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  1. Sorry about the pictures. I moved them all to one album: Make me an offer. I'm keeping the 36's for now. Partial trades considered for 33's or aftermarket TJ bumpers winch, etc. Located in Acushnet MA. I will be parting it within a month if it doesn't sell. Please PM, as I don't get to check the thread as often as I would like to. Brad
  2. $2000/bo as is $1500 on stock tires/rims Don't make me part this thing out guys....moving, and it has to go!
  3. http://boston.craigslist.org/sob/cto/1891999149.html C'mon gang, solid, reliable truck for the woods. was great on the street too when it had the 34's
  4. http://southcoast.craigslist.org/cto/1875200900.html Make me an offer. It's gotta go.
  5. The Swamp Yankee is for sale: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=14017 Recently I've redone the front lift with custom long arms, and HD steering. Extra parts included, time to move on. Ask any questions and I'll answer. I'm into the truck for about $4000. Looking to get a decent amount of it back.
  6. What a shame....if mine wasn't a woods truck, I would've been willing to trade for something.
  7. BJA814

    23 spline NP231

    Might have one for ya. I'll check the spline count tomorrow and let you know.
  8. I love the valve stems on the hood!! Sweet!
  9. Wahoo...the site is called "Scary Steering" That second turck has almost perfect control arm angles... :hmm:
  10. Nice to see another truck on 36's :D Any plans on trimming the rear? My TSL SX's don't tuck that well, and I'm debating tubing the rear wheel wells.
  11. I've seen this one in person. Nice bed, snatch it up for cheap somebody!
  12. Holy wheel weights Batman! (RR tire). That's why I didn't even bother with my new tires.
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