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  1. MJXJjeepguy

    tallest MJ?

    And first MJ that ever have rear engine mount?
  2. MJXJjeepguy

    rustiest MJ

    I just looked up close on the first picture Pete post u can see there is snow plow but no plow on it right now but u can see there is light for plow no wonder rusted out.
  3. MJXJjeepguy

    rustiest MJ

    That rare Taco comanche!!
  4. @DirtyComanche i argeed with u and he will need to explain better on how he want to do with comanche? Mall crawler?, Dd'ing weekend off-road?, or super rock crawler? Then we all will know how to help him out the pic u post that defiantly serious rock crawler is XJ yours?
  5. Lol u have alot thing to learn boy, yes u can but it going look like this what it called AKA full width
  6. Happy father's day to u all! I have 2 daughters and I'm very blessed to have them in my life!!
  7. That's ur opinion, have u experienced with them?
  8. I just read ur questuon again u asking which front and rear that was talk about swap? That will be rear but front u can swap any other axle but if u just want bolt-in without modify needed that will be Dana 44 out of older MJ or XJ but hey good luck those are very rare! I don't know how ur want to spend ur budget?
  9. @DirtyComanche So far since i put heim on about 2 years ago about 10k miles on it, and not one a bit of playing steering not even 1/32, it do have safety washer on every bolt heim also i had my knuckle drilled prefect size by machine shop at my work and I had it welded up for double shear on my knuckle by me I'm welder, and ur right about brake on front is bad but hey i didnt mention that my XJ are 96 so it got good brake system and i know my MJ 91 have suck brake system i can tell what the different, last year i was haul 2 atv with 14 foot trailer with my XJ and some a$$hole guy was front of me stop so quickly without turn signal and i had to full stop both front brake were lock which leave me tires marked on road, and I'm putting ford 8.8 axle with disc brake up rear really soon. that gotta stop me really good! So I don't think backspace cause plm with balljoint or wheel hub and i had 3.75 backspace rims on my XJ for 7 years after i replace ball joint and wheel hub after i lifted my XJ 5.5 7 years ago I not try to tell u that i not agreed with u on everything, everyone have different plm and blame on aftermarket parts, but hey that ur and my opinion.
  10. MJ 4x4 only come in front Dana 30 for rear only dana 35, rare Dana 44, or only in 86 AMC20, someone correct me if I wrong.
  11. @DirtyComanche why u think heim is no good on street? On my XJ I had it for 2 years no plm on road, off-road, drive on highway 65-70 mph with 35s no plm. I got CavFab heim steering. I don't know where can u find a cheap JK axle? In my area at junkyard, off CL, or letgo per axle go for $500 or more a piece plus u will have to spending on modfity to make it work on MJ or XJ, and for Dana 30 i would go for what it call "Almost alloy kit" from iron off-road it had alot of good review from people who running on more than 35s and never had a plm with that kit while hardcore rock climbing. I never try but i just ordered couple day ago it should be here anytime and i will see how it go.
  12. And u didnt mention about swap axle i bet u have dana 35, they are junk it won't hold the 35s tires, u want look for Dana 44 out of MJ bolt-in or XJ will required modify to fit in ur MJ, 97+ c8.25 will required to modify also, or best upgrade will be ford 8.8 if u have paper to spend on ford 8.8 and have it regear.
  13. How much for Bold COMANCHE badge? If have pair.
  14. I have PIAA light those are old style helo light not led but very powerful bright.
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