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Found 3 results

  1. I just recently bought an 88 Comanche that is a really big Frankenstein with a 91 Cherokee. I went to fill up the tank and as usual in jeeps, the pump wanted to stop every 5 seconds. Tried going slowly but nothing worked. It took me 10 minutes to get 2 dollars in, and when I did the gas started to overflow. That is where my bigger issue is... there is barely any gas in the tank and it won’t fill up? Any help? THANKS!
  2. Been working on my jeep on and off, mostly done. But life keeps getting in the way.. Anyway, I'm having power issues. My fuel pressure is ~20PSI with vacuum connected, and ~22 no vacuum. Seems low, right? I changed the diaphragm on the rail, same results. There is no ballast in line, direct wired. I'm thinking the fuel pump. Just looking for ideas before I order another pump.
  3. here we go again 86 jeep comanche 93 jeep cherokee 2.5l engine low idle runs good when cold as the idle drops to normal begins to misfire and it gets worse the warmer it gets to the point it dies and starts itself again.... driving down the road at a low rpm runs fine put any type of pressure on the pedal to accelerate it begins to buck and misfire terrible....... drove to work today stopped to turn and the truck died went to start it, and had to hold my foot to the floor to get it to start.... seems like it lacks fuel but pump sending unit resistor and pressure regulator are brand new. i pulled the plugs to see what was going on and all of the plugs had a nice brown tint to them except the furthest back plug which was still sorta white.... list of parts i changed today with no changes.... TPS Distributor temperature sensor Crank sensor fuel pump fuel injector o-rings parts changed recently..... fuel pump ballast resistor fuel pressure regulator spark plugs spark plug wires cap rotor I checked to see if it was the o2 sensor by unplugging and starting the engine and it did not run any better. i am running out of parts to replace and I'm begining to get annoyed at this point.. I'm about to replace every injector and the coil. i checked the ohms rating of each injector and they were all the same across the board..... i checked the primary and secondary of the coil and it was within the ohms ratings.....
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