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  1. I have buddy of mine who own XK Commander and he surely love his jeep, we went junkyard together the other day he score both side rear nice fender flare that were off higher trim like limited but unfortunately the front fender flare no longer any good it was damaged from accident so we took the rear fender flare also he wanted the 2" hitch and we got it but didnt have the bumper when we found the hitch so what is missing is hitch bezel plastic thing that go around the bumper hitch that make thing look nice so he needed that also if anyone see or have commander parts out i will like to get for him as birthday present? Or just because? Here the picture to show the idea, thanks hope u guys can help me out. Hitch bezel Front both side fender flare hope it light silver if possible but different color that ok, we got for rear it black but we plan get it paint silver to match his commander.
  2. Yea if u can wait, it will be worth of wait for Spicer to arrive ur door I hsve everything spicer on my XJ.
  3. 91 longbed Paint code: PAC (silver star)
  4. I not sure where u can find spicer in locally store but moog are good brand and u can get from advance auto parts, i have use it never had a problem but for ball joint i would go with spicer only i could find is order online.
  5. Hope someone here member would have grab it and take good care of it and get it running again than just parts it out. If it was closer to me i would be all over it.
  6. It got nice baja fender but i see driver side is damaged but passerager?
  7. @Jeep Driver are u going to bring ur Comanche? The tan one correct? Which day are u going? @Gouda what color ur MJ? And which day u going? Unfortunately for me I will not bring my MJ or XJ i will be using wife dodge journey. well that bec all family are coming too i will be stay in hotel which is only 3 mins away from jeep show. Hope see u all guys there soon in Aug!!
  8. Now u make me want to know detail lol, On knuckle u mention about big brake upgrade do knuckle only come off 4X4? Not matter if it XJ or MJ?
  9. Ahh i do have one at work i didnt though of that I will check it out tomorrow.
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