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  1. Hey dude, do you have a link to that. I have searched for it, even joined that group but can't find a listing for it.
  2. Hey OP, I don't want to sign up to that site. You wouldn't be able to get a contact number or email for the seller could you?
  3. Stroker, awesome pic. I am saving that for reference.
  4. So looking for a project truck and I am coming to realize I am going to have to deal with a little rust. Is the floor pans the same as an XJ or is there someone who makes floors and rockers for a MJ?
  5. I know the "operator". He was in my company back in the day. Pretty good mortarman, then he went CA and he started acting like he was still putting warheads on foreheads.
  6. Southern Georgia, I am willing to travel though. Especially if it is just a cab I could throw it on my small home trailer and pull it with the XJ.
  7. Hey guys new guy here looking for a MJ project. Dad used to own a 2.8 by Comanche and everyone in the family loved it. I have an XJ now, 4.88s with a locker in the front sitting on 33s and about 7" of lift and just did a 4.6 stoker in it, but I can't stop wanting a pickup. I honestly don't know what I would do to it but most likely a good restored daily driver. Ideally I just want a bare cab and bed as I want to swap the 97+ front end/doors/interior into it. So if anyone knows of just a cab sitting around with a good title let me know! Thrown in a couple pictures of the XJ
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