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  1. If all you want is a double din radio, I've seen a members here do that.
  2. https://modesto.craigslist.org/cto/d/riverbank-1991-jeep-comanche/7374172050.html I just don't see the 91's or 92's listed very often
  3. MetalCloak responded to me - they said the 3.5" springs will lift a stock TJ 4.5" and a bone stock XJ/MJ 3.5" and the worst they see is 3" on a pretty heavy one.
  4. I've never done it but I've been researching a conversion from a manual to automatic (talk about getting flamed - will for sure if I do it). There was a good thread about differences between years that might be useful. https://www.naxja.org/forum/showthread.php?t=1053970 I think they are saying a 92 will bolt in to the 88 as long as you also take the 92 transfer case, which you are.
  5. Thanks Pete. I'm thinking once I decide on the front I'll need to go with shackles, aal or both depending on how it sits. I noticed Metalcloak has a duel rate 3.5" they say is for the TJ/LJ/XJ. I thought that a TJ spring installed in an XJ or MJ would lower it an inch so maybe these would only be a 2.5" lift? My online searches of the forums did not help as most people were doing more that just the springs and were not reporting back actual lift the springs provided. I've got an email into Metalcloak to see if they might have a clue. Also I've seen some folks running stock XJ up-country springs for a bit of a lift, but I'm not sure how well a JY pair of springs with 200k on them would work.
  6. The factory springs are worn out and I'm considering lifting my 91. It is a 4x4 but it is a street truck/daily driver that will only see very light off road use and I like the look of the MJ with a little lift on them. I currently run 235's and will probably end up with 30's or 31's down the road. For me, the main priority is ride quality, so I'm thinking of keeping it at 1.5" to 2". For the front I'm thinking OME 1.5", only because I have an XJ with them and they ride great. Pucks alone are not an option (springs need to be replace). I don't have any idea on what to do with the rear. I also have not a clue on shocks, but I know the 5100 Bilstein's I have on my Suburban are way to stiff. I'd love to hear from anyone who has a small lift. Any suggestions?
  7. I thought I had a problem with my check valve on my '91 but it turned out to be the small o-ring on the pressure regulator
  8. And that police speedo looks awesome ghetdjc320. I completely understand wanting the full blue in your 91 acfortier. I bought an 86 brand new in 86 with a V-6 that everyone says is gutless. It was, but it had plenty of low end torque, especially with the metric ton/tow package with the 4:10s and 5 speed. I was 18 and, my life circumstances changed drastically over the next couple years plus an accident meant I could not afford the payment plus the insurance. Hard lesson, but it was a good time to learn it. It had the full cluster in the 86 and I do prefer the blue but I think I'm going to keep my 91 as original as possible. I would change the '88 if the chance came around, but there are just too many other need to do's before I would focus much time on it. I think I've seen someone (somewhere in the interwebs) print the backgrounds. I think they were completely changing background colors and designs for XJ's - not sure but you might be able to reproduce the blue one.
  9. Thanks guys. I guess red full cluster in the 91 is period correct then for a full cluster.
  10. I have a 91 with the full cluster the PO swapped in from an XJ. I know the Renix MJ clusters have blue instead of red - did they also have blue when they switched to OBD1 HO's in 91? I just saw a low mileage barn find 91 for sale on Craigslist (russel730's find) and it has the red. Anyone with an HO and original gauge clusters?
  11. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/cto/d/burlington-1991-jeep-comanche-pioneer/7375309230.html That's pretty cool.
  12. Clean 1990 with 85k and loaded for an MJ asking $11k. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/cto/d/riverside-jeep-comanche-u-4x4/7363366998.html
  13. I wonder if the heat applied foil used in crafting might work using a heat gun instead of an iron?
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