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  1. Got my boy Walker out behind the wheel this afternoon. The Weather I believe had finally turned towards spring so this truck needs a good detail for another season of fun.
  2. If I'm ever paying anything close to that for an MJ its gonna be near close to stock.
  3. I'm in Shippensburg. Roughly 30 mins south of Carlisle. 👍
  4. My wife says she's perfectly fine with us hosting as long as I get her a new grill beforehand. Deal! I'm all for it, I have a guest room and some floor space for anyone that wants to crash for the evening. Plenty of driveway space. We'll try and get a head count closer to the time.
  5. I vaguely remember the Yahoo group, I was only in there a short time before this site came about.
  6. This was the best commercial of the evening.
  7. Thanks to a whim offer by the HR department, I added a special touch to my 1990 Comanche 😁
  8. Would anyone be opposed to having two "cookout, chillout" locations? I'm approx. 30 mins south of the Carlisle Fairgrounds.
  9. Great stuff! Id love to get my hands on a Street Comanche!
  10. I'll definitely bring one, may try to get two there again.
  11. Congrats, enjoy every moment 👍
  12. Check this out! My best friend got this photo put onto a metal sign. The first MJ off the line in 1985!
  13. I hear ya, my pressure washer has an intake leak and my hot tub control panel crapped out, fun fun. Haha
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