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  1. Wow that damn clean!! Love interior, my 91 have same color, same seat texture but my is auto.
  2. Myself i don't have Facebook, surprise! Well my wife do, do u know what part in WV? If close by I can come and look.
  3. Sure beautiful WV truck!! Nice!! Frame original sale form.
  4. I have brushed bezel in silver color if u would like have parts number i can get u number later today.
  5. I'm curious, which shipper did u sent to?
  6. That will be awesome! I definitely will be interested to buy!!
  7. If u can reproduction the emblems, that mean u could do other emblems like 4x4, metic ton, XLS, 4.0 highoutput, 2.5 and other emblems that will be cool to match all other emblems!! I would love to have 4x4 and 4.0 highoutput to match one i ordered from you.
  8. It might be good idea to take the MJ since it harder to find MJ than XJ, and use MJ as DD, use XJ as trail rig.
  9. I wouldnt take any XJ from 2000-2001 it got 0331 head, bad head!
  10. guess stack is the funniest parts on this XJ.
  11. https://athensohio.craigslist.org/pts/d/reedsville-cheap-jeep/6943764038.html
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