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  1. What do you want for it? Can you mail to me in tn ?
  2. is that the outside door trim laying next to the screw
  3. Nice looking truck, just caught the bug again in the last month myself
  4. 1990 comanche pioneer 158k and climbing.. just got her a few weeks ago thumbnail (3).jfif
  5. Bought a rubber wheel for my drill to strip pinstripping . The wheel makes it go alot faster. I also pulled the lower trim because I was missing the on on the drivers door.
  6. the rubber wheel works well I am only on the bed but working on removing the stripes. you can see the color difference but it is MUCH faster than trying to peel.
  7. thanks all i will have to go buy one just to try. stripes are from 1990..lol so hoping it works well
  8. Ya, guess I have I paint in the butt project stripping stripes. Decisions decisions
  9. It shows dents but what about pioneer stripes? Would they need to be peeled before wrapping?
  10. Looking into wrapping with vinyl or liquid versus paint. Scared of wasting money when go off road. Any thoughts?
  11. in Nashville Antique archeology has their store if your interested in the american pickers, If you want a little out of your way Ruby Falls and Rock City around chattanooga
  12. thanks, i will pass, they are pretty clean though just too blue
  13. do you know what seats would be a direct swap for my 1990 comanche buckets? would grand cherokee or cherokee front seats work?
  14. sorry your trim on the cherokee is different
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