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  1. If you are doing military things you could maybe rent a spot at Uchee creek campgrounds.
  2. After dealing with aluminum v8 heads for a while I was surprised at how heavy the 4.0 head was. I used the cherry picker to put it back on when I had put the motor back in my XJ
  3. Which 1 is wrong? Sorry for the bad picture. Move to the appropriate registry if ya want.
  4. 88 Columbus, Georgia Just picked it up, dana 30 front and 35 rear. No engine, or trans, just a roller. Door sticker was painted over. Going to try to bring it back from the dead.
  5. I was thinking of taking it to a shop to have it put in so they could tram it out and put it on a frame rack.
  6. Hey, I had a thought. I am looking at a completely stripped down MJ and after reading about swapping a 97 and up dash into it I was wondering if it would just be easier to cut out the whole firewall and put in the firewall from the appropriate year XJ.
  7. I have the search on, but everytime I think about getting one I am like "man I should tear the Cherokee down and put it on a rotisserie and fix whats wrong with her"
  8. Columbus, without an MJ. Have to settle for an XJ until I can find one.
  9. I really woud like to snatch it up as it is the same color as the one we had growing up. Anyone know more of the condition? How much rust really is all I am worried about because I would throw a 4.0 in it
  10. I wouldn't mind it just for the body for a nice stroker and 98 everything swap
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