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  1. Yes, I am looking for the vacuum canister that is behind the passenger side bumper. Is the 4WD system not affected by the reservoir? The 4WD seems to work still, it is just that air will only blow through the defrost vent.
  2. Thank you guys. Unfortunately, the nearest junkyard by where I live is a two hour drive so I will just have to look at parts stores or online
  3. My Comanche is a 1986 with a 2.5L. My vacuum reservoir is broken; it has a couple of large holes in it. I can not find a replacement to it, the mopar part number i found is: J3232991. But I cannot find it anywhere. The new replacement reservoir's I have found only fit 1991 and up models. Can someone tell me if these will also work on mine? They seem to have only one connection to them while my factory reservoir has two lines running to it but has two connections on each side of the reservoir. And of course by air in the vehicle is only blowing through my defrost vents and I am sure the broken reservoir is the cause.
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