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  1. I had one a few Weeks ago that was just a junky belt. Ended up getting a more expensive ones that didn't feel like hard plastic and that did the trick.
  2. my brother pulled the stock radio out of his comanche if your interested. I'm not sure what he would want for it, maybe trade some parts? i also have original jeep fog lights but i have no idea if they would ever work agian
  3. the transmission is finally shot. It went out last night driving. if i get an ax15 will my current drive shaft, speedometer, and ccps, and anything else have to be replaced? I would rather have the better transmission but i can't afford anything extra
  4. My front shaft needs replacing. Is this a common problem for Pugeot 5 speeds and will it suffice to pull one from the junk yard?
  5. All I really need is a front shaft, but I don't know if I can trust one from the pick and pull
  6. I have a 2 but I have axles for a 4 so either
  7. I'm pretty sure my transmission is about gone. I need a new one, but can't find one. My current transmission ,is a pugeot, but would prefer an ax 15.let Me know what you have. I live in gallatin TN. Thanks update:how many extra parts do i need for the conversion to ax 15?
  8. You mean as soon as it starts it jumps up to around 2k rpm's, then after a couple seconds idles down to normal? simple answer is: its a renix, so its going to do that.
  9. the spring is suposed to hook into the door somewhere. any idea where?
  10. This morning i was driving to school and some papers fell from my visor. when i tried to catch them i drove off the road slightly and my mirror hit a huge solid iron mail box. it didnt break the glass, but it did tear the mirror off. the miror is not damaged, just has a long spring coming out. how do i route this spring back into the door and onto my truck correctly? thanks for any help as always.
  11. thansk for all the help. replaced the cps and it runs out fine. hopefully it will continue to do so :roll: thanks again ill let you know if there are any problems
  12. it does restart after it gets cool apparently. it only dies after ive driven it about a mile and then cuts off and won't get spark. how do i check the connector or crank sensor?
  13. yesterday my truck died on the road. I trailered it home and found i was getting no spark from the coil. i have a parts cherokee so i pulled the ignition controll module and coil off of it (since they come off in one piece) and put them on mine. it started right up. i took off for school this morning and only made it about a mile before it did the exact same thing. what could be causing my truck to do this? thanks for any help.
  14. 9 of 10 times ive even bothered trying on craigs list the person selling is full of crap. once i got up to meet a guy in nashville early in the morning. thats a 45 minute drive, no big deal, but i had to get up super early. called the guy like 8 times to no avail, so i got pissed and went and spent all the cash i had withdrawn on yardsales :brows: had much more fun that way anyway. some bad situations end up good :yes:
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