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  1. lol I sent you an add brother.
  2. Be warned... If this don't make you heart warm, smile, and get a lil blurred vision; you need to ask yourself what you think life is all about.. I hope this video helps you know why the service men and woman do what they do... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kerMm0HG1mk
  3. I hate SC,, but I knew I could get your blood pumping.. :yes: :cheers:
  4. jtdesigns

    chain saws...

    I'd rather buy a used Stihl then any of the new china made junk made now days,,, Crigslist it...
  5. WOW! Yummmmmm... EDIT** That was from Pete's album thought I'd share cause I like to hijack ppl's threads... :waving:
  6. jtdesigns

    chain saws...

    If you love your dad get him a Stihl
  7. I remember someone saying there was a switch on the back of some tachs... maybe.. idk..
  8. Chrome blindness.... bling bling!!! hehehehe
  9. should be able to test it (speed sensor) with a volt meter... hook up the leads and spin the wheel.. I'm guessing.. should be a sensor much like the cps on the 4.0.. I havent really dug into it much, I's lazy.... :yes:
  10. You too huh..... ABS light on the CRD yup. :shake: could still be the wire running to it, but slapping another sensor would be a quick check. if any junkyard around here had a KJ with rear disks. :fs1: Crap, wish I had thought of that, I've been putting off dealing with it because the airbag light didn't really bother me that much. Oh well, one of these days. When you figure it out being wiring or sensor let me know.. I hate the ding then seeing the dash light up... blah....
  11. Thats a good looking MJ... 15k i don't think so but its purdy
  12. You too huh..... ABS light on the CRD
  13. My lemon 'a' nator has lighted sun visors. :D And is 2wd :(
  14. 450 is to much.. Give'em 2 cash maybe 3 if you have to.
  15. Its name comes from combining Renault and Bendix together to from,, Renix.. I think thats the story.. :hmm:
  16. :clapping: :rotf: :rotf: :rotf: :rotfl2:
  17. I want to quit smoking and get custody of my rug rat skitlins..
  18. 2009 can K-M-A$$ I'm so glad to be done with that crap of a odd year! =)
  19. rust, grease, dirt, and oil all fall from my trucks with enough regularity that I generally have earplugs in when I do any underside work. :fs1: Oh yeah,, dirt and rust piss me off too.. I hate having to do anything underside without glasses.. never thought about ear plugs though
  20. Those look pretty hot.. but i guarantee you can find XJ part easier and cheeper,, but I like those cars.. My buddy's ran forevvvvvver.. even with a blown turbo,, it even caught on fire with us before.. just saying.. its a tuff choice..
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