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  1. See you guys in the morning! Also don't forget the hangout at my place afterwards!
  2. 1992 4.0, AX15, D30, D35 Forrest Green! Build date 8/91 Daily Driven project Owner, Cody Etter
  3. It's usually half of the field is all Jk/JL wranglers and the other half is everything cool. However with it being at a new venue I'm sure we'll be alittle more speed out. The MJs and XJs are all one class (class7) and will be parked together. It's usually a very we'll organized show.
  4. Just a friendly reminder that everyone is welcome to come hang at my place afterwards on Saturday evening. I'm roughly 30 mins away, have plenty of driveway space and yard if anyone is interested in camping. I'll also have Hotdogs and burgers available. Feel free to message me for more info. I'll see everyone next Saturday!
  5. I be there Saturday with the Walker Evans truck. May get someone to bring another MJ down for some fun on the course. Don't forget my place is open afterwards for the evening!
  6. Yes! That's hilarious!
  7. 3 was great I thought!
  8. The wave is a CJ/ Wrangler deal. I only worry about it when I'm in my YJ. Otherwise I just drive.
  9. Just under a month to go till this event. My place will be open later in the afternoon on Saturday for hanging out after the show. I have plenty of driveway and yard space if you're interested in camping here or what not. My wife and I plan to have some burgers and Hotdogs available for anyone who wants to chill. Feel free to PM me if you're interested in joining us Saturday and have any other questions.
  10. I'm still on board with hosting a get together Saturday afternoon/evening. I'll come up with so better details closer to the event 👍
  11. If for some reason your travels bring you south on Interstate 81 through Pennsylvania and you want a break hit me up. I'm 5 mins off of exit 24 in Shippensburg.
  12. That's awesome.
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