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  1. After a few years of sitting I finally stripped this thing down and scrapped it this past week. Sad day but boy she was rusty, gotta unload some parts now.
  2. I got it from a cherokee I saw at the junk yard, fit perfectly and held up well to canoes and such. It was a yakima iirc.
  3. Thanks, I still have it sitting around. Every now and then i go and pull some more parts off it to use. I really miss driving it.
  4. Thanks for the info. seems to be working for now. I cleared the codes and back down to 12, 33, 55.
  5. It was acting up significantly more than normal when I drove it up to the barn - and it did backfire if you layed into the gas pedal when it was sputtering/missing. all the cps I have are renix era, I pulled it out anyways and cleaned it. I also pulled apart the distributor and blew it out with compressed air, cleaned a fair amount of corrosion off the "pulse ring" and double checked timing. it seems to work now, It may just be toying with me, drove home fine though. The distributor seemed to have a lot more play in it than I am used to, maybe 10 degrees of slop at
  6. I should mention that it does not backfire when it cuts in and out. Also it always starts fine and runs fine more often than not. I checked for codes but I think I created some of them, I will go and check it again. edit: The only codes it pulled were ones caused by me testing things. 12 - battery disconnected (just got a new one) 13 - map sensor 33 - a/c removed 55 I have a few spare cps' kicking around. Worth it to swap one in just to see if it helps?
  7. I have a 1991 comanche 4.0l that I have been driving around with no drivability issues since I got it, but the last few days it has developed some sort of misfire. It feels like someone is turning the key on and off, or like a revlimiter or a lope tune even. It will do it at idle, revved up, driving around. Seems to be mostly random but if you rev it up a little and snap off the gas it seems to initiate it. I am lost at this point. I replaced the fuel filter and it has very new cap/rotor/wires. fuel pressure is 30ish/idle and 40ish/vac line off regulator. Any ideas or input is appreciate
  8. I haven't been on here in a while but figured I would update this thread. This comanche has been sitting for a while now, it was getting very rusty in some important areas. Where the leaf spring mounts to the "frame" rail let go when I was driving it last year. It was pretty soft there and by the rear shocks and a few spots under the cab. I had already bought another (#3) one and was planning on fixing that up and DD'ing it except for the winter. So I just pulled the engine from the camo one and put it in that. (new comanche needed a cam and lifters at least - po said it had burned valves al
  9. I put new lifters in the new comanche this past week, got it registered and started driving it today. its nice to have one where mostly everything works. also picked this D44 up last weekend. found at local jy.
  10. Had this week off from school, did a good amount of offroading. Didnt break anything terrible, only caved in the B pillar a little bit on the passenger side (dangers of no-doors wheeling). Had fun though, a good spring break.
  11. This past weekend I decided to see about my exhaust leak, and got in the zone and also took off the front fender flares and trimmed the (rusty) fenders and pulled out the swaybar. And the pile of parts left over. Gotta see about a few more things maybe this weekend. Feels good to work on it again.
  12. 31's on a 3" rancho lift. The back sits up a little higher than in the picture, there was axles in the bed when I took it.
  13. I got another friend for my other MJ's, a nice clean '91
  14. I picked this up today, good deal, clean comanche. good seller, two thumbs up.
  15. Got some poly control arm bushings for the comanche, getting tired of the clunking and such. http://www.quadratec.com/products/76158_84X_PG.htm Started putting them in today, what a pain, only managed to get one of the uppers in before I had to call it and put it all together and head home. does anyone know of any place to get the sleeves for the bushings? the process would be at least twice as fast if I had fresh sleeves to press the new bushings into as opposed to pressing the old bushings out and then the new ones in.
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