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  1. Yes yes I though about myself to do it when I see it, i think i better get paper and $1 taped on paper and leave in jeep in case i see one around so I will be all ready! Lol it hardly see one stance truck around here in WV.
  2. I know this get old but any meme that made fun of truck stance never get old for me.
  3. It going be here tomorrow or Wednesday! Really excited about it!
  4. I think same car I saw on TV show "counting car" and said running at idle without push gas it will go up to 35 mph.
  5. Welcome!! I following u in Instagram also u have nice mail jeep I almost got one in past but long story... anyway post more detail about ur MJ and be sure post ur Mail jeep in other thread.
  6. Yea I'm aware of that, but after I talked to one of XJ owner in Instagram which he won a free giveaway hood from bajafiber hood and I asked a few question, he said he had no plm with fitting the new hood and said everything when smooth like glove. I hope I will get good one lol. His user Instagram is jc_jeeps91.
  7. Wow what a beautiful truck, I just order baja fiber hood 10th anniversary style and really can't wait when it arrive and get it paint at shop.
  8. Saw that similar to this but not limo but with 6 door do u call it limo? at the parade in my home town but it is bada$$!!
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