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Found 16 results

  1. So I got my new sending unit from MTS Company today. Got my old pump out in a hurry. Then the comparisons started. It is a almost perfect. The only sight difference is the length of the fuel gauge sender arm. It does read resistance correct for a Renix. It fit awesome. The fuel gauge is only slightly lower that my OEM sender. The pump is super quiet. An awesome small company in Iowa! How would of thought they would make a complete sending unit? JPSU-6P is the part number. That is complete with fuel pump. Leave the P off for just the sender. $160.45 shipped with tax. Ju
  2. Alright Jeep guys, have you guys ever bought a Fuel Tank for your Comanche? If so, have you ever replaced the fuel pump? I have a 1990 Jeep Comanche with 4.0 I’m replacing the fuel tank and fuel pump but cannot find the correct fuel pump. Ordered from rock auto and advanced auto but I keep getting a Cherokee fuel pump any ideas?
  3. This is my first post although I've been wrenching on this beast for years. To be more exact, the last time I messed with it was over 15 years ago. I'm the original owner. Now my son just turned 17 and it's time to hand it down. I looking to restore her to her former self or better. It's going to be a long road. This unit has seen a lot of living. The dealer blew up the engine at 38K miles (that's an entirely different story). Started as a daily driver, used it as an old school SCORE chase vehicle for Mike Q, Benny Cannala, and the Lewellin brothers (for those of you who are old enoug
  4. I just recently bought an 88 Comanche that is a really big Frankenstein with a 91 Cherokee. I went to fill up the tank and as usual in jeeps, the pump wanted to stop every 5 seconds. Tried going slowly but nothing worked. It took me 10 minutes to get 2 dollars in, and when I did the gas started to overflow. That is where my bigger issue is... there is barely any gas in the tank and it won’t fill up? Any help? THANKS!
  5. Fuel pump wiring was messed up by previous owner so I hot wired from 87 on the fuel pump relay and the pump works great but only starts for about 3 seconds. Did I skip over something and the ECM is freaking out? 1988 4.0
  6. Can anyone help with this wiring issue. Got the pump working but guage isn't hooked up. Blue goes to the guage but I got 3 extra wires coming from the plug
  7. So I need some help. I'm helping my Grandson build his first MJ. We found a almost perfect 2WD minor rust ran great some standard issues like Steering column falling apart. We found a MJ 4x4 donor and did a 2wd to 4x4 swap and fixed the steering column. Now we have no power to the Fuel Pump. I know the Pump is good cause I can hot wire it. Ran a continuity check all the way back to the resistor block and the wiring is fine. also checked the relay and it seems fine. When we turn the key everything works but the fuel pump, If I hot wire the pump the truck runs. I can't figure out what
  8. I have a 1989 comanche eliminator. Inline 6, 4x4, AX15, 3 inch lift. Been driving fine. Just bought it a couple weeks ago. Has a bit of high idle. Leaks here and there. Smallest amount of coolant in oil but it does have 268k miles. Gonna do the head gasket and such soon. I drove it and parked it, no problem. Blinkers stopped working but was going to look in to that. Been following Cruiser54's tips for sprucing up grounds, adding some, etc. Will keep doing them as i go. The next morning after i parked it in my swamp of a driveway, it wouldnt start. Normally i turn the key and the pump primes, i
  9. I just bought this 89 jeep comanche. Iran fine everything was good that I went to put a little bit of oil in it because the valve covers leaking gasket was leaking and I seen a little bit of milky oil in the rocker arm so I said oh no I've blown head gasket. so I check the oil no water on the dipstick. I'll pull one spark plug at a time to see if water comes out of the block as it turned over and that was a negative.put a new valve cover gasket on it, changed the oil, drove about 6 miles when I had a drop of oil pressure when I pulled up to a red light. I kept it going by having to keep my foo
  10. I've been putting this truck back together now for sometime. The engine electrical in mostly done and connected. I'm missing an O2 and Crank sensor. The O2, has been relocated and I need to extend the harness, and I had the incorrect crank sensor. I pulled the MJ sending unit from the tank. I put the XJ pump and XJ fuel gauge sending unit on the MJ pump mount. I recently finished the main power on the MJ, Battery and feeds. I turned the key, for testing. I hear the fuel pump for about ~2 sec, but get no fuel pressure. Disconnected the hoses and no fuel flow. I've read in
  11. I was wondering which fuel pump, and filter to get for my 1989 Jeep Comanche 4.0l i6. I was looking at some on rock auto but wasn't sure which one would fit and be good to go rather then having to modify any wires. Thanks for the help!
  12. I have a new to me 88 Comanche. Suddenly it quit running. Discovered if I turn off air conditioner, it runs fine. Apparently a short kills fire to the fuel pump as soon as air it turned on. (not the blower) but air. I've had jeep shop search for cause without success. Has anyone experienced a similar problem? Thanks.
  13. Hey guys, I'm about to place an order for some replacement parts,and I'm hoping that you could give me some confirmation on the partnumbers. I've read that Rockauto isn't always correct, so maybe some members with more experience can chime in. I have a 1986 2.5 TBI with an AX5. For the motor mounts, Anchor 2569 and 2571. These seem correct, how do people feel about Anchor? Transmission mount: Anchor 2570: http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinfo.php?pk=315178&cc=1181382. I checked my current transmission mount, and I can see four studs on it, but on some websites I see a m
  14. Hey guys!, So I have a slight problem with my truck, the other day i was leaving school and got in my comanche ready to head home when i turned the key and (insert sound of 4.0 liter trying to start but not quite getting there here.) and i said to myself no problem, i have been having some throttle body issues so some starting fluid should do the trick, and just like any owner of a 20+ year old truck should have in their emergency kit, i had some. so i popped the hood and sprayed some in and tried to firer her up again. it still did not start but this time was really close. It had never n
  15. 1989 swb, 4x4, 4.0, 5spd. I am in the middle of dropping in another engine and have 90% of the engine harness ran. As of right now i have two issues, 1. starter clicks only once when i turn the key, I have to wait a min, with key off, before i can get it to do it again, interior lights and radio work normally the whole time. Battery is fully charged, terminals are clean and tight, starter relay is good with all old connectors cut off and replaced with shiny new ones, starter also works fine, installed on engine and tested with jumper cables before dropping engine into bay.
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