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  1. That's what I thought I had found about the flywheel while looking for the mount info so thank you for confirming I emailed advanced adapters the say they have a peice to change the ba10 mount for the ax15 or the nv3550 but I'm still waiting for them to confirm it
  2. Ok so I have put the engine and Transmission in nv3550 and the rebuilt original 4.0 but I'm having an issue with the Trans mount am I missing a peice? Mount has 2 bolt holes Trans has 4? Also I think I have to pull it out anyway if anyone can confirm I'd appreciate it I swapped the flywheel that went with the new trans from an 00/01 cherokee. I read something saying the cops read the old flywheel differently?
  3. I f***** up lol I hooked it up and didn't tie it up and wound up against the exhaust..... but it's in peices right now so I'll get to that when she's back together and running
  4. So now I've found a nv3550 out of a cherokee and an np231 down to the hunt for some axles thinking 8.25 trying to find a donor so I can steal some brackets etc
  5. With this being said I'm having trouble finding an ax15 to swap that won't cost me an arm and a leg any recomendations/will one out of a dakota work
  6. So I have an 88 mj with a ba10/ I want to convert it to 4x4. I'm trying to find out my best option here. I've spent hours looking for donors and everything i find is auto. i want to stick with the manual, and what I've read says i can take an ax15 out of a dakota change out the bell housing and the t-case from the dakota will work is this wrong? Is there anything else I would need besides the obvious/crossmember?
  7. Thank you I found it I guess when they did the engine rebuild before i bought it they left it topside now I've got voltage to the switch running about 9v DC but still no lights I'm guessing the switch but i can't figure out how to test they send out voltage on it besides making sure the switch is depressed and looking at the lights
  8. So today I have replaced the turn signal switch. I'm glad I was right on replacing it although I probably could have just cleaned the old one up... it was extremely coroded now all my turn signals work propperly after replacing the front passenger side connector. I had tried cleaning the corrosion out on it but no luck so I want to the junk yard and picked one up. While I was there I picked up the wiper speed control box out of a xj the part looks different, it still has the same connectors just a different shape but it seems to work for the most part. I have the variable speed control, but on the low and high it just runs one speed which is fine to me because I can just use the variable to slow it down. Now I have the reverse lights and the horn to work on I think I have the horn on it's way to being fixed, no relay, but I'll have to wait till tomorrow to pick one up.
  9. So I have found my reverse switch on my 88 mj's ba10 but the problem I noticed is that the plug was plugged in but about 2 feet of wire was draped over the top of the tranny and the other connector was hanging I have looked but can't seem to find where it plugs in can anyone help
  10. So I'm trying to get a list together on doing an nv3550 swap in my 88 mj but its currently 2wd so I'm trying to figure out what my best option is here. What t-case? will I need a custom driveshaft or can I buy one somewhere? Will my bell fit or will I need an adapter? Any other recommendations i missed?
  11. So now I've got her running a whole lot better had the exhaust welded instead of just clamped and figured out why it would bog on me when at higher speeds which was the balance resistor not sending enough voltage to the fuel pump therefore losing fuel pressure in the long run... Next step is to fix the fuse box....
  12. I have it figured out the balance resistor had gone bad and was dropping the voltage to low therefore not enough fuel was being sent up when running. Voltage should be between 10-14v I was getting 8.9 at best at idle probably worse once it heated up....
  13. if you give it any throttle it rises for a couple seconds and then drops to 28 or less Insert image from URL
  14. So I just did a pressure test finally running 30psi at idle give it any throttle kicks up for a second and drops down to 25 ish then will come up to about 28 and hold till I drop back to idle
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