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  1. Hey guys, another hood release cable question. I went to open my hood yesterday and the plastic piece connected to the cable broke off. I am still able to open the hood by taking pliers and pulling on the metal bit, but I would like to have a more permanent solution then just carrying pliers around with me :drool: . So my question is, can I just get a new plastic piece or do I have to buy a whole new cable. I have a 1991 sport truck with the 4.0L (if that helps) Thanks! -Peter
  2. Hey guys!, So I have a slight problem with my truck, the other day i was leaving school and got in my comanche ready to head home when i turned the key and (insert sound of 4.0 liter trying to start but not quite getting there here.) and i said to myself no problem, i have been having some throttle body issues so some starting fluid should do the trick, and just like any owner of a 20+ year old truck should have in their emergency kit, i had some. so i popped the hood and sprayed some in and tried to firer her up again. it still did not start but this time was really close. It had never not started after a little starting fluid so i was a little concerned, but i tried for another 10 minutes at it or so, it still didn't start. At this point having no tools i needed to call in back up, so i called a family member and told him to bring the tools. When he got to the truck we went through all the basic stuff (plugs, electrical lines, throttle body sensors) but came up empty handed, and then my cousin said to me "can you hear the fuel pump come on when you turn the key?" and sure enough when i turned the key i didn't hear anything. So naturally at this point we concluded that it was a fuel pump and i would have to change it in the school parking lot the following week. Later that weekend my dad and i went out to the truck and he told me to try and start it, it started right up and i was able to drive it home. Has this happened to anyone else or am i just the weird one out. In these situations i would have rather it had not started in the parking lot with my dad because at least then you know what you are dealing with. Now there are a lot of unknown variables, and i don't want this to happen again. Thanks, Peter
  3. Yeah my dad did the lights\body exterior on this "jeep", sorry about that. It looks better in person. The reason that jeep keeps coming out with these so called "jeeps" is they are trying to appeal to a wider market (which happens to be 50 year old soccer moms). Believe me it is not a bad car, we are just pissed that they are not doing justice to the Cherokee name.
  4. Just the grill, My trucks a 1991 model year
  5. I was bidding on it My max bid was 229.00... :doh:
  6. Hey guys quick question, If i buy a 2001 Cherokee grill will it fit in place of my current Comanche grill? Thanks, Peter
  7. You sir have by far the sexyest comanche i have ever seen :bowdown: :thumbsup:
  8. Your going to want to partition your drive first
  9. This is what i did for mine, Unbolted my bench took the brackets off of it, got the buckets took the brackets off of those. Then i welded the brackets from the bench onto the buckets. It was fairly easy and didnt take muck time at all. :thumbsup: :MJ 1: :thumbsup: good luck
  10. Mine was in Illinois and i live in Michigan, it was about a 7 hour drive both ways and i quickly found out the MJ's breaks weren't to good on the way back. :doh: But it was totally worth it :yes:
  11. Awesome truck, i hope one day i get the balls to do the same thing.
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