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  1. Sorry if you guys think I dumb lol but is that real? I wonder if it really real then how the hell can u turn with that track on?
  2. I think I saw blue interior in XJ at my local junkyard. I will be happy to pick it up for you but what's ur limit budget on parts u need?
  3. Yes still available
  4. And it got Rare rare rare grille!! Damn it if i was any closer i will be there by in time!!
  5. "Gasp" COMANCHE!! In background!
  6. Overall, i think it nice and fair price? If rust isn't issue.
  7. Like this? From "Diesel Brothers" one of my favorite TV show!
  8. If u look closer up front clip it XJ/MJ front clip.
  9. Oh my lord!! it going be badass lowered comanche! Probably one the lowest comanche out there!!
  10. I though be good idea to Picture in future the link will be dead so nobody will know what jeep look like. Bada$$ rig!
  11. Hello everyone, my name is Dr.Evil, mwaahahahaha
  12. Love the color, red with dark gray! Nice find.
  13. so true! We can't ignore it nothing getting better.
  14. Your floor don't look bad at all!, look like all u need is sanding the rust then repaint to prevent from rust again, I fear to look at my floor on my new MJ I looked under it seem solid to me. Nice truck!
  15. Could be same, i took picture when it was dull, sky was kinda gray also it was raining that time when i took a picture as u can tell there wet from rain on my truck, i will look at paint code when i get home. also I notice my truck paint the whole body, fender, and grille is that factory?
  16. And what color is ur interior?
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