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  1. ok because i have a wire screwed to the metal behind the tail light and its just hanging there its not connected to anything
  2. problem ended up being a crack in the ignition coil..... Id still like to know where the ground behind the tail light is suppose to run to
  3. yes that ground the one behind the driverside tail light where is it suppose to run to?
  4. fuel filter was changed as well couple weeks ago yes i do have brake lights the left turn signal doesnt work for some reason but i have taillights brake lights and backup lights any idea where the ground wire that is mounted to the box is suppose to run to and connect?
  5. see the ground behind the tailight has not been connected since ive owned the truck and ive always wondered where its suppose to connect to i wonder if that would solve my issue or at least help.....It's not connected and still starts?Just put it back into its existing position... Well clean to bare metal then bolt it down with a nut and extra washer so it can have a good ground for the fuel pump... If you can post pics of it so it'll help us help you how to reinstall it .... alright i can do that because all there is right now is a wire about 3-4 inches long bolted to the bed and then it goes no where like it was cut not sure what its suppose to mount to but i'll snap some pics and post them asap
  6. see the ground behind the tailight has not been connected since ive owned the truck and ive always wondered where its suppose to connect to i wonder if that would solve my issue or at least help.....
  7. i havent tried that yet.... was also thinking possibly the intake temp sensor
  8. here we go again 86 jeep comanche 93 jeep cherokee 2.5l engine low idle runs good when cold as the idle drops to normal begins to misfire and it gets worse the warmer it gets to the point it dies and starts itself again.... driving down the road at a low rpm runs fine put any type of pressure on the pedal to accelerate it begins to buck and misfire terrible....... drove to work today stopped to turn and the truck died went to start it, and had to hold my foot to the floor to get it to start.... seems like it lacks fuel but pump sending unit resistor and pressure regulator are brand new. i pulled the plugs to see what was going on and all of the plugs had a nice brown tint to them except the furthest back plug which was still sorta white.... list of parts i changed today with no changes.... TPS Distributor temperature sensor Crank sensor fuel pump fuel injector o-rings parts changed recently..... fuel pump ballast resistor fuel pressure regulator spark plugs spark plug wires cap rotor I checked to see if it was the o2 sensor by unplugging and starting the engine and it did not run any better. i am running out of parts to replace and I'm begining to get annoyed at this point.. I'm about to replace every injector and the coil. i checked the ohms rating of each injector and they were all the same across the board..... i checked the primary and secondary of the coil and it was within the ohms ratings.....
  9. update on my problem after new pump/sending unit pressure regulator re-running new vaccum lines little over 100 bucks in parts it was the ballast all along bought one for six bucks threw it on and boom problem solved.... :wall:
  10. alright i'll give that a shot and see if it works thanks for all of the quick answers everyone
  11. tried old pump in brand new sending unit and tried brand new pump in new sending unit both produced same numbers the ballast resistor does not look healthy though was wondering if there were specs for what the voltage should be at while running so i could see if there is a possible voltage drop while the vehicle is running.... not sure scratching my head on this one may try to replace the ballast tonight and go from there
  12. this was all done before i got the truck i have a copy of the title to the engine its a 2.5 out of a 93 cherokee....... i hooked up a fuel pressure tester first prime its over 20 after that its below 20lbs it also has a filter for a 93 cherokee hooked up i just replaced it actually... and i used a sending unit and pump out of a 93 cherokee as well pump and sending unit are brand new filter is brand new vaccum lines have been freshened up, and the regulator is brand new as well.
  13. Back again guys this time it's a fuel problem was going up a hill it had been bucking for about 40 miles finally it died mid way up the hill it'll start and run for about 10 seconds and die. So I changed the pump fuel pressure regulator vacuum lines etc.... now it'll start perfectly and stay running but has zero power and if you Rev it it almost dies after letting off its also back firing through the throttle body I'm guessing a voltage problem to the pump but any other options would be great to check into
  14. I haven't done it yet I am going to attempt to run a xj interior harness and I may just use the gauge cluster from an xj and see how it works anything has to be better than what I got
  15. i may be wrong about fuse panel i just know on the T/a all the wires for the dash were mounted into it and i know they are a two piece design block for the engine bay bolts to the fuse box for the interior wasnt sure if the comanche was the same i was just hoping to pull all of these terrible wires out with the box with "one swift motion" and replace it with "fresh" old wires out of a junkyard cherokee that hasnt been splice and trashed.. when i took the dash out and replaced it the only things that were removed were roof lights that the kid spliced into a line that i assume turned them on when the light switch was engaged. the other issue is when I'm driving down the road at night i don't even have to hit a bump and the headlights will randomly shut off forcing me to to hold the high beams on by hand while i steer and shift (fantastic multi tasker right there) i will have to take pictures and upload them this thing is straight out of a horror film.. the weird thing is there is a white wire with way to much slack that runs from the cab to back lights with a couple cheapy butt connecters that the guy splice into i wanna say both turn signals poor poor mj
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