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  1. Sorry if it stupid question, but gotta to ask, do u own jeep salvage, Elizabeth WV is only 2 hours from me.
  2. Oh i have done that before by accident tried to pull hose hard and broken plastic piece of heat valve. lol
  3. Wow Look professional job! can't wait to do my really soon.
  4. Oh how come? I was look forward ur build in dually.
  5. Friend of mine did raptor bedliner lime green on his whole jeep and turn out look great! Make it look whole brand New!
  6. May i ask u where u get that? Is that factory? Or Aftermarket? I like the look!
  7. Nice build!! I suggest you the idea, build ur MJ in to lemonade booth so u can sell lemonade drink at jeep fest, or at trail. You Will be RICH for sure.....
  8. Nice of you if we are any closer I would have pick it up already but we are 8 hours away lol, found an ford ranger out of 2004 for rear bumper in my local craigslist for $50 so I think going pick it up today, but hey thanks for offer. I might be interested bore throttle body for my 96 XJ message me for information...
  9. I'm in hunt for rear bumper and I know on late 80s to early 90s ford ranger, s10 or dakota are alot similar, and till i look in google search and found pic of someone put 98-2004 s10 rear bumper and i like that idea that will look match up front clip off 97-01 XJ that i planned put on my MJ so guys pls help me out what u think? Any advice? And i don't want any aftermarket bumper, wanted keep it stock with little modfity.
  10. Awesome! I got my self a high gloss black rust-oleum and kinda nervous to do it lol but I didnt get a chance due to weather up in WV! Any tip on how to paint without see strip?
  11. Did you paint with rattle cans? Love smoke gray color!
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