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Found 22 results

  1. 1986 Jeep Comanche • 2.5L TBI • 5-Speed • 4x4 • Big Ton • AMC 20 Rear Axle • Long Bed My Comanche must have been made on a Friday, because there's two different VINs present. This truck has been flying under the radar since it landed on the shores of Kansas way back in 86. When it was due for insurance renewal I noticed inconsistencies across the board. After a full month of rigamarole, a patient Highway Patrolman got this truck on the straight-and-narrow with the state of Kansas. Back in the day this truck was driven all around checking oil wells on rough limestone country roads. 2nd owner used it like a truck, but had it garaged for the 20 years he had it. Under its current owner she remains garaged, and is slowly being taken to its next level. I personally go with the dash VIN, but Kansas has the engine bay VIN as their favorite When looking closely, another VIN plate is riveted underneath A full month of leg work, and all I got was this sticker: The previous owner got the seat reupholstered Redlinegoods.com made this custom shift boot. It looks great, but their stock Comanche sewing template is too long. In the future I may reorder this boot with 2 or 3 inches of height removed. In the shop for a much needed transmission overhaul A full-size spare snugs right in to replace the old doughnut 157,500 miles on this 2.5L
  2. Just bought this off my neighbor who is having health problems and can't drive/take care of it anymore. I promised to sell it back to them "at a fair price based on what time/money I put into it", whatever that means. I guess maybe I'm just renting a project car? image, if available: None yet, I'll get some uploaded. Engine / Trans / Transfercase / Front axle / Rear axle / Wheelbase - 2.8L with the 7' bed Build date: (its on the driverside door sticker, in the form of month and year) - no sticker? Current Location: Region will do, state, and area of state. - Maryland/DC Status: Is it still on the road, is it in the junkyard? Project awaiting work? - Runs/drives reasonably well. It's been sitting for about 9 months or so, but looks like it had a 'tune up' right before it sat - air cleaner is white and oil is beautiful honey color. It's in a weird kind of condition. It's like they let something go until it failed catastrophically, then did an A+ 110% job of repairing (aka "replacing") it. So while the shocks look (and feel) like they're original, 1/2 of the wiring harness is brand new and looks like it was professionally re-wrapped and mounted back to the body with factory mounting hardware. I'm going to have a chat with their mechanic, who's nearby, soon to see whats what. Plan is to be nothing more than a "truck around town": quick dump runs, move an appliance, go to the drive in, etc. Something for the kids to take when they're staying close enough for easy recovery :)
  3. Just bought my second Comanche. Don’t know which one to start on. Strongly debating on parting out my 1988 but it has the 4.0. My 1986 has the 2.8 and I'm considering swaping a 4.0 from a jeep Cherokee. I would love to get both running but the 2.8 & 4.0 I'm not sure how much work it needs. Never did an engine swap or anything. Needed some guidance on if getting a wiring harness for both and going down the rabbit whole will be worth it. 1988 is a automatic 4.0 sb pioneer 4x4 1986 is a manual 2.8 Lb xls 4x4
  4. Oh yeah burnt the hell out of that throw out bearing. Wouldn't you know it, I was on my way to work. Yep custom intake and open up air flow I, someone else on CC has done similiar using a speaker mesh to cover as to mine is just open. Attempted to do CAD flip but needed to jack up truck to aline 2 piece shaft for colar to slide over. Someone elses photo on CC but just to show what it looked like before I closed it up. Oh that's my clutch pedal and clutch master push rod linkage Cleaned up both brake and clutch pedal welded clutch pedal Reinstalled, just wish I could have removerd the hanger for clean up too.
  5. 1986 Jeep Comanche Long bed. Originally Equipped with a 2.1TD Renault mated to an AX5 transmission as a 2wd truck. Unsure of the rear axle. The truck is now equipped with a 1.9 liter Volkswagen Diesel engine out of a 97 VW Jetta or Passat mated to a AX15 transmission, still as a two wheel drive truck. The factory door has been replaced and the build sticker is ineligible. I am the current owner of this MJ located in the sunny Murrieta, CA. The truck is currently going through its 2nd make over (that i know of, grandpa {johnj92131 was my grandpa and owner before i} funded the TDI swap for his own project and had his own desires with the truck). Currently it is getting the head rebuilt, head studs to handle MORE boost, and getting the engine bay re done to be more cosmetically pleasing. Getting rid of the clutter and making it look like a shaved engine bay with minimal wiring exposed, the fuel and oil lines are now going to be AN lines so they can be clutter free. Otherwise, the truck is still road worthy and currently registered in Ca as a clean truck that is legal. The Idea for the truck is to get a small lift, to get the weight of the truck up a little and make a wider stance. id like to use the diesel to flat tow my XJ out on long trips. At some point the truck will be fully restored, and painted. I will be experimenting with Megasquirt and a Racepack to see if i can get the TDI to communicate on a full stand alone ECU, if successful it will bring the truck into 2021 technology. Another mod that will hopefully come in the future would be converting from AX15 to a NSG370 for the 6 speed aspect and better gearing for a diesel
  6. Finally posting my truck after about a year and a half of ownership, I purchased 2 Comanches from a guy in Woodstock, Illinois. One 86 red 2.5, 2wd, dana 35 long bed and one 86 silver 2.8, manual, 4wd, long bed. All I knew about the silver truck was that it supposedly had a wiring/ground issue and was taken apart and prepared to be parted out. They were both purchased for $500, as well as an additional $150 for a stock pile of extra parts. Both trucks had rust on rockers/bed ect., but at 500 for the pair I couldn't say no. They mark the 4th and 5th Jeeps that I've owned at 20 years old, and the MJ is quickly becoming one of my favorite chassis. When purchased the red truck ran and drove but smoked white out of the tailpipe bad, it sat for awhile and i replaced the head gasket and general top end gaskets, including a check on the head, after it was back together it ran better but smoked even more. I sold it on craigslist for $450 after it sat in the driveway for awhile. I purchased a third MJ around 2 months after the first two, I paid $250 for an 89 Pioneer lwb 4.0 4wd with no motor and the trans in the back, floors were rusted but I wanted a specific set of parts for the other truck. The silver Comanche was missing a drivers side floor, no gas tank, no dash, no interior, no steering column, a broken shock mount on the rear bed frame, and a broken leaf spring plate shock mount. The 89 truck had a burgandy interior with bench seat, a column,a long bed camper shell and the general small parts I needed for the other truck. I took a couple of months getting the parts I needed and then cut up the 89 Pioneer and hauled it to the scrap yard. It left me with all the parts I would need and I got to work patching the floor on the truck. An amazon floor pan didn't fit precisely, but I made it work, I put in a brand new grey carpet that matched a flawless grey dash. The burgandy bench seat followed after I had refinished the bench mounts. I wired the necessities into the dash and discovered that signal was going to and from the column with the key but would not start. I rewired the starter relay to a push button start, replaced a broken engine ground strap and the ignition coil, mounted the fuel tank with new straps and it started and ran alright for less than a $1000 invested. After that I installed a 4.5 inch zone lift and put a set of rubicon rims from a jk on that i picked up on craigslist. Redid the headliner too, new radio with new speakers all around, smoker windows waiting to be installed, and a lund visor to top it off. Shes registered, but not insured, driven alright on the road so far except for a scare or two. Just finished up the Ares Fab DIY Front XJ bumper as they're local to me and installed a harbor freight 9,000 pound winch. Hoping to take her on a lot of great adventures this summer and many after that. Pics follow
  7. I am about to head to parts store to grab some bulk hose to do heater control valve delete and wanted to know if the hose I am pointing to at in picture needs replumbed. It seems to run from thermostat housing into front of Intake manifold and right out the back of Intake manifold and into heater control valve.
  8. Hello guys, hope everyone is doing well! My motor is on the way out, I check the engine compression and three cylinders are at 90 psi and idling rough . thought about rebuilding but going with remanufacture instead, what are you guys thoughts on ATK and sure fire engines ? I heard really bad reviews and what do you guys recommend ? (still wanted to keep small 4 cyclinder instead going 4.0 ) The MJ is my daily driver, details in my MJ are 1987 base 4x2 2.5 L Thanks for the reply !
  9. Building this bad boy. Gramps left it to me. Brought it fromNW AR to Chicagoland. New bumper today.
  10. My Comanche is a 1986 with a 2.5L. My vacuum reservoir is broken; it has a couple of large holes in it. I can not find a replacement to it, the mopar part number i found is: J3232991. But I cannot find it anywhere. The new replacement reservoir's I have found only fit 1991 and up models. Can someone tell me if these will also work on mine? They seem to have only one connection to them while my factory reservoir has two lines running to it but has two connections on each side of the reservoir. And of course by air in the vehicle is only blowing through my defrost vents and I am sure the broken reservoir is the cause.
  11. So the belts on my 86 Mj are dry-rotted, and I'm in need of some new ones. Problem is, I have too many options. Unfortunately I'm using my phone at the moment so I have no way to upload pictures, but I need the one that has the grooves in it, I belive it's called the v belt. I'm probably wrong on that though. I also need the smooth one. Rockauto has belts for my truck, but some day with ac, others say without and I don't know which ones I need. My truck does have factory ac, power steering, etc. Problem is, I don't know which belt is supposed to power what. Any help?
  12. Bought this 4c 86 Comanche from a guy that got it from a military base, right around 47,XXX miles on it crazy I was was surprised about that. Don't know much about Comanches yet so I guess I'll just see how it goes.
  13. Here's what I have.... 1998 XJ 4.0 I6 4x4 auto w/ ~240,000 miles. Rear damage from carelessly backing into a tree (hatch, bumper, driver rear quarter). My daily driver is a 2000 XJ 4.0 I6 4x4 auto w/ ~230,00 miles. Am in love with these jeeps. Have the option to purchase an 86 MJ 4x4 with blown V6 Since I crunched the 98 XJ, I've been dreaming of a conversion (engine, trans, doors, front clip, interior... etc). My thought is to rebuild the 98 XJ 4.0 and tranny and swap them into the 86 MJ. The big question... is this the right MJ for the job? Don't have a lot of $$ or talent, but do have lots of time and can probably find the right mechanic. Hesitant on pulling the trigger due to the V6 engine bay of the 86 MJ's needing some "remodeling" to fit the I6. Have been reading a lot of y'alls posts and could really use some guidance. Thanks.
  14. Okay, I recently purchased a 1986 MJ. I for my own personal reasons have decided that I want to do the 97+ grille swap. Has anyone here done the 97+ grille swap on a 1986? If so, what is involved in making the swap? What parts should I grab off of the 97+ donor? Any help would be appreciated. thanks!
  15. Did a search but nothing came up... I've really only worked on or owned long enough to know 2.5l 86s (4x4 ax4/ax5) before I got myself an 87 4.0l. automatic 4x4...... Now I am totally lost. I noticed the rear driveshaft on my 86s is almost twice as thick as the 87's. What othe differnces are there between them? We found one of three vacuum lines that seem to go to the t-body/intake-manifold via a U shaped hard plastic hose isnt connected to anything and I don't know whats missing here as it is definitely sucking (and hissing). The other lines are attached. Does anyone have a list of what lines/components are supposed to be attached to the t-body vacuums? I followed one larger white hose from the junction clip that is just infront of the tbody to the airbox and engine, the other is a smaller black hose that snakes under the air box - brake booster? Which gauge cluster is supposed to be in an 87? The blue or the black/red? Its obvious someone swapped them at one point since the odometer is meddled with and the temp/oil dials don't work. Also the scratches from the tinsnips used to cut out the gear selector panel are obvious. Good effort though. Some genious removed the CAT - is it necessary for function? I am e-test exempt and have no intentions of driving to california. What is the function of the transmission button on the dash that says power/comfort?
  16. my 86 was previously loved by some college student who did a 2.8 to a 2.5 swap i decided to replace the enire dash and not surprised at all almost every single wire in the dash have a terrible cheap splice done to them.... After replacing the dash and clicking everything back together now when i hit the brakes the dash lights come on with the brake lights, and the left turn signal doesnt work unless the lights are off or if i don't hit the brakes, but it still doesnt work after that just flashes the both rear lights, and the front left turn signal works though...my question is can i just rip the entire fuse box out for the interior and find one out of a same year or near same year cherokee? it doesnt appear anything was spliced in the engine bay so i wasnt sure.... ive done this before in my close to ancient trans am, but I'm not sure if for these things it would have to be engine specific, or if it would have to be out of a mj thanks
  17. Here is a pic of a homemade RTI ramp lol. . :MJ 2: .
  18. Hey everyone, I've been lurking for a while but after today, I had a reason to register. I just purchased this 1986 Comanche 4x4 2.5L, 5 speed, for $1700.00. It seems to be in decent shape overall and it sounded good. The things I want to take care of right away, assuming nothing else comes up, are: Broken seat belt buckles Passenger's side mirror is held on by electrical tape Driver's side door does not lock Is there a site for ordering parts y'all would recommend? Anything else I should look into before driving it heavily? Thanks for all the help, this forum was great to read before buying. I almost ended up paying $3000 for an 86 with the 2.8L, glad I held out. I know the 2.5 isn't that great but I think it will be for my purposes.
  19. Alright, so I already have a build thread started over on CF but I am going to move all of my posts on there to here as well since I can get comanche specific advice and opinions. So, these next few posts will just be getting up to date on this site.
  20. So i've got an 86 MJ 4x4, 5spd, 2.5 4cyl. 157,xxx miles. Had it for about a year now, but only been on the road for 2 months or so. So ALL the bugs are coming out of the wood, it hadn't been run consistently for years. Kinda new to the Renix system, learned quite alot in the past month, so far i've done quite alot of work to this truck. First I did a full tune up. Plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter, air filter, oil and filter. That made it "Better" but still wasn't up to par yet, so then i replaced the tps which made it a bit better, along with the map sensor had it running pretty good. Then 2-3 days after the two sensors it started to run really bad, i was digging around the TB and found the WOT sensor and the ECT sensor were plugged into each other...found the correct plugs coming off the harness and plugged them in and wala! Running like a top, also put a new O2 in that same day. 2 days later it is surging while going down the road at all speeds, and when at 1/2 throttle 3 gear on longer steepish hills it wants to cut out. I'm all thought out here fellers, if anyone has some advice please chime in. Much appreciated.
  21. I bought a 1986 jeep comanche 2.5l 4 cylinder custom edition 4x4 with a long bed from a family that had it on there farm. The truck has only 45,000 origional miles there is barely any rust on the body but there was a fender bender on the back left tail light and the sockets are dry rotted. The engine leaks oil i can see it burning on the exhaust where it comes out of the manifold and i think its possibly leaking transmission fluid. The dash lights don't work but the headlights work and it runs strong. I payed 400 dollars for the truck did i get a good deal? how much is the limit as to what i should put into it to get it inspected
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