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  1. lol... Its not mine... I found it searching craigslist..
  2. jtdesigns

    The heep...

    I think I have a few Honda emblems laying around.. I thought this was to funny.. Image Not Found
  3. http://charlotte.craigslist.org/pts/1258506377.html
  4. Ughhh APA sucks! I feel for you man.. Is that a ACA class?
  5. I'm willing to put money on it being the party end of a mullet....
  6. I'm in for a black with red print... T and hoodie..
  7. Didnt someone offer that wiring upgrade in a kit??? I was thinking I saw a kit along with a ground kit they offered... Pete I believe you had a link to the guys..
  8. Alot of black people around here (NC) call anything thats 4wd a Jeep... Makes it interesting when your going to pick up a vehicle and the owner describes it as a Jeep..... When its a Blazer, Bronco, or Explorer..
  9. Yeah how'd you get it to stay there,, the cup holder???
  10. Nice... I have to say I'm just a tad jealous though... :fs1:
  11. What are you using for the material???
  12. I have 2 kids,,, I love them beyond anything in this world, I would gladly lay my life down for theirs,,, so yeah I have no sympathy..
  13. Your RockAuto discount code 17461571481649 will expire on July 12, 2009. If you or anyone you know is thinking of doing some vehicle repair, now's the time to order the parts!
  14. I like it!! Add two center supports and I think youll be good! Looks military for sure..
  15. This is the most ridiculous mashup ever.. Forget cutting records,,, this is the digital age ,, cutting videos...
  16. I wish XJs had flip up glass...
  17. Looks like your about to go into HyperDrive... :yes:
  18. If you have the complete XJ then you will be able to swap everything over.. You might have to do something about a driveshaft for the rear though..
  19. No you will need computer and wiring harness. High Output is when Jeep changed the injectors, ecu, intake manifold, and cylinder head (I'm pretty sure) It would be better if you got the whole Jeep and swapped one to the other.. Also the underdash harness is different, along with speedo.
  20. Didnt he have his own show called Pitch Men?
  21. Do you know if it sets a code??
  22. I load my camel back up with ice 'n' water everyday.. Drink it all then refill it at least twice a day.. One of the many good things the Army taught me was to stay hydrated.. Oh and keg stands are a good way to cool off real quick too.... :D
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