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  1. I will give you 100 for the Dakota seats.
  2. No, not the kits. I just pulled a set out of knuckles and calipers out of a junkyard for my XJ.
  3. ............tail lights
  4. Does anyone use the 8.25 rear end out of a KJ? I know the perches would t work but wouldn't it be as if it was from an XJ?
  5. Those were the ones I was eyeballing. Hopefully I can remove the wires so I can run new wires that match the original Anything for the license plate lights?
  6. I have chased my short down to the taillight harness after rebuilding the fuse box. The question I have is, does anyone know the part numbers to all of the tailight sockets, and the pigtail? If not is there a place I can source new ones at? The wires on the original harness are all dried up and burnt up to the point I am not going to try to solder and shrink wrap it.
  7. There are no MJs around me. I am going down to pick up some WJ knuckles and calipers tomorrow.
  8. Does anyone make or use to make a topper that didn't have windows on the sides that fits our trucks. I have never liked windows on them aesthetically or for securing cargo.
  9. found on at the yard.
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