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  1. Any plan swap the rear axle? D35 will be raped by mosnter 5.2
  2. Yea it mount on rear driver side like on my 98 police pkg i can take pic and show where it mount at... Yea it may be the rarest item for XJ!
  3. Nice score! I got just about everything like u have but one thing i don't have is the metal gas tank skid!! So jelly what u found it!!
  4. Maybe that show prove enough? It came out 1999 WJ 4.0 I would blame on 0331 head, maybe? Got it for parts out it didnt happen when i own it.
  5. Off the point question, i notice something different with the bumper and i can tell it custom make look like it came off 97+ XJ style, do u have more or know who owned this truck? I would like see more detail on rear bumper.
  6. Yes sir, and i check the vin number by search and lead me to here so i figure to post picture of truck.
  7. Huge update for this truck!
  8. Lol seen few time around here in WV mostly in country road to small town where small road with tight turn sometime hit line pole, in ditch, hit rail and even hit car! Seen in my own eyes what it happened.
  9. Get with @Dammerung i believe he is looking for chrome door handle..
  10. I used to have 1989 XJ laredo everything is chrome like bumpers, mirrors, doors handle, grille and more Picture are not mine but exactly same color
  11. From eBay
  12. Thats nice one but need get rear door custom make.
  13. Lolol that is so true!!
  14. Your right, myself i have 2 96 one is current drive other is parts out, the current drive build date june 96 most sensors, piggy plug, wires, and other thing that are same with 97+ while parts out jeep build in march 96 all are pre 96. So that why people called 96 is a bastard year.
  15. What i would do is open the diff cover to drain completely out and clean out any dirt u see in that probably bec of ur inner seal are bad and allow dirt, mud, or water to get into the gear area u will required to remove axle shaft to order remove the inner seal and replace then, then put everything back in where u were, then use RV seal gasket round the cover and be sure clean around area where cover goes to be sure it seal good and refill new diff fluid where plug are till it over fill and stop that is where level are suppose be!
  16. Oh hell yea that cheap, but real price was $238 in ebay or anywhere in same brand it not +$400 as u see in Amazon, but $160 that cheap!! I got my self Aussie locker for Dana 30 and it really same thing with Spartan.
  17. Know anyone who can make a 3D print to make SC ground effect?
  18. Yea me too i will love to find out, SC start growing on me, i would love to have my 91 MJ SWB lowered with SC grille that i have and blacked it out. Ahh maybe that my day dream , hope one day.
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