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  1. The new jeep truck is going to look like a renegade. http://blog.caranddriver.com/comanche-lives-again-jeep-turns-the-renegade-into-a-diesel-powered-trucklet-for-easter-safari/
  2. Awwweee yall warm my heart.. feels good to be remembered! I'm still jeepin.. Just have 4 doors now, BUT! I still stop'n'ask about most MJ's I come across.. Glad to know you guys are still around. My poor mj broke a tie-rod end going down the road close to 40ish MPH, and took me on trip through a ditch, over some trees, and bouncing across a cotton field. It bent my a pillar, twisted my roof, and mashed'ed the right fender around. She went into (at the time I thought) good hands to be sold off to only God knows who to haunt them. Mvusse, if you could in-box me Bob's contact please kind sir? Pete good to be home! You have a CC app yet?? hornbrod, has it been that long???? Shelbyluvv, did we? Probably many shots of tequila ago.. Life hit me hard and lost touch with you guys. I dug out my trusty cc hoodie to keep me fuzzy and thought I'd sit down at the table with ya again!
  3. Ok so it's been a longggggggg while. How is everyone? Anyone know anything about Wildman?????????????????
  4. Whats up man!! yeah FB has got me hooked... lol I don't ever get on here like i used too... But as far as your opinion goes... Sounds like a good one...
  5. lol... Yeah... I'm trying to gain capital so I can play!!!!!! Well I had the thoughts to make a nice lil 2WD road truck,, but its such a good work truck that I don't think Ill eve get around to building it like I was wanting,, I don't know,, I have alot of parts to get it where I want it just don't have a place to...
  6. Well lets hope I don't kick off anytime soon!!!! Cause your 100% right it'd be sent to china in the form of raw material... 91-92 Elims could be had with the long bed. :brows: Personally JT, me thinks you'll never need to use it being in NC. Sell it to a brother up North who really needs one. But don't give it away (knowing you that will never happen), get your price mate. :cheers: lol... I wouldn't burn anyone,, but I can't give it away as good shape its in.. I mean its a pretty much flawless bed,, paint is even good.. IDK Don... Just wish I had the vision I once did... Just seem lifes geting in the way of playing...
  7. 87Warrior,, Yeah I just don't want it to rot away... And I would love to have the time, energy, money, and a shop to do it all,, but right now like I said it's collecting rain water.. a d@mn waste I tell ya... foreman1063, It's a short bed,, I don't think the Eliminators had the long bed..
  8. OK... Before yall start internet bullying me cause I'm never around like I used to be; help me out... I'm torn on what I should do.. I know what your thinking... But not talking about the magic mattress....... :brows: I have a nearly perfect Eliminator bed that I drove about 14 hours to pick up from BLHTAZ (cause he's the man and went picked it up for me and held it till I could make the trip) I don't see my truck getting to the point I had my eyes set on, but I don't know if I should let go of my bed!! I could use the money,, and have started leaning toward getting rid of all the "collectible's" I have piled up.. Now,,, if I had the dry storage for the stuff I wouldn't even be typing right now,, but I don't! I guess I'll let you guys know I'm thinking of selling and if I do I'll list here first. HELP ME OUT!!!! :help: Think I should tuff it out,, but dang it's just collecting water..... ughhhhhhh
  9. That'd be Wahooooooo... He has/had a Laredo.. I have an Eliminator..
  10. Holy rusted bed side Bob!!!!!!!! I knew you had a few,, say 6 or 7 but 13.5!!!!!!!! lol I like the white tall project MJ with the 97+ doors!! (you know the red doors with the ratchet strap holding them on... yeah that one.. with the nice interior... yeah that one...I like that one the bestest!!) Sorry I missed this.... Been BUSY with life! ha....
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