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  1. I am sure you have heard this before, but I'll ask any ways. Where did you get the cowl induction hood for your MJ?

    1. Jeepman


      Reflexxion used to make it but they stopped making it years ago...

  2. I think the New Site doesn't allow you to put the Fuelly Banner up at full size anymore as I just tried to add my Commander link and it wouldn't work because the size is larger then 120 so the ones that work are kinda grandfathered in I thnk....
  3. I forgot all about that website, I think I used it once and even added to my sig line but its been forever since I logged in there but my current engine is a stroker so my numbers are probably way higher now, lower for you guys sine your MPG and I am KPL...
  4. Well I don't see how it wouldn't be the 8psi even on a stroker as the as pressure is the pressure regardless of it being a stroker engine but if need be a smaller pulley will gain more boost which I already have a smaller pulley for mine but as for how much of an increase in boost I haven't done the math yet...
  5. I will be adding an Eaton M90 to my 4.7L Stroker engine when I get off my A$$ and get started as I have already done the same for an 05 Jeep 4.0L Rubicon and it was Awesome and the guy Loved it but it wasn't for racing it was for getting 6th gear back as he was 4:10 gears and 37" tires so before the SC the 6 speed was only a 4 speed... If my Truck was a Street ONLY Id try the turbo route but since its not Id rather go SC oh and the Eaton M90 FORD version is very versatile SC and factory boost is 8PSI
  6. Agreed... All they have done is Force me to remove all my photos and stop using them altogether so I too hope this makes them crash and burn...
  7. Still looking to sell My MJ but I see the Photobucket bandit has blocked out my pics so I will try to get new pick up ASAP...
  8. OK with all the photobucket info going around I am curious... Image Not Found
  9. I am a week too late seeing this show but my truck has been down for the last two weeks getting caught up on things I have been neglecting so maybe next year...
  10. Its in my Profile and to the left of my post under my Avatar Pic... But thanks for mentioning it as I forgot to be more specific.. Hamilton On Canada
  11. OK its a Long shot since I am in Hamilton ON Canada and the majority of you are in the US but I am Bored with my truck and time to move onto another Project so I shall be Selling off my Custom MJ Truck and hopefully sell it rather then chopping it up... This is a Unique truck... This Listing is for the Complete Truck - Built 4.7L (30K km) Stroker Engine - AW4 4 Speed Automatic Transmission with newly installed Shift kit (custom low stall converter) - NV242 Select trac - WK rear D44 with Brembo Bakes and Front WJ D30 with Custom Brembo Brakes - Aprox 8" of lift with customized Rough Country Long Arm kit and SOA rear on NEW OE MJ leafs - Custom Mandrel bent 2.5" Magnaflow SS Tubing muffler and cat (Needs Exhaust wrap near transmission) - Vision 18x9 rims 5x5 bolt pattern, 35" Mickey Thompson MTZ's - Bushwacker flares painted to match body colour - Aftermarket Steel Cowl Hood - Warn Winch Bumper (needs a paint job) - Custom rear Hitch - Extang soft tri-flip Bed cover - Linex-ed Box - 7" pop up DVD player Stereo with 4 Hertz 5.25" speakers - Viper alarm with Remote start - Custom 23G fuel tank (in the middle of a Fuel tank Skid) - Uni-Body Frame stiffeners - A-pillar Guages (Autometer A/F and Trans Temp with under hood Fuel pressure gauge) - A/C is Bad (but I was planning to pull it for a Custom Supercharger) - Criuse not working and never will - interior needs finishing (plastic to be installed and painted) - Headliner and Overhead console needs finishing or removal - some body work is needing attention with a few spots here and there - drivers side floor bad (did this 15 years ago) - Windshield is broken - drivers side cab corner need to be redone - a few small spots on the box need attention $6000US Not looking for Trades so Please do not ask... Thanks for checking out my listing I will add more pics when I can find a suitable hosting site..
  12. Well I have finished My V8 Swap for my customer and forgot about this thread... I was able to make new mounts that lower the engine enough to clear the hood and enough room the exhaust clears the inside frame rails... All has worked out great so Far.. This is a link to all the pics I took of my build if it can help someone else out there then great... Image Not Found Image Not Found Image Not Found
  13. Jeepman

    Pics new Jeep pickup

    I have no use for a 4 Door Truck, If I wanted one I would buy a Ram... The problem I see with his is that The JK was designed primarily towards off-roading and the modifications we make to our Offroad Jeeps however when the 4 door sold like crazy they switched back to sales mode and are NOT building what the people want they are building something they will sell to non Jeep people to literally get butts in the seats... Personally I feel that Jeep has let us down with this truck especially since ever concept but maybe one has been either a cab and a half or just a single cab and I believe that's what the people want since that's what we have all been talking about since 2005 when they introduced us to the JK and the Gladiator concept... I feel the 4 door truck comes from the fact that AEV had there JK pickup that people were stupidly buying at $60,000-$80,000 which converted Jeep into going with the 4 door so they can continue raping the public like they currently are with these $40,000 JK's... I will go back to my plan of building my own JK truck and forget all about ever buying a New Jeep truck...
  14. I thought carparts was a listing service for junkyards. They sell new parts, too? What are the length and width measurements on your tank? There are two different sites.. car-part.com which is junkyard and then, carparts.com which is new parts...
  15. There are Dual battery kits you can buy that will fit directly in place of the air box... Bleepin Jeep has a YouTube video as well
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