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  1. Another price drop to $900. Anybody looking to start winterizing their rig?
  2. I'm using the eufycam 2 system and it's been good, not great. Battery life is pretty decent actually. Video quality is so-so, just 1080p so not the clearest that's for sure. You can set up activity zones, and those are pretty good at triggering only on motion within those zones but occasionally I'll get some erroneous activity (or maybe it's so sensitive that it's picking up grass/leaf movement). I've considered getting a few more to add better coverage around the house but I'll probably save my money and just get a good wired system, since you get get a 4k 8-camera system for a re
  3. Lived in NE OK where it regularly hit 100+ and 60+ humidity for seemingly months on end during the summer. Moved to Denver a few years ago and man...I do not miss the OK weather. I'll be flying back to Tulsa on Thursday for a golf tourney with some old work friends and am dreading the sweat that never dries, feeling like I'm breathing through a wet towel. Really didn't think I'd care that much about the weather but it makes all the difference in the world. I actually get out and enjoy nature during the summer!
  4. Lowering price to $1000 so I can reclaim the garage space for a new set that will actually fit with the big brake kit!
  5. Dang, great find! I'd love to get my hands on a roll bar...
  6. Yeah, OCR is 100% dependent on the quality of the image. Some software is better than others but all are imperfect in one way or another. I regularly use machine-read data at work that comes from various sources and it's usually decent quality, but almost all of it has some issues
  7. Looks awesome! As Kickin'Chicken said, as long as you like it, that's all that matters! I like them well enough and have considered trading in the JKU for one. Probably won't, since I'd probably go with a Tacoma if I wanted to swap the Wrangler for a truck, but I'm definitely not a hater. Most of the Gladiator hate I see is either jealousy or contrarianism. Both are stupid. Enjoy it my man!
  8. Meandmygolf Great instruction from talented pros who break down common issues and give great mental cues to fixing them.
  9. Zambeezy

    LJ Thoughts

    Definitely highly sought after by Jeep fans. Seems to be a great vehicle. The added cargo room is much needed for the 2-door Wranglers. For me, I'd have a hard time paying what people seem to ask for them. Could easily get a newer 4-door for a similar price (not that newer is always better, but still). If you find a good deal on one, it's worth pulling the trigger.
  10. Zambeezy

    Favorite jeep

    The one I'm driving
  11. What would you do on the vents, rear window gasket, cab vents, and gas tank straps, shipped to 80215?
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