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  1. I am near Annapolis. I am about a mile from the Kmart in Edgewater, MD. Just as asearing point.
  2. Btt, let's try again. I didn't play with it as much I planned over the winter. I would really like to see it go to a new home.
  3. I had a price. But at this point I am looking for just about any offer. I can email you pictures if you would like. I will put another asking price in there. Shoot me an email address and I will send pictures.
  4. I did an edit, changed the price closer to what I want. Across the board folks don't seem to enjoy haggling like in the good 'ole days.
  5. Maybe it is the gas light. That will be great. The gas tank dumps out gas onto the ground. I have a feeling the feels it gets too good gas mileage
  6. Cool. Then I will clean it up and put it in. My wife is giving me a few hours to work on the jeep this weekend for Father's Day. I can do this and finish my coolant reservoir repair. W00t.
  7. The bottom left gauge is an idiot light. Not a gauge. The top left is engine temp, the top right is oil temp, and the bottom right is battery. The big left gauge is gas and the big right gauge is speed.
  8. I pulled it out of an XJ that was tagged as a 1989. It was a 4.0, auto. Any idea what the idiot light is? I do not need a tach. And I like the gas gauge being larger. This will eventually make its way into a 1988 4.0 auto 4x4 MJ. I need to clean it and make sure that it has working lights. Did I make a mistake in buying this cluster?
  9. My wife had a 1994 Elantra when we started dating. It was a sh@t box. It went through transmissions like my mj with a broken gas tank goes through gas. I bought her a 2004 Elantra after we got married. They could not have been more different. They quality improvement was unbelievable. And the same improvement happened again in 2013-2014. Great little cars. Of course I suggest a Ford Escape. I have a 2012 and my bro in law has a 2014. Both are great SUVs.
  10. I had a buddy talk me into buying some foreign currency because of this same situation. I dropped about $100 U.S. Dollars. I have $250,000 dollars of another currency in my night stand. I did it a few years ago, like 7. At first I was excited. But now I have some very expensive Monopoly money. But this exchange rate is just plain silly. Imagine the jeep you could build with the return on that.
  11. I do not like anything chrome. Not even the browser. If plasti-dip was stronger I would love it for rims. But I would fear the rocks would peel it off too easily.
  12. Lugs and lug nuts will help keep them in place. They look good. I do enjoy those rims in black.
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