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  1. The visors that go over the tops of the window, so rain doesn't get in if the window is left cracked open.
  2. One of my recents and definitely one of my favorites Fun thing about virtual shows is I can just bring everything! Haha
  3. congrats on the kiddo. stay honest as you now have eyes forever on you. never forget to laugh when they make you mad. 

    1. ComancheKid45


      It's an adventure every day. I wouldn't change a thing. Thanks 👍

  4. Yep that's definitely a treasure discovery.
  5. Nope, I don't have this problem either. Haha
  6. Glad we still cross their mind now and then.
  7. Thanks! I try and keep it nice for a 30 year old Jeep.
  8. Yeah, I'll pass Another JK/JL yuppie trend it sounds like.
  9. I'll definitely be there. I only live 30 mins or so away.
  10. I've been around here 15 years or so.
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