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  1. Seriously examine the engine wiring harness. Look closely for cracks around the injectors and sensors. When one of my 5.9s starting acting crazy this is what it turned out to be.
  2. I’ve been too busy to do much Jeep work lately, I’ve been farming out most all of the maintenance on the family Jeep fleet lately. I’m probably gonna have a shop prep the accessories for this engine and source a lower intake so I can fit it under the stock hood. Looking at kiwk performance for a accessory package and I’m really close to getting that Holley intake system for it. Might have a guy on FB do the harness... the Harness swap shop, Novak mounts, headers and Radiator. LSs are new to me :) so I’m trying to figure it all out. Been driving nothing but Jeeps for the last 20 some years. Kwikperf.com
  3. I’ve got a LM7, auto and TC from a 03’ Chevy truck, With the harness and computer. I really don’t want an auto or the electric shifted transfer case. Id prefer to keep the Jeep transmission, I have a 4:1 241J and spare AX15s. An NV4500 and 241J would be better though. Anyway, behind a 5.3 in an MJ what transmission would you prefer? Who else has done this swap? The MJ has full width 44/60 axles and 4.10 gears, will run on 35” or 37” Maxxis bias ply tires. Old pic. :)
  4. You’re the Man Don! You’re a great American!!!!
  5. I have a blue seat I’d trade ya. But it would need recovered.
  6. There are two Renix autos in the JY in Savannah, if I get time to pull them I’ll let you know.
  7. I have one in my yard you can have free but you gotta pick it up. No rust but it has a huge dent :)
  8. Shoot me a PM or text me at(912) 980-7811. Shipping would be to 31324, SE GA. Thanks! Jay
  9. Recently pulled some parts off an 85’ XJ. A carbureted 2.5L. Someone snagged the left side instrument display. I must admit I haven’t seen a carbureted 2.5 before, most have been long crushed......anyway it had a bunch of vacuum arrays. Has anyone seen a sentry system?
  10. Thanks! Bo it’s south of Savannah, Exit 87 on I95. It’s called the Local on 17, it’s a steak place.
  11. I went to the JY today, first time in a long time, stripped down a 92’ XJ and it was like a zen experience...the JY has always been my happy place. 18 months ago the wife and I opened a restaurant and I haven’t had time to do anything but work since then. Currently own 4 MJs, 2 XJs, 1 KJ, 2 ZJs, 1 WK, a CJ3A and a TJ, only 4 are road worthy....need to get back to CC cause it’s fun and motivating and much like the JY, it’s a Zen place for me. :)
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