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  1. Pulling this thread out of the grave. HOrn, you've done a gauge cluster swap on your '92, haven't you? I'm working on mine right now and I can't figure out how to remove the wire for the gear indicator. Any help? Also, the '92 won't have a speedo cable plugged into the cluster, right? I'm trying to troubleshoot my non-operational speedometer while I'm swapping in full gauges.
  2. Well...I think I'm going to have to do something I never thought I would do. I have to sell my 1992 Comanche. I'm changing jobs at the end of the year and moving out of state to an apartment/townhouse where I won't have room for a second vehicle. Overall this will be a positive but this is one of a few unfortunate downsides :( Here are the details: 1992 Jeep Comanche SWB Base, Bright White with grey interior 4.0L High Output engine AW4 automatic transmission Approx. 200k miles (will slowly increase as this is my DD) This truck runs great, is rust-free, and would be a perfect starting point for anyone looking for the rare '92 model year Comanche. The interior is in great shape (the bench seat could use new foam) and the engine runs well and dependably. Transmission works perfectly. I've recently changed the oil and air filters, added fresh oil, and gave it an ignition tune-up with new Taylor wires, Autolite Iridium plugs, and new distributor and rotor. I also installed new MeanLemons 2AWG battery cables with double lugs ($140). I'm the third owner but it has lived in NE Oklahoma it's entire life. Original owner was an advertising company, so there are some dents/dings/scratches on the exterior but nothing extreme, and best of all there is no rust! We don't salt the roads down here so it's as clean as you'll find. Tires are in average shape. I drive it to work daily and it has never let me down. I had originally planned on making this my camping/hunting vehicle and have purchased a number of parts that I haven't got around to installing but will be included in the sale: General Spring metric ton leaf springs, 5 (3/2) leaf with military wrap ($400) Wrangler Rubicon shocks ($50) Upgraded headlight harness ($40) Full gauges (has factory dummy gauges currently installed) The only issues with truck are: A/C is currently not operational. Blower works and compressor will turn over but the refrigerant has leaked out over the years and there is no pressure. Still original R12 system Gauges are not working. I anticipate being able to replace the dummy gauges with the full gauge cluster I bought and that will most likely solve this issue Asking $5,000 for the truck and all upgrade parts. I will also include several quarts of oil and several oil filters I had purchased for future maintenance. I've very sad that I will have to let this truck go and I've really enjoyed my time on this forum. You guys are a great bunch and I will definitely still be around even after the move.
  3. I'm not getting notifications on the site, nor am I getting emails for subscribed forums like I used to get
  4. Zambeezy

    Lastest paint job.

    Looking sharp! Did you do it yourself or take it somewhere?
  5. I'm a fan of Imgur. Seems to be dependable and I've never had any issues with them changing their hosting rules
  6. I like the change so far on the desktop site!
  7. I use Imgur. Easy to upload and embed the picture in the post
  8. Yep, got the same stuff for mine. The quick-connect adapter only fits on the bottom port, so I would assume that's the low-side. You have to turn the valve on the end of the port (clockwise, it appears) to allow the refrigerant to enter the system, right?
  9. Troubleshooting the A/C and hearing a clicking from the compressor. Here is a video of it while the climate control is set to max. https://streamable.com/l5k3z You can see something spinning about half a turn that coincides with the clicking. Is that the compressor clutch? Very new to anything A/C related. Any help narrowing down what the issue might be would be very welcome!
  10. I bought some new battery cables from Mean Lemons and have them all replaced except the cable running from the PDC to the alternator. Can anyone who has installed new battery cables give me some pictures of how you have the new cable wired? There are a few extra wires down by the alternator that I'm not sure about and I'm also not sure how to connect it to the PDC
  11. Interested. Where in SE KS are you? I'm in Bartlesville, OK
  12. Zambeezy

    A thank you...

    Couldn't agree more. There are a lot of terms that I don't know and a lot of things that may be considered "common knowledge" that I'm not aware of, so I'm always thankful when people don't assume that I already know these things when they're trying to help. I know I'm new, I'm just trying to learn more. You would think these people would appreciate that, since the more I learn the fewer questions I should have to ask.
  13. Zambeezy

    A thank you...

    I just wanted to take a minute and thank all of you for being so helpful and kind on these forums. I'm fairly mechanically-inclined but my MJ is my first real tinkering project where I'm having to actually get into the guts of some things. I'm young (27) and there are a LOT of things I don't know about working on trucks but the membership here welcomed me with open arms and the willingness to help me troubleshoot and problem-solve has been nothing short of extraordinary. Thank you all very much. I hope to learn from you and be able to do my part to contribute soon!
  14. No sir, stock. No idea what the PO did though :dunno:
  15. Absolutely, can't hurt that's for sure. Thanks!
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