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  1. a bum with money

    cab floor plugs/caps

    hey all, hope everyone is having a great labor day weekend. I'm repairing some small rust holes in the cab floor and I suspect that these plugs have let in some moisture causing the rust issue. was wondering as to how others have dealt with leaking plugs. there not easy to work with because of their location ( kind of hard to get in their ). their are only 3 loose plugs and I still have them to put them back in if need be. my main concern is sealing out the moisture coming in through these plugs. thanks Bryce
  2. a bum with money

    Custom centre console

    while I can't give you any advice on your project. I would like to see what you end up doing so if you can take pics as you build your project that would be great! good luck.
  3. a bum with money

    92 MJ SPORT/ 92 XJ donor

    The 92 mj, 4cyl is a renix system? Or use the engine harness from the 92 xj?
  4. a bum with money

    92 MJ SPORT/ 92 XJ donor

    Also if I've been paying attention there isn't a mj aw4/4wd floor shifter console either. Other than the xj. And also the engine harness is different but the dash harness is the same? Plug and play? Somewhat? Transmission crossmember same/different?
  5. a bum with money

    92 MJ SPORT/ 92 XJ donor

    I could probably swap the d44 out of my 88 base mj for the 92 mj rear end to keep the 3.54 gears, and maybe the big ton springs too?
  6. I recently acquired 92 xj as described in my signature real cheap. There is a 92 mj for sale with a 4cyl, 5 speed, 2wd. I would like to put the 4.0, aw4, command trac, into the mj. What is compatible between the 4cyl/6cyl swap, mt/at swap, or keep the m/t?, to make the switch? What am I getting my self into? I have good general knowledge of automotive skills. Just getting a little gray on top. I forgot to add that they are the same color exterior and interior!
  7. a bum with money

    fuel tank

    just throwing in my recent experience, I had recently replaced the coolant temp sensor (CTS). was getting terrible mpg and wouldn't pass DEQ but ran pretty good. the CTS was sending fake news to the ECU. runs great now. just something else to look at.
  8. a bum with money

    crankcase vent hose, OEM?

    We all have a little bum in us. Right? It's more about timing. 💰😀
  9. on a 92 HO I need a new crankcase vent tube, and the only one I can find is on amazon listed under the mopar brand 23.60 + shipping. is this only a OEM piece? mine is split at the air box end.
  10. a bum with money

    reproduction seat brackets and roll bar brackets!

    received the seat brkts Saturday. they look great, very stout. I think I'll wait till I get the buckets and mount them then, in the mean time a nice semi gloss black powder coating is next. thanks again.
  11. a bum with money

    drawtite install on XJ

    Found it! Nuts or something in the frame ready to install. I'm assuming MJ are the same way.
  12. a bum with money

    drawtite install on XJ

    I saw a drawtite class3 hitch on craigslist for $30 that came off a XJ, and was looking at my XJ and was wondering how you can mount it. its a box frame and was wondering how?
  13. a bum with money

    Emiss Maint

    I pulled the bulb just to get thru DEQ.
  14. a bum with money

    door weatherstrip

    It's worth checking CL for these too. Got mine off a 96 XJ for $25 for the set and they are a big improvement. according to the parts vendors the replacement w/s for a mj is the same as and up to a 96 xj. which makes me wonder if the oem is a little bit wider than aftermarket replacement. thanks for the info.
  15. a bum with money

    Um...... you're doing it wrong......

    Maybe those are the double sided lug nuts? Or lefty lug nuts from a dodge? Insane!