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  1. mfpdm

    How to View Pics

    See this topic. http://comancheclub.com/topic/53360-photobucket-forcing-me-to-upgrade/
  2. So I'm working on updating all my links from PB to Flickr and I get this, "Sorry, but you have posted more images than you are allowed to" What gives? I still have many post to update. Help me Obi Wan Kenobi you're my only hope.
  3. There is nothing about the Renegade that I like. I've seen worst attempts at a new Comanche and this is not the worst. The only thing I like about this is the paint scheme and color. 32K on ebay and reserve not met. :roll:
  4. Did a quick search and didn't find this so I figured I'd post it up. What do you think? Boar Customs build it. http://www.jeepboar.com/ For Sale on EBAY. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2015-Jeep-Renegade-Latitude-Sport-Utility-4-Door-/282566339767?epid=218518595&hash=item41ca442cb7:g:Q10AAOSwKoRZY9E2&vxp=mtr
  5. This truly blows but is not the end of the world. PB will realize their mistake when they go belly up or someone buys them out. I've moved everything over to Flickr and have started the slow process of updating my post. I had about 800 pics so a few here and there minus the wanted and for sale ones that are no longer needed it should take a few weeks. Much quicker than my build. :roll: It will take time but doable. You can eat an elephant if you do it a bite at a time. :thumbsup:
  6. Need to get rid of a few things taking up space in the yard. Since I'll probably never get around to either of these projects within the next 10 years, maybe someone can use the parts. Have the rear half of an MJ that I was going to make a trailer out of. Frame, bed, axle, the whole thing. It has a bed liner and camper shell to boot. I can even throw in some tail lights. $350 takes it all. It will have to be trailered. :D Next is my Cheromanche parts. Just some sheet metal that you would need. Cab top with back glass. $80 Cab back with no glass. $40 May be willing to trade for some stuff. A factory roll bar would be nice. :brows:
  7. mfpdm

    Good Grief!

    I call BS. I think this is a made up story to address something more sinister. :peek:
  8. Well after doing a lot of searching I believe I've solved some of the mystery behind this tcase. I'm pretty sure this is a Tom Woods SYE kit. http://www.4xshaft.com/conversions.html It's the only one that matches what mine looks like. As far as what caused the damage to the oil pump, I believe it was caused by the main shaft having almost a 1/4 inch of play. That play was caused by the snap ring not being installed in the tail cone housing. When I pulled it apart there was no snap ring which let the tail cone housing come right off. After watching several youtube videos, I know there should have been one. Figure the shaft being able to move that much back and forth cause the gear for the oil pump to break and get pulverized into the goo that ended up on the magnet. I would bet the guy that sold this to me knew it had some damage. :fs1: It would have made some noise with that crap rattling around inside.
  9. Well that looks like what I'll have to do. Split the tcase open to find the oil pump had exploded so I would have to pull this one completely apart anyway. Even though the metal on the oil pump is just soft cheap cast it still may have damaged something. I'll order a rebuild kit and rebuild the other 242 using the output shaft, chain, and tail housing from this one. Magnet works.
  10. Split the tcase. The magnet seems to have done its job. Inside looks ok but I'm probably going to rebuild the other 242 tcase I have and just use the output shaft and chain from this one.
  11. Was at my car dealer waiting on getting my car inspected and walked in the back of the lot to see what was there. I spyed a two door cherokee and thought cool. As I got closer I could see damage which appeared at first that something had fallen on it. Damage seemed odd seeing how the front looked like it hit a pole. Walked around the other side to see the real story. Standing even with the rear tire on this shot. The door is pushed all the way to the frame rail and then some. Talked with the service rep. when I picked up my car and he told me that one of the workers there, son was driving it and did a u-turn and got t-boned. Walked away with out a scratch. Tough Jeep or lucky guy?
  12. Thats good to know. :thumbsup: Yes, the only reason I'm looking at going with the hack-n-tap is to have the option of limping home should the rear driveshaft get fubar. Finally pulled the tail housing to confirm what I thougth had happen. Anyone ever have the oil pump come apart like this? What would cause this to happen? Also, at this point, should I be able to lift the shaft and it come up a inch or so? Looking at this I might have just put in a new oil pump and called it good. However, this missing piece of the oil pump tells me to pull it all apart.
  13. Just thought I throw this out there for those that may have a 06-11 civic. I have a 09 civic that is my dd. The paint was coming off the fender edges, roof, and trunk. I had asked the dealership if there was a recall on the paint and the answer was no. Happen to be cleaning out the desk at home and found a letter that I got back in 2013 from Honda that talked about paint issues and it extended the warranty on the paint up to 7 years. Took it to the dealership and they wrote it up and sent it to Honda to get approved. Long story short, they repainted my whole car for free. :banana: It pays to hold on to stuff. :thumbsup: So, if you have a Civic that is less than 7 years old from the original purchase date and the paint is coming off, take it to the dealer. This applys even if you are not the original owner. Also seems to cover all the blues, blacks, and grays.
  14. Well I was planning on using a 242 tcase that I picked up that had a hack n tap SYE already installed but now I have to break it open to do a rebuild maybe. So questions are, does anyone know what SYE kit this is?(I know, hard to say with just these pics) Is there a really good DIY video or thread somewhere that steps through a complete rebuild? Which rebuild kit should I get that would be ok with the SYE? Bad stuff.
  15. Worked on some of the engine wiring and decided to clean up the tcase. Noticed some play in the output. Ended up being that the bolt was missing holding the flange on. I remember the guy I bought it from told me that I would need to get another bolt. Proceeded to clean. Noticed that a couple of studs to bolt it to the tranny are bent and wondered why the speedo locking clip was missing. Pulled it out to find a chewed up speedo gear. Figured well its plastic so if it was off it would get messed up but then I looked in the hole to find this mess. Not to happy at this point. I'm thinking that the guy I got this from was not 100% truthful with me. Seems maybe that the bolt holding the flange on came out while wheeling and trashed the insides. Now I'm debating on just using the other 242 that I have without the SYE, rebuilding this one, or using the two to come up with one. Two steps forward, one step back. :shake:
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