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  1. Comanche SS, Thanks for that info, i was not aware of that. Would love to find another one so it would really show grandpas build.
  2. I'm sure many of you at one point, came across my grandfathers build thread on the TDI Comanche Conversion (86 Diesel MJ to VW TDI conversion) Some of you may know, the one thing my grandpa wanted to do, was to take the truck an epic roadtrip onto the Alcan Highway. My grandfather got the opportunity to complete that roadtrip, from the truck being stolen, to loosing the Wilderness topper, from mechanical break down in El Cajon. When he passed, i knew one thing that i needed to accomplish was to see this roadtrip through. My energy this passed year has been put into my Jeep Cherokee. The end of that build is coming to an end with its built, Forged stroker engine being completed, matched with a skankfoot racing turbo kit. With just a few finishing touches required on ole Blue, its time to focus on what I'm going to be able to accomplish on the TDI MJ from now till my mom retires and we get to fulfill the goal, of the Alaskan roadtrip. I am in the planning stage for the build, the drive train, besides maybe a few beef ups, it will stay AHU/AX15, except it should in theory be gaining a few hundred pounds, in a four wheel drive swap. I unsure of what parts are going to be used, it would be nice to do a JK swap, to gain some width and have a wide selection of products available, around here a set of JK44 is usually around 5k. So for now, I ponder which transfer case and axles I need. I have a set of PRP seats picked out, carpet sourced, new headliners stowed away, dash pieces, the only thing I'm really missing is door cards, but i will be getting rid of some of the classic "Porno Red" from the inside and will likely try to find some black or gray door cards to replace my worn out red ones. After learning a few things on the Cherokee, i am hoping to program and build a display similar to the Pi-Dash to transfer data from the VW computer onto a display that i will have made to fit in place of the MJs, using a GPS module to add speedometer, it should work just like a holley dash, except with the dash reading all the factory sensors on the TDI. Kaden has the retro pieces to get rid of the Vacuum powered HVAC system. We will also be going through the stereo to be adding a few more components to the system. While the drivetrain is still unknown, as far as axles go, i have been looking at the SFR Long arm kit with the trailproof crossmember to go with it, to keep my drive train mounting spots in the same position but still be able to have a good riding long arm suspension on the truck. The biggest goal is for the truck to still ride as good as possible, so i will be looking for a dual rate spring to go upfront. Probably going to go with the Deavers and shackle boxes to get the rear to ride good once we have it weighted down with all of our gear for the 8,000 mile trip. I will be starting the thread off with some before pictures and stats of the truck to give the bench mark condition of the truck, I'm kind of expecting the need to do body work, as the cab corners are crunched and the paint is showing rust bubbles. Hopefully mid January i will be able to get this started and begin moving forward.
  3. Just a few update pictures as the daily driving continues. our best tank of fuel yet has approximately 38.7 Miles Per Gallon on a 20 Gallon tank. Diesel out here in Southern California is a cool $3.89. After a while in traffic, first gear take offs seem to be really small window of stalling, and a little bit of bucky-ness to it, so after some research placed an order on Summit Racing for a Centerforce II Dual Friction clutch, Centerforce Billet steel flywheel (weighing in at 41 lbs vs factory 4.0 flywheel coming in at 20lbs), B&M Sport Shifter, and some other misc clutch needs. Hoping the heavier flywheel will make starting from a stop a lil more enjoyable. I couldnt wait to install everything all at once and installed the B&M sport shifter already, WOW!! Makes shifting SOO much better Also made some other daily driver "mods" to her over the last few weeks. For me, i am a huge music nut, and all of my prior daily drivers have pretty intense sound systems. For the TDI MJ, i went pretty light (compared to my past systems ) installed one of my spare Kicker CompR 10" sub woofers with a sealed encloser behind the seat, 6.5" Component speakers to go in the doors, with a tweeter up near the door handle, and have a pair of 6x9 three way speakers to go into the area behind the seat in the rear side panels. Door speakers are KS series and sound fantastic with all kinds of genres, rap, metal, classic, even country. Still debating on adding in a Kicker PXA300.4 amp for the speakers, just not sure if i need it yet. cool thing about this amp is its size, 7-13/16s long, 1-5/8s tall, and 2-9/16s wide! Other then these upgrades, built a better kill switch system for the truck, that still seems to be evolving as i get better ideas. fixed the door locks as the driver door lock seemed to have half a key or drill bit, or something broken off inside of it. Next up on this little adventure, interior needs attention pretty badly, but i think thats going to become a massive project because i fear when i pull the carpet out, the floor pans are gonna be toast. Definitely gonna refresh the bench, as it is SOO collapsed on the driver side! Finally, some pictures of me and boy working on the truck one night and some other misc. pictures.
  4. 89 MJ, Ive been tossing the idea of throwing a common rail TDI in the blue XJ. Not convinced yet. When i finish up the MJ i will go through the XJ with some changes, 4 link, steering solutions etc. just built the 4.0 in it haha. Been making some progress on the MJ today, need to finish solving the wiring and she should be ready to fire up again after i get the timing belt in today.
  5. No, i don't. sorry my friend
  6. Right, thats why I'm thinking itll be for flat towing, which i have to check the info but i imagine it would be ok
  7. Hey guys, I'm starting to take notes and want to document my turn at building this Comanche after my grandpa had done his, a continuation if you will. Grandpa started this build as a TDI swap with a wilderness topper that he wanted to explore the Alaskan highway with. I won't be straying to far from this idea, but putting a bit of a twist on it. The goal for me is to build the truck to have near 2 or 3 inches of lift running 30 inch tires. I will be building a bed rack of sorts and putting a roof top tent set up on it. Some inspiration for the tent build is from Filthy Addictions Off-road, where they put the rood top tent on some kind of hinge so the bed is still useable. I am thinking i will add Frame stiffeners, and modify the suspension to ride comfortably while towing, maybe 3 or 4 link up front, and new leaf pack in the back along with relocation brackets. I have a rear dana 60 stored away that i can probably put under the truck pretty easy to handle the load of towing with a larger ring gear and pinion. As of right now, I have the engine torn down, replacing the head gasket, timing belt, and maybe putting a slightly bigger camshaft in if i can come up with the funds for the cam. Purchased head studs so it will handle the 30+ pounds of boost ive been throwing at it. The gentleman who originally built the truck for grandpa made a power pull when he was building it and at 25PSI they recorded 200hp and 330FT-LBS, which for 1.9l i can't complain. If i end up changing the camshaft it will be getting tuned up again untill i am "out" of turbo, which will hopefully put the truck near those numbers, hopefully towards 350 ft-lbs. here are some pictures of the engine bay and engine torn down. i am also going through the fuel/oil lines and systems to clean them up and make them more organized. will also be going through all of the wiring that was unwrapped, cut, or wires left too long. Its not a show truck by any means, but i plan to make it look like i out some pride into it. Open to all thoguhts and opinions, this build is gonna go on for the next couple of months
  8. 1986 Jeep Comanche Long bed. Originally Equipped with a 2.1TD Renault mated to an AX5 transmission as a 2wd truck. Unsure of the rear axle. The truck is now equipped with a 1.9 liter Volkswagen Diesel engine out of a 97 VW Jetta or Passat mated to a AX15 transmission, still as a two wheel drive truck. The factory door has been replaced and the build sticker is ineligible. I am the current owner of this MJ located in the sunny Murrieta, CA. The truck is currently going through its 2nd make over (that i know of, grandpa {johnj92131 was my grandpa and owner before i} funded the TDI swap for his own project and had his own desires with the truck). Currently it is getting the head rebuilt, head studs to handle MORE boost, and getting the engine bay re done to be more cosmetically pleasing. Getting rid of the clutter and making it look like a shaved engine bay with minimal wiring exposed, the fuel and oil lines are now going to be AN lines so they can be clutter free. Otherwise, the truck is still road worthy and currently registered in Ca as a clean truck that is legal. The Idea for the truck is to get a small lift, to get the weight of the truck up a little and make a wider stance. id like to use the diesel to flat tow my XJ out on long trips. At some point the truck will be fully restored, and painted. I will be experimenting with Megasquirt and a Racepack to see if i can get the TDI to communicate on a full stand alone ECU, if successful it will bring the truck into 2021 technology. Another mod that will hopefully come in the future would be converting from AX15 to a NSG370 for the 6 speed aspect and better gearing for a diesel
  9. Old thread here, but wow! this is cool! I feel like i need one of these for the TDI mj! do you have them for sale anywhere?
  10. There were maybe 3 other misc leads on that top post that i believe belong to the VW stuff mostly because the condition of the wires don't match. 3 looked newish and the rest looked 20ish years old
  11. Hey Guys, its been a while! Just wanted to share some updates for everyone who has been following along since my grandpa started the thread. Towards the end of 2020 the MJ was just NOT happy with driving, AT ALL. So after some investigating and getting it towed to a place i can work on it, i began the adventure. My suspicion was that the stock head bolts didn't like hitting 30+ PSI of boost and stretched the bolts and warped the head. Tore it down and as suspected, the head had a couple thousandths variation in it, off to the machine shop you go! sorry, didnt grab a picture of the head stripped down before the machine shop! Waiting on the machine shop left a couple weeks of down time, so i have been using the down time to try and tidy up the engine bay because it feels very busy. Ordered power distribution blocks, head studs and a new radiator! Amazon had this radiator for the 2.1l MJ listed at $180, much cheaper then what i paid for my mishimoto in the xj, and i must say i am pretty happy with it as far as quality goes, we will have to see how performance goes. Amazon still has yet to send me the ARP head studs and wiring accesories, so until i get those i am building a fan shroud for the 16inch electric fan i run, identifying factory electrical MJ parts, planning the changes to the wiring and trying to decide if it is worth the hassle to get AN fittings and lines to move the fuel and oil filters out of the engine bay. This relay/switch had a bunch of added wires to the top post, assuming its for the starter and/or ignition. Had no idea the TDI used dual valve springs. My 1999 XJ daily until i get the MJ back up and running haooy again
  12. I sure will, could probably make a whole other thread on it. ill be teaching my self a lot during that, so it will be sometime before that happens.
  13. No real updates to give on the comanche. Added Boost and Pyro guages on to the A Pillar. Just been driving and loving the truck, although, can't seem to keep coolant temps at a reasonable level. for my short drives its ok, but if i need to take it on long trips, i will have to do something. i think I'm gonna redo the fan situation with a larger PWM fan set up with Arduino, and possibly a bigger XJ radiator, not sure yet. Need to study the AHU Cooling system and see what it wants and compare it to the MJ. Only other "problem" to report is, while trying to merge into traffic, first gear has to be granny shifted, i don't know whats happening but if i try to rev it out, it falls on its face and starts missing really bad and smoking, like something is wrong with an injector and its starts sticking or something. Not sure what thats all about, so for now just granny shift it. All other gears rev out fine, even under high boost (22.3lbs according to the map sensor) and high load. For now, just gonna continue driving and loving the truck!
  14. Alright! It was a good day with the Comanche. Got the coolant lines for the heater core and for some of the TDI's required components, such as the oil cooler, port on the back of the head, etc. Not a HUGE accomplishment, but they are all brand new and don't have any pin holes in them, so that's a plus It is now running at a comfortable temperature, 186* to 210*. Just wanted to share some of my future plans for the TDI-MJ on this post before my work week starts. Next thing i want to try and tackle would be the interior, as it is BEAT. The carpet i am able to source new from OC AutoCarpets ( https://www.ocautocarpets.com/product/1163/1986-1992-jeep-comanche-reg-cab-full-floor/ ) The Dash is in really good condition, but i would like the Cluster to be converted to the USDM version. I was considering doing the 97+ conversion for the interior, but i think with some time, money and effort i will be able to modernize the interior to make it pretty comfortable and unique. Some modernization would include a tablet style radio so i can run TorquePro to monitor that TDI, be able to run navigation, and play music as well. To complete the interior i would like to have the seat, door cards, and headliner re-upholstered, likely to be an at home project. Second big thing on my list would be back under the hood in the engine bay. It is not supposed to be a show truck by any means, but i would like to have some better wire management. I plan to remove most, if not all of the wiring and get it better organized and make sure the truck is not carrying any wiring that it does not need. At that point i will plan and design a new wiring harness and fuse box with CE auto electric. While in there, i will also relocate the battery to the bed and use a power block under the hood for any power needs, which that alone should really clean up the engine bay, which is really athletically pleasing but it also helps with diagnostic if ever needed. Last but not least for large projects would be getting the trucks dents dings and scratches taken care of and getting the truck painted. There is not much in the plans for this stage of the build yet, but not a whole lot to figure out here, just a color and single tone, or two tone, etc. Any color ideas that stand out to you guys that match the idea of the build? Trying to make it look like the definition of a "grandpa truck." I was thinking white would look really good, especially with a topper on it, i am looking for some other ideas as well and would love to hear from you all.
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