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  1. OK... new to this. Trying to link to photos.
  2. Well... I pulled the trigger and was able to pick up the 86 MJ for $340. Rough shape? Sure. Pics show the potential. Here's the plan.... take the 98 Cherokee and resurrect the 86 Comanche. 3" lift on 31's. Rebuild 4.0 I6 pair it with manual 6 speed from 06 era TJ. Keep selec-trac 4wd from 98 XJ. Swap in the axels from XJ (might upgrade rear to Dana 44). Interior from XJ goes into the MJ. Front clip and doors as well. New front bumper... maybe light bar. New rear bumper with tire mount. Add truck box and rino the bed. Maybe add utility rack to bed if I can find one that looks more sport than construction. Nothing about this project is going to be done quickly. Anticipate 2-3 years to completion.
  3. Here's what I have.... 1998 XJ 4.0 I6 4x4 auto w/ ~240,000 miles. Rear damage from carelessly backing into a tree (hatch, bumper, driver rear quarter). My daily driver is a 2000 XJ 4.0 I6 4x4 auto w/ ~230,00 miles. Am in love with these jeeps. Have the option to purchase an 86 MJ 4x4 with blown V6 Since I crunched the 98 XJ, I've been dreaming of a conversion (engine, trans, doors, front clip, interior... etc). My thought is to rebuild the 98 XJ 4.0 and tranny and swap them into the 86 MJ. The big question... is this the right MJ for the job? Don't have a lot of $$ or talent, but do have lots of time and can probably find the right mechanic. Hesitant on pulling the trigger due to the V6 engine bay of the 86 MJ's needing some "remodeling" to fit the I6. Have been reading a lot of y'alls posts and could really use some guidance. Thanks.
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