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  1. The spotlights are great on the Rollbar! Awesome truck!
  2. I love this look but I'm happy I went with the Walker Evans Scheme for my Colorado Red Eliminator.
  3. "Yeah I daily drive a 2005 Lazyboy" hahaha
  4. That's awesome! Thank you for your hard work!
  5. Yep, I've always just cut the flange off of the downpipes.
  6. They can get pretty hot. Possible you just had some oil or something on your hands when you installed it and it was just that being baked off?
  7. They're popular on the rear of the Comanche to bring the wheels out even with the fender flares. Ive never been a fan of running spacers on the front though.
  8. Awesome! It's great to have the links back to members projects
  9. Haha, I got it off of an XJ a few years ago and just slapped it on.
  10. Pick pick pick. Have had this project tucked safely in the garage now and tinker on it from time to time. Got the radiator relocated and mounted the other week as well as the inner fenders installed. It resides in the back corner happy to be out of the elements.
  11. I always love seeing Racing pictures Here's a cool commercial featuring The Desert Team.
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