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  1. I wonder if he has shown all his "shakedown" runs - I only noticed one prior run and they did not have any problems. That thing is a beast.
  2. We had a similar issue with our Renix. Turned out that the fuel pump was getting power to start, but after it started. The power to the pump comes from one place while starting but another once it is started. If you have power to the pump after it dies than this is not your issue. I believe it was pin 30 on the fuel pump relay that was not getting power. Not sure if that's what you have going on but it's easy to check.
  3. I don't think this was as easy as a loose oil filter but I sure felt the same "Duh". I spent hours trying to get an ignition tumbler in with no luck - once installed into the steering column it would not turn. Keep in mind we had completely disassembled the steering column to fix a loose pin for the tilt mechanism. We had to think and rethink all the pieces we had touched and even took it back apart once to make sure we had it right. A neighbor who is a mechanic was called. He spent about five minutes looking at it and asking questions, then said "it's acting like it is not in park". Duh
  4. We put the Mishimoto in a '95 and are very happy with it - I think it's been about 18 months. I recall some of the brackets on the bottom that were separate on the stock radiator were built into the Mishimoto, but it did not cause a problem. Only issue was in the overflow fitting - aluminum fitting into aluminum fitting and we snapped it off installing it. I ended up getting it out, finding a close size brass fitting and using a tap to get it to work. They should have had some kind of warning to use something on the threads (or maybe they did and we just did not read it).
  5. The Maritime museum was cool - some old ships including the ship they built to film Mater and Commander, and I believe two submarines you can go on. They also have a boat tour of the bay. The USS Midway is cool if you like that kind of thing. Cabrillo National Monument is a good place for a short hike with good views. If the weathers good it's a nice lunch spot (bring your own).
  6. My first new "car" was a 1986 MJ 4X4 metric ton. Had some fun but sold it because it was underpowered, breakover angle was a bit much with 31's and after two accidents - one not my fault, the other was stupid's fault (that was me) the insurance was killing me. I wish I had waited one more year for the 4.0L and SWB - I would still own that truck. I'm 54 and I really like that there are so many youngsters discovering how much fun these trucks can be. I'm rediscovering it with my son.
  7. Congrats 89 MJ - as eaglescout526 said - welcome to the nest
  8. Thanks guys. I appreciate the input. I agree the under dash part is the hardest and given it is currently mostly apart that is what will be done first. Not sure we have the room (or the wife's support) to have a parts Cherokee, but will give it some thought and find a good way to float that idea. Also the price of the parts Cherokee's I've seen lately have been a bit steep. I've been doing a little research with a parts list and using Rock Auto to see what years parts interchange. They have a great feature where you click on the part and it pulls up all the make/model/years th
  9. Sorry - I forgot to add that the dash is currently removed for some work he is doing inside, including replacing the heater core.
  10. I'm new to the forum but not Comanche's. My first was a brand new 86 that I had too much fun with then sold it. Now I have a '91 I will be keeping mostly original as a daily driver and I have an '89 to off road. My son also has an '89 and that's the one I will be helping with adding the A/C (4.0L 4wd automatic). It was on 35's and had a stroker when he bought it a year ago and it's been fun. He is now building it with Dana 44's front & rear and will run 37's and will do a bunch more work as well. We spend quite a bit of time in the desert and it also get's pretty hot wh
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