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  1. ComancheKid45

    Jeeps Best Friend

    Just taken the other month. Lost the one on the right to tetinus a few weeks after this was taken. We now have a 15 week old Black Lab (2nd picture) to accompany the other Chocolate Lab.
  2. ComancheKid45

    Who am I talking to?

    The fun stuff. Me playing at work a couple weeks ago. I'm ready for warmer weather. Haha
  3. ComancheKid45

    July 2019 Mid-Atlantic CC PowWow / All-Breeds Jeep Show

    I'd love to get 2 of my trucks over there again this year, but I do plan to bring at least one. I'll see you guys there!
  4. ComancheKid45

    what movie would you like to see again for the first time?

    Speed. Still watch the movie a few times every year.
  5. ComancheKid45

    thoughts on 3x5 sticker to honor Don

    Yep I'm in for a couple as well!
  6. ComancheKid45

    self picture thread

    Hahaha. Yeah an update would be good
  7. ComancheKid45

    Comanche Motorhome

    Yeah this.
  8. ComancheKid45

    thoughts on 3x5 sticker to honor Don

    Id proudly display a few around my fleet and garage.
  9. Hey thanks, sadly Cody passed away in 2015, he was a great dog and lived a happy life. The wife and I picked up 2 Chocolate Lab/German Shorthair pups back in August. They are siblings that we named Wallace and Remmi. Here they are pictured in one of my other MJs 👍
  10. Paint still shines like the day I brought it home. The truck still hibernates over the winter. Did some exhaust work back in the fall and it'll need a battery come spring. Otherwise it's still a blast to drive and take to a show here and there. It also has a nice home in the garage after the wife and I bought our first home home back in June.
  11. Haven't been in this thread for a few years, figured I'd throw a new photo up of the truck.
  12. ComancheKid45

    1989 Mickey Thompson Off Road Champ

    Still watch this race a number of times a year! One of the reasons I painted my 1990 as I did.
  13. ComancheKid45

    Gate Guard stopped me...

    Always makes a day better!
  14. ComancheKid45

    Extended Rear Brake Line

    95 Dakota. Perfect for 3+ inches of lift.
  15. ComancheKid45

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas fellas!