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  1. Good to hear, I've installed 3 IRO trackbar kits so far and have had great results from all of them.
  2. Should launch tennis balls, then you can play with the dog. Hahaha
  3. Oh ok. Well at worst you can buy the kit and re sell your current track bar. Haha
  4. https://www.ironrockoffroad.com/product/xj-zj-adjustable-double-shear-track-bar-kit.html
  5. No, that's an aftermarket grill that was offered through JC Whitney or some outfit years ago.
  6. Green truck needs the frame patched on the Right Rear. Otherwise nothing too bad with any of mine (for now)
  7. Weird that is has a rear washer/wiper switch on the dash 🤔
  8. I've had great luck with JB weld, on the INSIDE and outside. People also have been able to brass' repair them as well. It's a common issue.
  9. You can also grab 2 vent grills off of a YJ.
  10. I DD my 2wd MJ most days, but I do like to rotate the rides most weeks.
  11. Did you have it removed at the transmission/transfer case end at all?
  12. XJ Cherokee axles will work, but you'll have to cut and reweld the perches on the rear. The front will bolt right in. You can also use the front drive shafts. Rear drive shafts are Comanche specific or will have to be custom built. Grand Cherokees aren't really great for drivetrain parts. Although ZJ models (93-98) front axles will bolt in but it's a low pinion setup. I think the transfer case can be swapped also. NP231 or 242
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