have almost no knowledge
  12. My trains started popping out of 3rd today and it's been grinding a little bit in reverse since I bought it. Is it safe to assume the pukegoat is on its way out?
  13. I also finally found some 2 door cherokee buckets that just happened to have the rocking chair feature and picked em up for 50 bucks. They were blue so, go Broncos! And I got a beautiful NOS console from RedMistress (thanks again!). With the new buckets and the console it is the comfiest vehicle I've ever driven
  14. Wow it's been a while since I posted any updates. I got "new" 97+ mirrors, got rid of the leaky and latch-less vent mirrors (thanks Satirical Hen), and got new outer window seals from quadratec for like 8 bucks a piece.
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