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  1. They're popular on the rear of the Comanche to bring the wheels out even with the fender flares. Ive never been a fan of running spacers on the front though.
  2. Awesome! It's great to have the links back to members projects
  3. Haha, I got it off of an XJ a few years ago and just slapped it on.
  4. Pick pick pick. Have had this project tucked safely in the garage now and tinker on it from time to time. Got the radiator relocated and mounted the other week as well as the inner fenders installed. It resides in the back corner happy to be out of the elements.
  5. I always love seeing Racing pictures Here's a cool commercial featuring The Desert Team.
  6. My first year owning my own house and ground to maintain. I just sharpened mine on the bench grinder a couple weeks ago. After 2 mows they seem to work great.
  7. This fella is still alive and kicking. Approaching it's 31st birthday in July. No major updates, just keep it around for the occasional adventure and like to run it at least once a week. Some cosmetic work will be sometime in the future for this truck as well.
  8. November 2015!? Man I need to start updating these things again... Anyway this little dumpster is still my primary driver, at 221k and climbing. Its gonna need some rust repair and some cosmetic help in the next year or so but mechanically it can still run with the best of em!
  9. The truck is back out and causing again! Dug the old mudflaps out of storage and slapped em back on, I think they fit the look alright.
  10. Man, I really like that single cab.
  11. The cheap options off the internet will do the job just fine. As suggested, add a flex pipe and also it's a great time to replace the motor mounts.
  12. The green XJ is a friend's project, currently needs some work, I'm just storing it for him. My wife wasn't home yet with her 96 XJ so I am missing one... Got the Wagoneer in fall of 2016 on the wife and i's honeymoon. Picked it up in Mesa, Az and drove it home to PA. That was a blast! The Cummins J20 is in the garage, I'm picking at it here and there. Haha
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