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  1. Wow that the best write-up for 97+ door swap! Very rich information.
  2. Ur mph reading by GPS? Does u feel kinda awkward to reading speedo from opposition direction? But that one hell cool tach!! Love it.
  3. TJ have less drop than XJ This is stock TJ pitman arm And this is XJ (rusty one) other is aftermarket drop for lift. And i was help friend of my on WJ the stock pitman is much less drop than XJ have.
  4. Ok hope someone here can help with the queation.
  5. How about West "by God" Virginia? Yes we do have vacation spot...
  6. Ok current my MJ have 2 clip and 2 short visor do u know if that long and one piece clip will bolt in my MJ? My is 91.
  7. How much for visor with clip in maroon color?
  8. Ofc i want owned every old jeep model!!! If i won lottery!!
  9. Lol u beat me i was about sec away to post the picture
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