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  1. Food was excellent as always. Dallas was disappointing, haha
  2. For the record. A replacement ignition switch took care of it.
  3. Hey guys, last evening I started my 88 and the key switch locked into place in the run position. I tried tapping on it and the column to no avail. Is this easily fixed by replacing the ignition switch or is there something else I should check for? Thanks for any help as always!
  4. I always enjoying seeing a cool aircraft fly over, it's pretty rare though around me.
  5. This is awesome! I had a blast getting to meet everyone last weekend We will do it all again in 2022!
  6. That was Tyler leaving my place in his LS swapped MJ.
  7. I was really hoping you were gonna forget that wheel when you left my house. Hahaha What an awesome time! Mini Beast was a long time partier and didn't head out till around 2pm today. 🤣🤣🤣
  8. Had a great time all weekend. The show and the pow wow at my place. I WILL make the after party happen again next year!
  9. See you guys in the morning! Also don't forget the hangout at my place afterwards!
  10. 1992 4.0, AX15, D30, D35 Forrest Green! Build date 8/91 Daily Driven project Owner, Cody Etter
  11. It's usually half of the field is all Jk/JL wranglers and the other half is everything cool. However with it being at a new venue I'm sure we'll be alittle more speed out. The MJs and XJs are all one class (class7) and will be parked together. It's usually a very we'll organized show.
  12. Just a friendly reminder that everyone is welcome to come hang at my place afterwards on Saturday evening. I'm roughly 30 mins away, have plenty of driveway space and yard if anyone is interested in camping. I'll also have Hotdogs and burgers available. Feel free to message me for more info. I'll see everyone next Saturday!
  13. I be there Saturday with the Walker Evans truck. May get someone to bring another MJ down for some fun on the course. Don't forget my place is open afterwards for the evening!
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