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  1. I could use a grey drivers seat as well... big boy had the manche before me..lol
  2. looking to take my wife out , for the first time and shes nervous... hoping somewhere fairly close to take her to experience
  3. https://www.facebook.com/commerce/listing/929021670895654/?media_id=0&ref=share_attachment
  4. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/285000832723133/?notif_id=1596378736634586&notif_t=marketplace_price_drop&ref=notif
  5. take it easy and hope is passes without difficulty. have fun on the updates
  6. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/999424127158266 1991 Jeep comanche · Driven 137,000 miles For sale!!! 1991 Jeep pioneer 137k miles 4.0 6cyl 5spd trans 2wd runs and drives great Asking $2800obo Located in campbellsville ky
  7. did your 255/75/17 fit stock without rubbing? i am looking as some wrangler wheels with adapters
  8. is that with standard springs? I am looking at some with the spacers on wrangler wheels but don't want to raise or rub. thanks
  9. did you ever do the lwb? if not how much for the drivers door only? if you did lwb how much for a who reproduction set? I'm in 37076
  10. I have all but the drivers door on the body molding, debating on putting it back on.
  11. I had been debating on wrapping the truck but found a little shop that would paint and clean up for 1400... could have been done better in a couple of spots but over all happy with the job. hope it lasts longer than wrapping... and Hey Its Original PE4/HE4 colorado red. it was raining so had to put in the garage. You will notice i went from pinstriping to solid color with pioneer badge. And yes I noticed he put the 4.0 litre to high. and the bed toppers were put on backwords. She isnt done, more to come, new headlights, will have fresh black on the trim.
  12. Moved here for work, hadn't been to Jack's ribs yet but will definitely give it a try. Been renting a apartment but moving down towards murfreesboro in the next month. East tenn is pretty , I have to cover whole state so I stay central
  13. Texas has no state income tax and lots of fair properties. you have access to the ocean/gulf of mexico. florida panhandle no state income tax as well. Tennessee is a little over two hours but no state income tax as well. texas has militia groups to stop riots, but Austin still has them. Dallas police chief was arresting people who block the highways I am a Texan that now lives in Nashville.... been happy hear for a year.
  14. my wife would be having a scared fit..lol
  15. Like the work to yours. Good looking truck, working on mine now
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