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  1. Yeah that must have been the same time he was making his way here too. Last I heard his box truck had broken down.. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  2. Dang Eagle, I always thought you were like 906 years old.. (Yoda's age) 😂🤣🤣 I'm just kidding ya... I haven't talked to you guys in a while, just been lurking.. wrecked my MJ, but still have a few XJs around. All this talk about this virus in NY made me think about Wildman. Anyone heard from, or talked to, or know anything about my ol buddy??? Here in NC sounds about like everywhere else. I work at the BMW plant and we're gonna keep trucking until we run out of parts, then we're just gonna do preventive maintenance. I'm sure the production associates will be off, but us Tech's are gonna try to keep at it. I'm not worried about about getting it as much as me passing it on to my parents or other older family members. As for all these fools on social media saying it's the government tryna keep us on martial law are just some f'n idiots.. heard someone say that it's Trump trying to rig the election.. 🙄 I bet those are the ones hording the tp and diapers.. 🙄 Well rant over and it's good to see you all still keeping the dream alive.. Anybody heard from Wildman? JT.
  3. The new jeep truck is going to look like a renegade. http://blog.caranddriver.com/comanche-lives-again-jeep-turns-the-renegade-into-a-diesel-powered-trucklet-for-easter-safari/
  4. Awwweee yall warm my heart.. feels good to be remembered! I'm still jeepin.. Just have 4 doors now, BUT! I still stop'n'ask about most MJ's I come across.. Glad to know you guys are still around. My poor mj broke a tie-rod end going down the road close to 40ish MPH, and took me on trip through a ditch, over some trees, and bouncing across a cotton field. It bent my a pillar, twisted my roof, and mashed'ed the right fender around. She went into (at the time I thought) good hands to be sold off to only God knows who to haunt them. Mvusse, if you could in-box me Bob's contact please kind sir? Pete good to be home! You have a CC app yet?? hornbrod, has it been that long???? Shelbyluvv, did we? Probably many shots of tequila ago.. Life hit me hard and lost touch with you guys. I dug out my trusty cc hoodie to keep me fuzzy and thought I'd sit down at the table with ya again!
  5. Ok so it's been a longggggggg while. How is everyone? Anyone know anything about Wildman?????????????????
  6. Whats up man!! yeah FB has got me hooked... lol I don't ever get on here like i used too... But as far as your opinion goes... Sounds like a good one...
  7. lol... Yeah... I'm trying to gain capital so I can play!!!!!! Well I had the thoughts to make a nice lil 2WD road truck,, but its such a good work truck that I don't think Ill eve get around to building it like I was wanting,, I don't know,, I have alot of parts to get it where I want it just don't have a place to...
  8. Well lets hope I don't kick off anytime soon!!!! Cause your 100% right it'd be sent to china in the form of raw material... 91-92 Elims could be had with the long bed. :brows: Personally JT, me thinks you'll never need to use it being in NC. Sell it to a brother up North who really needs one. But don't give it away (knowing you that will never happen), get your price mate. :cheers: lol... I wouldn't burn anyone,, but I can't give it away as good shape its in.. I mean its a pretty much flawless bed,, paint is even good.. IDK Don... Just wish I had the vision I once did... Just seem lifes geting in the way of playing...
  9. 87Warrior,, Yeah I just don't want it to rot away... And I would love to have the time, energy, money, and a shop to do it all,, but right now like I said it's collecting rain water.. a d@mn waste I tell ya... foreman1063, It's a short bed,, I don't think the Eliminators had the long bed..
  10. OK... Before yall start internet bullying me cause I'm never around like I used to be; help me out... I'm torn on what I should do.. I know what your thinking... But not talking about the magic mattress....... :brows: I have a nearly perfect Eliminator bed that I drove about 14 hours to pick up from BLHTAZ (cause he's the man and went picked it up for me and held it till I could make the trip) I don't see my truck getting to the point I had my eyes set on, but I don't know if I should let go of my bed!! I could use the money,, and have started leaning toward getting rid of all the "collectible's" I have piled up.. Now,,, if I had the dry storage for the stuff I wouldn't even be typing right now,, but I don't! I guess I'll let you guys know I'm thinking of selling and if I do I'll list here first. HELP ME OUT!!!! :help: Think I should tuff it out,, but dang it's just collecting water..... ughhhhhhh
  11. That'd be Wahooooooo... He has/had a Laredo.. I have an Eliminator..
  12. Holy rusted bed side Bob!!!!!!!! I knew you had a few,, say 6 or 7 but 13.5!!!!!!!! lol I like the white tall project MJ with the 97+ doors!! (you know the red doors with the ratchet strap holding them on... yeah that one.. with the nice interior... yeah that one...I like that one the bestest!!) Sorry I missed this.... Been BUSY with life! ha....
  13. I don't want to drive it on the road!! lol
  14. Use the motor from a power wheelchair. Power forward and reverse, with plenty of power available to turn the wheel. I mean it was made to move a person, so the torque to move a wheel is minimal. Rob L. :idea: Great idea!
  15. Just been thinking up how cool it'd be to turn my XJ into a Radio Controlled XJ.. I think I could piece together some controls probably use pneumatics to work most of it all. Just throwing idea's in the air. :D
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