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  1. I'll keep my stationary model although this thing has "cool" appeal for some odd redneck reason. Hahaha
  2. Remove the spacers, that's an easy task to reverse if it doesn't work like ya want.
  3. I spent some time railroading the last few years and have sense moved on, but it was fun to experience. Someday down the road id like to have an N scale layout. With my son due in January I'm sure I'll be digging out all kinds of fun train stuff I've had since I was young to enjoy all over again.
  4. I would go no lower than 4" of backspace, unless you like that "tire poke look"
  5. He has the Comanche Ranch. I talked to him briefly a time or two. I like the tan Sportruck
  6. ComancheKid45

    rustiest MJ

    I'm sure the rear Unibody is about shot on that one as well...
  7. The Wagoneer with a nice backlit Rockville bridge earlier this summer
  8. Bug Flector, fits 87-90 XJ/MJ, needs to have the grill separate from the trim price on the front clip. Have had it for a few years and won't be using it. Located in Shippensburg, PA $20
  9. Really!?.....I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants a picture of that.
  10. Thanks! I am doing a service today, at 186k miles everything works and shifts great but the fluid isn't the cleanest so I figured it would be a good idea to change it.
  11. So My wife and I own our first vehicle built in the new millennium. Haha anyway it's a 2004 WJ Grand Cherokee. 4.0, 242 transfer case. I have no idea though what transmission is in it, it's between a 42RE, or RLE or something like that. I figured one of you guys would know. Whatever it is it's safe to assume it should have ATF+4 in it as well? Thanks for any help and info.
  12. Start by removing the belt and starting the engine for a few seconds. If your noise is gone, begin checking all the accessories pulleys.
  13. Holy Crap these photos are awesome! That 4.2L valve cover tough?
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