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  1. Just ordered 25. I broke 3. Let me know if anyone needs one. L.C.
  2. Thanks. Awesome! That's it. I was just about to swap out the current setup with a Bosch waterproof relay center(still might in the future).
  3. I have a Triumph R3 and I've been part of another online forum for years. https://www.r3owners.net/forums/ It's for when I need to go faster than my 87 can go.
  4. That for the relay cover. I'm looking for the clip that keeps the wires in the block.
  5. I was cleaning up the relay connections and one of those old relay slide retention clips broke. Has anyone found a supply of those or is everyone just splicing in a replacement female that doesn't have them? Thanks, L.C.
  6. I have a few faded Polaroids somewhere. I'll have to go digging.
  7. I've never really had any issues except when the dealer #@^(#&*! up replacing the rear main seal while it was still on warranty. She seized a few miles after leaving the dealership, The replacement motor never quite had the same power or MPG. Besides that she never left me stranded. I beat the heck out of her with no issues. I even ran chase on the score circuit.
  8. ; ) That was before I went to collage and took nuclear physics. I always wondered why I had such a bad battery drain with a high output alternator.
  9. Thanks Pete and Jim! I also found some information that you can use the main AC bracket from a 91-01 XJ and then use a NAPA NOE 6601819 AC bypass pulley. Supposedly the AC bracket holes line up with the Renix motor. We shall see. Solid find on the door kit Jim. Already ordered it. I thought I was going have to do a JC Whitney hack job of it. Thanks again. Pushing forward. Next step...being in California....Getting her smogged. Anyone have info on my original questions? Like what Dorman air conditioning bypass pulley I need for my 87 4.0?
  10. Anyone have info on my original questions? Like what Dorman air conditioning bypass pulley I need for my 87 4.0?
  11. Best gadget I ever had (kind of). 90 HP mini NOS booster. It was a "2 shot" nos cylinder, a relay, rocker switch, and a throttle body spray jet / solenoid unit. Unfortunately after awhile it weakened the fuel injector seals and we had an engine fire. Thus the painted 8 ball on the hood.
  12. You name it. I tried it. The hydrogen generator gave me 1 whole mpg more on the freeway. Made her run like crap in the city. It was a slow constant flow of hydrogen that didn't compensate for acceleration. At 1 mpg more it would have taken 100k miles to pay for itself. :( The jammer did work on X and K bands. Then they came out with jammer detectors! Double :(
  13. Can anyone give me a lead on window guides / wipes? Another issue is finding a replacement bracket to remove the AC compressor. I want to 86 it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I spent several hours removing various parts, gadgets, and extra wiring that was added on through the years. Wow! I forgot about some of this stuff. I had stuff few of the guys here have ever seen. How about a CB radio PA speaker? Hydrogen generator? Radar jammer? Sneaky Pete? I wish I could find all of the parts for the last Item. It was fun!
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