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  1. The 86 is the worst model year, no doubt. If it's a V6, that engine is trash and should not be mistaken for the famous AMC inline 6. The 1986 6-cylinder engine is a GM product and actually made less horsepower than the 4-cylinder option. The 4-cylinder is underpowered but otherwise "fine, I guess". The fuel injector for it may be expensive/difficult to find in working order if it goes bad. The 4.0L engine in 1987-1992 trucks is what you really want, unless you have your sights set on this specific one. So, wow! Thanks for
  2. So, yeah, as the subject line says, I am a newbie here, but have been reading and lurking for a while. I stumbled onto Comanches when looking for a car for my kid a while ago, and kinda fell in love, and now via a friend of a friend, have a chance to buy one. It needs work (likely a lot), and while I got a garage, tools, eagerness to learn and ambition, don't have much experience! Question is: how realistically difficult is it-- if I take the slow, steady, do-it-right method-- to be competent at restoring my own? I am not naive, and respect the skills and expertise needed. But I a
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