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  1. Hey, since I'm welder and work for living, by the way it isnt spatter on the top where it look like bubble bunch of hole it called porosity cause by few thing, not enough gas flow, u weld too far, ur nozzle too dirty, too much grease on metal need to be clean real good, too much air flow for example windy outside? Did u set fan air flow forward to u?, or did u run low on gas? The bottom one ur weld look good, properly way on how u move ur welding look great. Keep on practice.
  2. MJXJjeepguy

    Jeep Fail

    I would said Fiat fail!
  3. U know u can swap rear fender flare with very little modify like need to drill relocation hole and little trimming on plastic flare parts to make it fit it flush, i have seen someone done that and it don't look hard to do,and yea better match up front and rear. But for me i would leave it, but it ur jeep, ur money lol
  4. Get rid of baby blue quick as possible does she run? Nice clean MJ
  5. that's one the best meme i have seen today, good one!!!
  6. A friend of mine took it while i driving XJ.
  7. Video of my XJ do flex ramp. Score 660 best XJ all day!
  8. MJXJjeepguy

    Why Jeep?

    That very clean XJ, love red XJ
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