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  1. Can u take close up and more detail on grill pls bec i have same but wanna see if exactly same... thanks
  2. U must be nice person! I would love to see more picture of detail and close up picture when u get chance! Only made 100 that ia extreme rare!! I wonder how many left that are still on road out there today? I bet no more than 5!
  3. Oh ok hope u will get it, it will be nice to see rare item to be save.. Good luck.
  4. I have same grill and i didnt know it was off street MJ!
  5. I vote for semi gloss after I take a close look in one of thread Link: Sport bar color idea Seem like factory semi gloss but after years and years as we see it today it seem like faded away turn in to matte as i looked in google
  6. Not from my knowledge, i was told by friend of mine but i never find out for sure maybe one day or asking someone here who live in phx Arizona that know more better, I live in WV so there no emission law anywhere in WV state
  7. Emission inspection suck! I had friend who live in Phx Azriona, they have annual emission inspection and he told me if we bring vehicle back for 3rd time failure and they will put ur vehicle as illegal road use it will force u to sell ur vehicle to someone outside of city zone where no emission require. I wonder what is ur emission law?
  8. Oh my lawd, someone do a s###ing job, i would be pissed if I see that no wonder why ur 5th gears don't work!
  9. Have u try look at junkyard? Last time i know friend of mine only paid $150 for head but it was 7120
  10. Ahhh I didnt pay attention to that haha
  11. Forgot to add in later year 0331 if u look in oil cap with flash light look for TUPY it good head.
  12. What!? I though 0331 only find in 2000 amd 2001 XJ and early WJ 99 to 02? Improved in later that year i think 03 to 04? Correct me if i was wrong. I have my junk parts WJ with hole in oil pan and side of block
  13. Holy smokin' i wanna know what they go in??
  14. Erick? Does name sound familiar to u? We talked little bit in faceboom while ago about same hood u have right now and he mentions about shipping cost and all that from Texas I wonder if that the same person who build hood or someone copy?
  15. Yea u can buy it from guy on facebook and sometime in eBay if he relist again but current it not in eBay at the moment.
  16. Hood will be my next order for XJ, i have always want it those hood for while! "on the hood" opps sorry let me get the rag and i will clean it up
  17. Haha i was huh? What u talking about?? And i read it again ahh i see i type reheat yea i meant type regear!
  18. MJXJjeepguy

    tallest MJ?

    And first MJ that ever have rear engine mount?
  19. MJXJjeepguy

    rustiest MJ

    I just looked up close on the first picture Pete post u can see there is snow plow but no plow on it right now but u can see there is light for plow no wonder rusted out.
  20. MJXJjeepguy

    rustiest MJ

    That rare Taco comanche!!
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