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  1. Ordered some new fuel injectors from Precision Auto Injectors. Now I need to drop the tank and replace the fuel pump, plus figure out why the sending unit isn't...sending.
  2. Canada is great, I'm a fan. Go up there a few times a year for work (half my team is in our Calgary office) and always enjoy it.
  3. If it's stupid but it works...well, sometimes it's still stupid
  4. Zambeezy

    Home Security

    I ended up pulling the trigger on the Eufy wireless cams and hope to get them installed this weekend. Worst case scenario, I'll end up putting them in the garage or something and get a more robust system for the exterior. Honestly, not too concerned with signal jamming and overall not too concerned with break-in/theft, but if it prevents one occurrence or leads to the arrest and return of property even once, they'll be worth it. Cheap-ish insurance I guess, as much as I hate that phrase. I'll let you guys know how they are. Reviews were solid
  5. Zambeezy

    Home Security

    Sorry, not familiar with these terms. POE? NVR? Anran? Amcrest?
  6. Zambeezy

    Home Security

    I read about it quite a bit but haven't seen anyone mentioning this as an issue. I'm sure technically it wouldn't be that difficult to build something that transmits noise on the channel but I, maybe naively, don't think most people would do that and would instead just go to the next house on the block. I guess to me, the flexibility of a wireless system outweighs that potential negative, at least right now.
  7. Zambeezy

    Home Security

    Glad you found a good one! Down in Castle Rock? I'll admit, I'm not an expert on InfoSec but these Eufy cams seem to use high-quality encryption that I presume would make it more difficult to access and/or jam. At this point, I'm pretty set on wireless due to ease of use and the ability to easily move components around. Congrats again on the house! I know I still owe pictures from my house hunting thread, I'd love to see yours as well!
  8. Zambeezy

    Home Security

    Does anyone use home security cameras/monitoring/etc? Any brands or services you recommend? I'm not really looking for a full-service monitoring solution like ADT. I just don't feel that the price is worth the value provided. I'm more interested in security cameras, window/door entry sensors, etc. I don't mind paying for a subscription if the value is there (e.g. I don't feel like paying $20/month for 30 days of video backup is worth it, but $3 might be. If it includes real-time monitoring via a call center, $20 may be a fair price). I'm a Data Analyst, so technology is a big part of my life and something I'm very interested in. Don't always have to have the newest gadget but for things like smart motion detection that doesn't send false alerts for leaves blowing in the wind, I'm all about it. Looking at the eufyCam 2 because I have a Eufy robovac and it's been great, and I've been happy with Anker products (sister company) for years. Customer service has always been good and the product cost has been reasonable for the value and quality provided. Any thoughts from those who have installed a system, or who looked into it and decided against it?
  9. One of my favorite bands covering another of my favorite bands...hard to beat that!
  10. Seems like a good price and, more importantly, it sounds like you're happy with it!
  11. I'm just now getting back to the Comanche world but if I recall correctly, the sending unit on an XJ is different than it is on the MJ due to differences with the hanger. What are the specs of your truck? SWB or LWB, and 23 gal or 16 gal tank?
  12. I have my 92 FSM, I'll look for the best way to PDF it efficiently and then will gladly share.
  13. Sweet collection! Coffee table would be a neat idea
  14. Zambeezy

    Back to Work

    Who has returned to work yet? I've been working from home since about mid-March (and really enjoying it) but got informed yesterday that we're expected back on Monday barring extenuating circumstances. I'm a data analyst so my job 100% can be done remotely but I've never had the opportunity to try extended WFH. Now I'm addicted to all the freedom. Taking a walk down to the park in the mid-morning, taking time to make a nice, healthy lunch, stepping away from the computer to work on home projects for 10-15 minutes here and there...I feel like WFH is something I'm really going to seek out going forward. What's it like in your neck of the woods?
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